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  1. I'm taking it in to someone to sort out But thanks everyone
  2. Thanks everyone but it just gets to updates then stops
  3. Yes he lives at Owlthorpe, not far from Crystal Peaks
  4. Are there any free Windows upgrades from Windows 7 to 10 I've seen a few but don't recognise any of the names, and when you get on to them they ask for your credit card info.
  5. Guy Morton is my brother in law
  6. I don't know where the second egg is, hopefully tucked away. They're both very unsettled this afternoon, she's screeching at something and keeps flying off, with the tiercel following.
  7. I'm looking for a room for holistic therapy, preferably shared at first until I build up my client base. Starting around second week in January. Must be around S21 or east to travel to from that area.
  8. I did it's them that told me about the delay. It should have been paid by September When I asked about their 35% charge they dropped it to 20%, saying they could have done more to sort it out quicker. It will be about a month because of all the last minute claims Every week they text me asking if I've received it yet. They won't want to wait for their share.
  9. Sorry if theres a thread already on this but I can't find it. I put in a PPI claim through a company (Yes I know you can do it yourself,) in 2017 and still awaiting for the money. I was told it's been agreed in August, but could be another month due to the sudden amount of claims before the deadline. Is this a normal waiting time?
  10. My husband recently had one at Timpsons which was £20, but it has a lifetime guarantee.
  11. you are probably right I've had experience as a carer in Mental Health, and Palliative care, but as a non driver, the care services I have seen only want drivers.
  12. No I'm not a driver, but would like the same sort of role I'm in now. But thanks anyway.
  13. Do you think the older you get, the harder it is to get a job. I've worked in Admin/Customer Service in for almost 30 years, mostly temporary roles. But when I apply for any permanent posts that come up, they always go to young females from outside the company. I'm not saying in anyway they didn't get it on merit. But I'm sure it's not always the case.
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