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  1. Barleycorn did change to the Cambridge i think in the late70s early 80s...... there's a photo of Teddy boys outside the Barleycorn this was taken mid 70s i think.... We went in once before it shut (possibly underage😉) and re-opend as Cambridge. Brian Firth used to have Cambridge on penistone rd......one time we went in here bang on 7pm (opening time it was good friday and sunday hours)..........the place was packed, all were well oiled. When i asked Brian how come....'weve had a pigeon fanciers meeting' 🤣🍺 🤣..........theyd all been locked in from 2pm
  2. Is the car park in hillsborough park open saturday for home fans as normal? anyone know
  3. If anyone is interested its the Pennine Champs @ Damflask this sunday 12th Aug....see Mick Dawson @ Dawsons tackle holme lane s6... 01142812178
  4. Round 4 and 5 here... :loopy: https://slipfishin.net/2018/02/04/ecclesfield-round-4-5/ Thanks for looking
  5. MA....I knew Bill n Kate quite well from me being a nipper, to growing up and playing snooker in the Dial House with Bill n his 'young upstart' a very good player called George Quibell, at the time i was around 20 and Bill retired with GQ aged something inbetween. Saw Kate a few times in top house after Bill died, always chatty. I also remember Brian firth and family and went through school with there kids, they lived opp Birchinuff (spelling) farm....great memories ---------- Post added 09-01-2018 at 20:25 ---------- Geo Horsfield...big bloke with a black beard? Pete Bircenough @ the farm Sure i played snooker with a Terry Dooley in Queens Ground in 80's
  6. Ecclesfield #3............it was bitter cold again https://slipfishin.net/2017/12/10/ecclesfield-3-2/ Thanks for reading
  7. Keith Skews........Cardboard shoes Think the nickname always referred to his 'crepe soled shoes' He was an old rock n roller
  8. She might well have served me then in the 60's. Living in Wadsley village I was a regular in there....'ont pond' (why was it called 'pond') Beeches shop, Fred Hurst Barbers too
  9. My elderly mother has been recieving calls lately claiming to be from Virgin media, saying they can reduce her monthly payments etc, telling her they know her bank card number and just need her to confirm her details etc. She didnt but it really scared her. They have rung at least 4 times this wk. Ive tried reporting it on 101.......but no one answered These are 2 of the numbers who's been ringing.. 02380 172625 02886 000411 Block them on your phones if they ring Thanks
  10. If its where i fished a few years back, its that deep because the Don briefly joins the canal for few hundred yards then they part again and go into Rotherham
  11. New Ecclesfield pond winter league campaign 2017/18 Round 1 https://slipfishin.net/2017/11/12/ecclesfield-2017-18-winter-league/ Thanks for looking :) ---------- Post added 26-11-2017 at 15:47 ---------- Ecco round 2...freezing cold https://slipfishin.net/2017/11/26/after-being-advised-by-matt-godfrey-to-try-this-special-ground-bait/ Thanks for lookin :)
  12. just keep popping in Dawsons tackle shop in hillsborough, mick helps run it.
  13. Brought up Wadsley - Wisewood - Malinbridge/Hillsboro - Stannington Rd - Woodland View rd
  14. Ive not heard anyone mention private flats, do these already have sprinkler system fitted.. eg park hill/urban or what ever its called ..........anyone know
  15. I for one cant wait to hear him back on air again ..........missed him if im honest.
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