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  1. I really need to drive all the way in. I used to use the tram but it would not get me in on time with school runs etc.
  2. Coming from south east, S20. And bottom of the Moor.
  3. Cheaper than my current option! Thanks for that.
  4. Help me out! I work in town near the Moor. I really do need to drive to work (young kids in school, might need to dash etc.) But parking is a nightmare. I currently use Atkinsons but they’ve just bumped the day rate to £6 (£2 increase since Dec) and it’s just too much now. Any suggestions of anywhere cheaper in the same area are greatly appreciated.
  5. Sounds like it. Eyre Street car park. Looks like a building made of kit kats.
  6. Interestingly I find saying in English 'sorry, I don't speak English.' Gives you a moment of confusion in which to walk away.
  7. Last thing I saw on Facebook was that the people in the car were out and fine. I’m not aware of the road being clear, can’t inagine it’d be quick.
  8. Intelligent comments on the Forum? A rarity no?
  9. Ha ha! With all the posts from one person having a conversation alone I thought the same...
  10. ONE POUND A GLASS OF WINE? Is it like vinegar?
  11. http://www.ias.org.uk/Alcohol-knowledge-centre/Price/Factsheets/Minimum-unit-pricing.aspx The above lists the 6 other countries in the world using MUP and some stats on the effects.
  12. Gary Glitter. Why not ask your instructor what they'd like? Perhaps a book on CD would calm his nerves?
  13. No. Perhaps for public transport but come on? All cars within a 4 mile radius?
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