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  1. The handling of this pandemic just gets more like a Kafka novel by the hour but when one looks back to the beginning it all seems so predictable. With The Mad Hatter as PM, Alan Partridge as Health Minister and Mr. Magoo advising, self interest and gross incompetence was always going to win out. As for who could have done better? Well anyone who had the fundamental sense to follow the medical advice above anything else (i.e. half a dozen kids from the local secondary school, [year and grade irrelevant]). This would have also led to the economy only being half-trashed.
  2. That's very true and why the Tory party will probably ditch him before the electorate. They are usually quick to act when the leader becomes toxic (even if that leader is Maggie).
  3. The 'levelling up' was never going to happen. The country could not afford it when the promise was made and certainly cannot afford it now or anytime soon.
  4. We all knew, even the Refusniks on here, that the government didn't heed the medical advice early last March and again in September, causing many unnecessary deaths. It's just a pity that the despicable nature of the messenger, in this case, gives this incompetent administration the ideal excuse to squirm away from all responsibility. A public enquiry will, as usual, whitewash over the actual shortcomings so will be a complete waste of time and money. I, fortunately, did not lose loved ones to the disease but any justice for the ones who did will not come any time soon. History shows when a country is 'led' by someone who is mentally unstable. surrounded by sycophants, the outcome is rarely good.
  5. A friend of mine works for CityCorp. He mooved with his department from the City to Dublin 18 months ago and other departments are following as and when. Being an American bank they want an English speaking location in the EU.
  6. Just come across this thread. Back in the mid sixties I knew two girls who worked at Bedford tools - Dorothy Salter and Linda Poole. Anyone remember them?
  7. Went to Maltby Street, (52 - 59) favourite teacher Miss Slack. When I was ten I went on a school trip to Dublin. Stayed at a place called Skerries a few miles from the city. Did anyone else go?
  8. The BBC, like all terrestrial channels, is there to give the establishment view and ensure that political debate in particular is kept within bounds. (If things are not going well under the Tories then vote Labour or vice versa.) It's only recently, due to rising public awareness, that they have stopped treating parties like the Greens like a bunch of loonies. They were quite happy to give air time to the likes of UKIP because if they did get any sort of power, they would not upset the status quo whereas the Greens certainly would. Like everything else, one has to get news from independent sources around the world to get a balanced view of what's really happening rather than rely on what six people are saying on the streets of High Wycombe in some vox pop.
  9. We hear a lot about sovereignty from the leave side but I don't know what that means in today's global interactions. If we do deals with another country or trading block then we have to give up some autonomy in return. During the reign of a previous Elizabeth then we solved this problem with piracy but I even think the Brexit contingent would find that a tad problamatic now. Any glimmer of sovereignty (outside North Korea and Myanmar ) was proved to be none existent when a man working in Singapore, playing the Japanese stock market, bankrupted a two hundred year old British bank and that was twenty six years ago. (Neither Singapore nor Japan are, or have ever been, in the EU btw.) My fear is that we will be forced into deals where (unlike the EU) we will have no real say. For those leavers who are looking for the comfort of some good news, I hear Mafeking has been relieved.
  10. The fact that all these things happen without anyone breaking any rules prove just how unfit for purpose those rules are.
  11. As I have said before we do not have the financial clout to do balanced trade deals with significant partners. The one with Japan shows this where we are left with the crumbs from the EU table. (I do hope those crumbs are enough to keep Japanese companies here and supporting crucial jobs.) With Germany leading the way for a deal for the EU with India, I hope that we too can get an equal arrangement but I fear the same outcome. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. I went there regularly in the mid sixties. Some memorable acts I saw were The Animals, Sonny Boy Williamson, Memphis Slim and Alexis Korner (unfortunately without Cyril Davies who I never got to see. His rendering of Country Line Special always reminds me of the place more than any other recording.) People I remember from that time were Bob Maybury, Bob Wood, Mick Dickenson, Geoff Bull and Lorraine Grayson, Christine Taylor, the MacKay twins, Celia Kitson and many others who I knew only by their first names. Used to nip out to the Dodgers in between the bands. Great days indeed!
  13. No British government would have anything to fear from an inquiry, public or otherwise. The place where Boris and his cronies should be asked why so many people died unnecessarily is in court because if they were the board of a privately owned business, that's where they would be by public demand. They're fond of saying that the top priority of any government is to protect its people so they admit they've failed on that first requirement. As for getting Johnson out and Starmer in well, that's just rearranging the flowers while the house burns down.
  14. I think that the cowardly/corrupt mishandling of the pandemic (thank god Mr. Gove's hated experts were left alone to handle the vaccination programme!) aided and abetted by lack of any meaningful opposition, shows that our political system is unfit for purpose in the modern age. The human race needs to move together to a more collectivist approach if we are to deal effectively with the threats to the planet as a whole and us as a species. All journeys (and this one is going to be a long and painful one) start with a single step and the first in the right direction is PR.
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