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  1. My husband recently had one at Timpsons which was £20, but it has a lifetime guarantee.
  2. you are probably right I've had experience as a carer in Mental Health, and Palliative care, but as a non driver, the care services I have seen only want drivers.
  3. No I'm not a driver, but would like the same sort of role I'm in now. But thanks anyway.
  4. Do you think the older you get, the harder it is to get a job. I've worked in Admin/Customer Service in for almost 30 years, mostly temporary roles. But when I apply for any permanent posts that come up, they always go to young females from outside the company. I'm not saying in anyway they didn't get it on merit. But I'm sure it's not always the case.
  5. I only ever saw one. There was no need to kill It, I just as suggested, removed the food source and off he went.
  6. Its gone. Once the bird food had been removed it went. I filled the holes in, and ratty is no more, he left of his own accord. I didn't, and never considered killing it there are more human ways of moving them on. Thanks everyone.
  7. Its more light grey than brown or black
  8. I don't care what colour it is, I'm not going to kill it regardless of any method anyone suggests, and certainly not drowning. The only problem its causing is digging holes in the garden. Otherwise its not bothering us. Its not ideal having a rat/rats, and I've only seen one, but all bird food, and feeders have been removed so I'll see if it trots off to pastures new.
  9. I can't kill it, no matter how much I would rather not have it and want it to leave..
  10. No my jack russell died last year, funnily enough I never saw them when she was alive. But getting another isn't an option.
  11. No not a problem I think it/they live under next doors decking. I've been here a few years and first time I've ever seen one in the garden its quite brazen and just looks at me
  12. For the last two weeks I've seen a rat in the garden. Its dug a few holes, and every time I filled them in, the next day its back. I've only seen one out in the day, but I'm pretty sure they don't live alone and maybe more at night. I removed the bird feeder and food. We live near the old canal at Killamarsh, so not sure if that's where its from. I cant put poison down as we have pets, and I've tried the peppermint oil and garlic but it hasn't stopped it. Any suggestions...sensible ones
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