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  1. The Rolls of Honour of Sheffield Scouts killed in the two World Wars have been updated and can be found at the "Sheffield Scout Archives" website. (Follow the "History" link). If any members of the Forum can add any additional information etc on those listed, I'd be pleased to know it via this thread or the website and possibly add it. Later this year, it is planned to have a ceremony at Trippet Lane to dedicate two memorial plaques. Anyone interested in attending should get in contact through the website or info@sheffieldscoutarchives.org.uk. Thanks
  2. Former Sheffield Scouts and Cubs may be interested in two websites: "Sheffield Scout Archives" which contains a lot of the history of Scouting in Sheffield, including details about each of the Groups and Leaders. Feel free to visit. "Sheffield Scout History Forum" which is a forum for former Sheffield Scouts and Cubs to exchange recollections etc. Feel free to join in.
  3. The mug refers to the Sutton Coldfield International Jamboree in 1957. ---------- Post added 30-05-2018 at 20:57 ---------- It certainly does!
  4. Thanks for the recent messages. We now have a website up and running. Due to my lack of posts, I blocked from including a link but if you google "Sheffield Scout Archives" you will find it. Andrew ---------- Post added 29-03-2018 at 09:15 ---------- Thanks Peter. I'm going to pass on your message to one of my colleagues and we may be able to shed a little more light on which Troop you were in etc. Andrew
  5. Hi Thanks for the question. From personal knowledge the island was in various private hands up until the 1960s. So other than the original camp, scouts did not camp there. There is no official Scout campsite on the island, only a National Trust one. Sheffield Scouts as a whole have never formally visited but individual Scouts and Groups probably have. Sorry - that's the best I can do.
  6. Hi, According to Sheffield Scout Archives (where I am a volunteer archivist), during the period 1928-1942, the 171st Sheffield (Tinsley Park) Scout Group met at "King Arthur's Hall". Googling finds nothing. Can anyone shed any light on the location. I suspect that it was more likely to be a shed or hut or temporary structure rather than brick built. (Whilst it was in a mining area and had pit headgear on its neckerchief, it's a bit early to be named after an 80s miner's leader!) Thanks
  7. Hi I'm new to the forum and am a voluntary Archivist working on the Sheffield Scout Archives. Working through the enormous amount of material that we have (100 years' worth) we are finding a lot of questions that we cannot answer (not necessarily about Scouting). I'm hoping that Forum members might be able to help.
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