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  1. We as a nation are also backing the US stance...as are many other countries...
  2. Who in your opinion is the most misunderstood person in human history? Somebody whose legacy you feel is often unfairly tainted, or perhaps isn't given enough credit for something they achieved that had a major impact on humanity or the natural world...As ever, keep it thoughtful and SF cosy, and don't bash others for their responses. 😂
  3. Many of the “26” million soviets were murdered by their own...so you’re right, without Stalin it could have been very different for millions of Soviet’s. Holocaust day is a day of remembrance... the brutality of man to inflict such misery on his fellow man, as well as other species is well documented throughout time. Itll happen again in some form or other...it’s in our DNA....regrettably!!
  4. The bias is left to the viewer...not channel 5. C5 just produces crap ready to be gobbled up by morons Channel 5 it would seem patronisingly champion those surviving on benefits....it’s their bread and butter and a great vehicle for their ratings...why wouldn’t they!! The unwashed love to see the unwashed get grubbier...it somehow makes them feel that little much better...if not sneeringly cleaner....irony huh!!
  5. I wouldn’t think the question is stupid, I would ask why you think it’s embarrassing though. If you or your daughter have a concern, go see your GP, I’m sure he or she will put your concern to rest.
  6. Most of my interaction used to coincide with the use of the classifieds, general and technical....since classifieds doesn't exist i guess SF has lost a lot of followers to other sites. Its a good job the new transition from old to new SF didn't take as long as the so called sluggish "temporary" transition with classifieds as SF wouldn't exist. Maybe "Temporarily" should be replaced with "Indefinitely". All seems a bit shambolic to me.
  7. Im not sure of the relevance of 'women' using foul language...
  8. Bit like some of your bloated moronic empty posts. its idiots like yourself who'd go out of their to put their windows out, simply because of what they read in the daily trash. Try to understand what it means to have your life trashed worldwide.
  9. Any idea or updates on when that'll be Nikki
  10. For Christ’s sake mate...keep it down will ya...you’ll give the leavers a coronary!!🤣 even expats have been sold out, no definition on a security treaty... When the referendum was took can anyone remember the issue on Ireland and the backstop being discussed ? ....or was it all immigration ...🙄 What a mess!!
  11. Immigration plans might not be published before Brexit vote, says Javid it would seem that immigration control which was a main factor in the referendum which Brexiteers voted may turn out not to be so firm on immigration movement.... While being interrogated by the select committee Javid stated to select committee member he could answer any questions he has within the White paper...if he knows what’s in HIS white paper...why not release it before the parliamentary vote??
  12. It’s a good point. I think those that see anything outside of a monogamous relationship probably see it as “suspect”..as though poly amarous or open relationships are immoral...you’ll likely find that mentality is governed by insecurities, a religious bent or self righteousness. Although a preference isn’t necessarily defined by any of the above but a preference is quite simply that and nothing more.
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