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  1. Angling direct Dronfield are opening from Monday 1st June for tackle and baits including maggot on there call and collect system https://mailchi.mp/anglingdirect.co.uk/ad-store-update?e=90cf685ea5
  2. I live in Dronfield and fish Barlow lakes day and night tickets (less than 10 minutes from home)
  3. Hi I am not having much luck this year dropshot fish I have tried along Tinsley & chesterfield canal from shireoaks to Worksop with only a hand full of small perch to show for it I anyone else finding it slow this year?
  4. I have been told today that Kiveton Hall Farm Fisheries has re-opened and fishing well
  5. Angling Projects Get Kids Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs or Crime http://www.angling-projects.org.uk/ http://www.countryside-alliance.org/the-foundation/fishingforschools/?gclid=CjwKCAiArOnUBRBJEiwAX0rG_Z8HiBy942CpxygAEOZ0SUDNLW6_FGN0Guv08RC77V_qJhkHoROcLRoCwZQQAvD_BwE
  6. Have got a list of what you have and I’ll ask around for you the poroblem is that it would have to be collection only. Because the post want £20 to send a rod now
  7. looked on eBay for Fox warrior carp rods the selling price is around the £10 -£20 each in good condition there’s now warrior rod from £60 free post
  8. Have a look on face book. You will get your question answered there, under The River Trent Angling Group
  9. online or post office link https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences
  10. the standard 2-rod Trout and coarse Plus any club or day ticket charges
  11. The links in the lists below should point to addresses and maps for Mag-it Fishing Bait Vending http://www.mag-it.co.uk/
  12. Try Les Webber Angling projects … Get kids hooked on fishing not drugs or crime link http://www.angling-projects.org.uk/index.html
  13. I fished it last year from stamp end lock to dog dyke the river is full of weed and dead had 5 day fishing and only had small fish in all that time, it looked as if no one had fish the river in a long time all the platforms where over grown the only clear bit of the rive was in the middle where the boats have cleared the duck weed and rushes …save your money and don't go
  14. Try a slow sinking feeder known as (Depth Charge Slow Sinking Feeders) instead of a rocket. A slow sink will find the fish at all depths. Set up 1. Use around an 18-20” hook length 2. Use a float stop aboth the feeder around 4” from the loop or quick change bead of the hook length (so the total length hook to feeder is 24”) 3. Set the feeder with a pellet on the hook and adjust with No: 10 shot 4. Loosely fill the feeder with damp pellets (2 or 4mm) 5. When you cat out stop the cast just before the feeder hits the water to tighten the line then sink the rod tip to sink the line 6. Use a feeder rod Link to the feeder
  15. closed but not gone.....moved to Birdwell We would like to let customers know that our Sheffield shop has now closed and been relocated to our Barnsley superstore at Birdwell. Simon has also come across to 'the other side' so he is available to offer the benefit of his vast knowledge of the fishing tackle industry, which is second to non and give general fishing advice. Anyone who has a valid gift voucher purchased at Firth Park can use it at Birdwell. We would like to thank all our Sheffield customers for their patronage over the last 18 years and look forward to seeing you at the Birdwell store {telephone number 01226 350838}.
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