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  1. 1917. 7/10 Its ok film, but I like "Dunkirk" much more
  2. All these events have one thing in common. Before the genocide, before the war and all of that, there were warmongers fuelling hate, repeating their lies over and over again, marking the scapegoats. In exactly the same way as that **** Hopkins and wannabe Mosley - Nigel.
  3. X This. Its happening daily somewhere. (Dont want to minorize holocaust and suffering by any means) 25 years ago before all **** storm in former Yugoslavia, my father used to said : " No way its gonna be war. War,holocaust. genocide is thing of the past, those are modern, civilised times".." Well, he was so wrong. I bet the same sentence has been said all over Africa,Asia,Europe, Middle East, South America. That guy in upper comment is probably trolling, but he is right in a part that nationalistic, xenophobic, holocaust deniers even openly fascists parties are in power in some countries of EU
  4. Arsenal is a joke this season. This one will be a winner for Sheffield
  5. there will be after party in next couple of years, mainly in farms and care homes.
  6. I am gonna eliminate any steak and sausage that cause you anxiety
  7. As a someone who had a his last drink 21 years ago, I can only tell you that one drink is one too many. Now, question is, does your boyfriend wants to stop drinking? I wouldn't be so harsh like other posters and say "leave him immediately" until we know all the details.
  8. This match has draw written all over it. Moyes coming in for Hammers, Blades have a tough match with Arsenal upcoming.
  9. I am using X1 daily, and, its not bad. Its diabolical. On Monday, I waited 60 min in front of Moor Market on the way to work, 3 X1 busses were "out of service". When I read that from January 2020 there will be even less buses, I suddenly remembered the sitcom from 80s with Rik Mayall, called "The New Statesman". That would that type of joke.
  10. How conveniently, not a single US citizen on the plane. If you ask me, this plane crash has written CIA all over it. They did similar things during the cold war in number of proxy wars across the world
  11. Angel has fallen, 2019 Yes..during cold war in SSSR the use to make movies like that all the time, there was a pattern for movies like that, glorifying communist party, wise communist leaders, main antagonist cant wait to die for communist ideals..etc. This is pretty much it, it would be more convenient to just get soviet movies dubbed the old than filming poo like this.
  12. What a cliffhanger at at the end of season 5!
  13. RAMBO: LAST BLOOD , 10/10 Forget all you read about this movie from rubbish critics all over the net, this is pure action old school movie and perfect way to finish the serial. Hats down to Sly, he is 73 y old and still looks and acts amazing. Really enjoyed this one, will definitely watch again as soon it arrive on Sky/Netflix. It is, what it is. Action movie, not reference to Trump, Putin, Brexit, climate change or whatever, its just good old fashioned fun!
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