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  1. No. Waiting for 2013 level of price, than I will buy some.
  2. Maybe on minimum sometimes, only because I have 16 months old
  3. Villain, 2020 ,7/10 I mean.. you gotta love this guy, Craig Fairbrass. He isn't top tier actor, but when it comes to role of the violent, short fused guy with lots of f and c words, he is top notch.
  4. I have little to no rise in price but I think the reason for this is the fact that my previous supplier, Scottish Power, was terrible. They switched meters between apartments, wrongly installed "smart meter*, then after my complaints, they provided estimated bill for family of 13, not 3 of us. If Kafka "Trial" and "Only Fools and Horses" had a child, it would be Scottish Power. Literally, dark, grotesque satire. Switched to EON Next, fixed tariff. I am providing my own meter readings manually ( thank you, but no thank you, smart meter ever again) and I am actually in credit.
  5. Another clone of west77? Another ****head racist.
  6. Haha, maybe English is not their first language
  7. Lukasenko is a Russian puppet. Nothing happens there without Putin's approval. He wants for this thing to escalate to the point of lethal force usage. No lives matter for a psychopath, those people are just numbers, means to an end.
  8. No time to die 10/10, absolutely loved the movie despite the sad ending Dune 2021, deleted after 40 minutes, found it boring
  9. Paranormal activity 8 : next of kin, 2021 -7/10 Solid found footage horror, slightly different from previous movies
  10. You can't take away "fridum of speach" from Karen. She has a right to express herself, after feeding her 25 cats and drinking first bottle of vodka in the morning 🤣🤣
  11. Addiction is real, only difference is, 21 years ago my girlfriend yelled at me for playing the game all the time, now its my wife . But this game is still amazing, playing it on both XBOX and switch when I get a chance, game has cross progression between the platform. Its still the same feeling : "just one more countess run", "just one more level". They did an amazing job with this remaster.
  12. Move any of Eastern Europe countries out of the EU membership and they are back in 1989. None of those are economically strong enough to make it on their own. That would be suicidal.
  13. Rise or the footsoldier :Origins , 6/10 Another movie (fifth in the series) about the characters involved in Rettendon murders in 1995. And.this one, is actually, pretty fun mixture of c and f words, violence and drugs. Nothing to use your brain, but from escapistic point of view, this one is nice time waster.
  14. Hahaha, what a idiot came up with that 😆 "Go on, work for 3 months, then get back to your country, you bloody foreigner" ... Seems to me that someone is snorting too much icing sugar
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