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  1. Just saw a red kite getting mobbed by crows from my living room window in walkley, (in direction of rivelin) never seen this type of bird of prey in Sheffield before, anyone else?
  2. Still no answer. Just repeating your stuff which wasn't in original post. It's only dumb luck that you (and all the people you say would agree with your viewpoint) don't have an illness that mildly inconveniences someone in a market
  3. You didn't answer what was wrong with any of that, (wandering around a market in a football kit, doing odd jobs, listening to a radio, whilst having a mental illness) you just added one (swearing) . It seems like you know your point is weak. So, what's wrong with any of that? Or are you just being mean spirited and intolerant of someone who became ill, just like any one of us can? Someone would need to be a risk to others or themselves for the powers that be not to allow them to wander. Times change, yes. Not sure I like your vision of the future in which the council lock up anyone who doesn't fit your idea of normal.
  4. What's wrong with any of that? How do you want times to change? For people with a mental illness to not be 'approved to wander'? Seems a bit harsh
  5. Where was that? I saw what I thought was an otter from the riverside pub a few months ago, writing it off as a big rat at the time too
  6. as a new member Im not allowed to post link yet, but there is an article on Yorkshire post website if you are interested that wild otters appear to be returning to the don
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