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  1. I used to get 50p a day - 2p on the bus 71 bus to Attercliffe, get off on the bridge and walk 1/2 mile to Attercliffe Victory Club (bottom of Darnall Road way), have 3 pints of Worthington E - 15p/pint - walk back and get 71 bus back to Mather Road, another 2p. I was only 16.......turned 18, my money went up and I would walk across to the Feathers...
  2. Dave and Angela (ex 3 Feathers, Fox Inn) originally opened The Belfry....that was the kiss of death to start with..... he was a miserable b**gger was Dave. When you first met him you thought it was part of his presentation, you know, grumpy landlord and all that....soon after you get to realise no, he is just a miserable b**gger.
  3. Wasn't the Brown Bear one of the "businessmen" pubs....I used to go in 1978/79 and you could still faintly see the MEN ONLY on the lounge door.
  4. The phrase rock and roll was used around parts of the US since early 1900s, meaning to have sexual intercourse so your comment about Alan Freeman is spot on as he used it to compare the music being played around the era of free love etc. Get ready pop pickers!!
  5. In Sheffield you park the car in the garidge...elsewhere it goes in the garage. We go for dinner and eat pork but my wife simply could not understand why my nephews were ordering puherk chops.
  6. Anyone ever been to Yemen? I have....there is NOTHING there...a few very old buildings, nothing to do, no where to go.... lunch time the men stop work and start on the qat. Impossible to do business there. The Saudis could have finished this up months ago if they wanted. I remember about this time last year, there was a massive "tender" for arms to go to Saudi - it was estimated to be 70 x B747s of freight. People were being interviewed (with papers) to be based in Belarus for six months to oversee the logistics. Everyone was bidding at it - except the Chinese. It just disappeared - the King of KSA stopped it??? Was it a coincidence that the "tender" itself originated from a company in Ras Al Khaimah, that sleepy emirate 1 hour north of Dubai and previous home to Victor Boit. That reminds me.... isn't he due for release some time soon?
  7. As children, going to see Dr. Chitty on the corner of Prince of Wales and Mather Rd always seemed to make the pain feel less than it really was - perhaps the chuckles and smirks helped....
  8. I get a severe pain in the middle of my upper right arm when I lift my arm to make a square at the elbow or any sort of sideways motion. I was told it was rotary cuff syndrome but whats the cure - painkillers? Any idea what causes it - trapped nerve?
  9. Is Michael Vaughan's father still working there? I would think he has retired now. I used to work with Graham at Prestos years ago.
  10. i saw something on here about Byards Leap up on Norfolk park. Wasn't Byard a magical horse or unicorn or something.... something else, not a strange pub name but what about the "top" Freedom and "bottom" Freedom on Walkley.....you could spend all night going from one to another looking up folks - good job they were connected by Freedom Road (there's a coincidence!)
  11. You will only ever hear about Trump's successes and never his failings, which can be quite alarming. Didn't he buy Rockafella Plaza on 5th Ave for a fantastic amount of money and then forced to sell it to a Japanese consortium for a very heavy loss. But....he is very smart, very smart indeed, only a fool would underestimate him. His approach now, his rhetoric, will, over the next few months change so that he will have millions of people, who previously cursed him, will praise him. Also, let's not forget that it was the senior members of the republican party that, 3 years ago, after the Mitt Romney disaster, pleaded with Trump to run and he refused - only last year he succumbed. Do you think he has forgotten about this. No. He will use it to it's maximum use in his own time.
  12. Ray Alans was for the more "up market" outfits.... but always the same stuff. Always had really good window displays but go inside and it was completely different. Prices were quite high compared to others in the high street and the quality appeared good until 2 weeks later. I think these 2 Leeds brothers actually started the mass UK import from Bangladesh (no racism slurr intended). One shop on the Moor (around the corner was the hippy shop) and they open one on Chapel Walk. They also had a market stall in Castle Market called Warren David (or David Warren). How original to name the market stalls after the respective sons of the original brothers Ray and Alan (Harris).
  13. I always understood that The Hole in The Wall got it's name from the hammer-men at the steelworkers taking time off during night shift and nipping to the pub for a few glasses of ale. Obviously accessing the premises through a hole in the wall that the landlord of the pub made for them. Day shift got time off and beer tokens of course...
  14. The branch on Queens Road was turned over good and proper by an inside job around 82/83. I remember the lads in the pub I used to go in writing orders out for stuff they wanted - 2 days later it used to appear....this went on for ages, not weeks but months. Eventually, the owners set a trap for the manager and caught him good n proper. In court, the manager pleaded under paid and over worked and got away with it - 100 quid fine if I remember right.
  15. In the 80s it was still a good pint - it was best pint of Stones on Darnall and next door was the best pint of Wards in The Industry.
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