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  1. Sounds like the police are fobbing you off. If you have presented them with evidence that shows the person you say committed the fraud then they will investigate. All the police need to know is the bank in question which you say you have given to them? Are you sure the alleged offender has no right to this money? Have the police advised you to see a solicitor as this might be a civil matter?
  2. Been cycling on a local official bike trail through woods in my local area this week. Twice small hostile dogs not on leads have chased me and have bit at my ankles drawing blood once. Also a dog owner has had to approach me within 2 feet to put the dogs on their leads as they would not go back when called. From now on when I go on this trail I will take my camera just in case this should happen again. I feel some hostility from the owners of dogs as If they have more rights to be on these trails than me? I do not cycle fast or cause any problems, I just want some fresh air. These dogs are usually only small and seem to just come running from gaps between bushes or trees with little warning.
  3. Anyone remember Don Morrison? He also had a mountaineering shop on London road prior to his death. http://castlemountaineering.com/archives/press-cuttings/don-morrison-4/
  4. Perhaps he has a good case to take the newspaper to court for compensation, that's if he has kept clean all these years? He would have more chance that way than his lottery scratchcard claim anyway. I agree with you though mafya, most of us are not the same person we were 20yrs ago let alone 33yrs.
  5. I always thought cats burried their poo? Where I live they are leaving a mess on my concrete path its impossible to dodge this, the smell is terrible and sticks to my shoes:gag: My grass has poo everywhere, whats going on is this a new breed of lazy cat or is this normal?
  6. These people should have been jailed for life! https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-gang-jailed-for-53-years-for-firearms-drug-trafficking-and-money-laundering-1-8982162
  7. Al capone's guns don't argue on the waltzer Oaks park
  8. Be intesting if anyone can tell where that first picture was taken?
  9. It would be great to have some feedback on the new district heating costs, how it works, etc.
  10. So was I, that's why im saying she looks familiar:gag:
  11. That Julie with the flea bites looks familiar, I wonder if she was brought up on Greenland Road?
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