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  1. Gangs of London Something that could be great crime drama is ruined with matrix - like fighting sequences.
  2. There is only one bottle of bleach in Aldi. Not a single UV light. I am just saying
  3. My list of businesses that I will definitely avoid in the future because they threaded their employers like crap during coronovirus. -wetherspoons -Sports Direct -Pretty Little thing Absolute disgrace
  4. Is there a time limit on daily exercise? Is 2 h run too much?
  5. Jesus..look at this lunatic. Poor people. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-coronavirus-victory-covid-19-death-toll-latest-a9423121.html
  6. No way that I am going to "Francis Newton" after this anymore. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-wetherspoon-tim-martin-pub-closed-tesco-supermarket-uk-a9420906.html#
  7. "Its just a flu", "It is conspiracy", "Blame free masons, Illuminati etc"
  8. No doubt there will be idiots going out.
  9. Second that. thank God that virus is not especially dangerous for a pregnant women. My wife is pregnant and I have no idea how that happened
  10. when you think that things can not get worse than this... my family is thank God ok.. https://www.dw.com/en/croatia-rocked-by-53-magnitude-earthquake-during-coronavirus-lockdown/a-52877338
  11. People are so aggressive. I was in a Saintsbury this morning, some battle axe start screaming at me because I coughed once, Jesus Christ...
  12. Is Spoons finally closed?
  13. "All Wetherspoon pubs will remain open, but customers will pay by card, avoid standing at the bar and sit at alternate tables, PA is reporting." :D
  14. I would say that there are lots of people who are more afraid of SSP than corona itself. 94 £/ week...
  15. Alcohol free wipes form Aldi, any good? Its say "kills 99% of bacteria", but is is alcohol free?
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