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  1. What a cliffhanger at at the end of season 5!
  2. RAMBO: LAST BLOOD , 10/10 Forget all you read about this movie from rubbish critics all over the net, this is pure action old school movie and perfect way to finish the serial. Hats down to Sly, he is 73 y old and still looks and acts amazing. Really enjoyed this one, will definitely watch again as soon it arrive on Sky/Netflix. It is, what it is. Action movie, not reference to Trump, Putin, Brexit, climate change or whatever, its just good old fashioned fun!
  3. Top Boy, 2019 available on Netflix. Cracking show, grim picture of Hackney, London community and drug scene. Heavily influenced with "The Wire"
  4. No, can I purchase it for cash with debit card?
  5. I am trying to purchase 2 tickets online, on the SUFC page, I got to the part where I chose the seats, and I cant checkout? Is it possible to buy tickets online?
  6. Unfortunately, it still is, as well as a other parts of Eastern Europe today in 2019.
  7. Whats the point of reducing max stake per spin to 2£? It takes 50 spins to burn the 100£. Its a mugs game. Only legal and profitable way to get some money out of the bookies is so called "matched betting", which is basically extracting the cash from bonus/free bets offer from online bookies. That is also not long term, because bookies will strip you from promotions after some time.
  8. Good luck! I did my first last year in Blackpool, 4:20. Last 6 miles were hardest.
  9. Of course I am in, wouldn't miss this. My third time this year, only thing is, I am not in 1:50 shape this year, mainly because of the fact that I have office job now and the Dominos, fish and chips and kebab here and there. I am 3/4 stone up. But I should be in 2:10 time with no problems
  10. EU EXIT app is rubbish. 2 newer phones, wont scan passport properly, getting settled status by pigeon post will be faster
  11. The Missing 43 Shocking true story about disappearance of 43 students in Mexico in 2014
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