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  1. I know personally one NHS hospital consultant and she works weekends like many others. Post based on no evidence.
  2. You can dislike Boris for a number of reasons, but his stance towards Ukraine is spot on. Anyone with basic logic understand that our way of life, that includes but it's not limited to freedom of speech, democracy, etc. is now being under defended in Ukraine. If that fails in Ukraine, tomorrow will be Moldavia, Poland, Baltic countries. Or, I can borrow you my book from primary school language lessons "говорите по русски" so we can all start teaching children lovely song about girl named Antoshka digging potatoes .
  3. Apparently, there is a strong resistance movement on occupied parts of Ukraine. Assassinations, sabotage are daily occurrence.
  4. There is absolutely nothing inflammatory in his statement. In fact, it's very realistic and spot on. There are bad times ahead. Ignoring the fact won't make it disappear
  5. Sounds like my father's Lada from 1983
  6. It so sick and bizarre that it's actually good, just a right level of insanity
  7. For only €50 really doesn't matter
  8. Most I have won was around €500 10 years ago and £100 on thunderball lottery in 2017. I am more a type for occasionall. £2-5 both to score accumulator than for lottery.
  9. You absolutely should. I bought hair shaver from Amazon during the lockdown and never looked back. I use it every second day, I am bald constantly and saved a lump sum. YES!
  10. It's not that simple. Above its only partially true. But let me tell you from my perspective, I am in UK for almost 7 years now and changed several jobs. There are, as you said, modern sweatshops, some of the warehouses, outsourcing companies etc. But there is also number of people with little or almost no working discipline. Talking about coming on the work on time, actually doing what you get paid for without slacking, constant "sick leave" because of hangovers etc. I have done the jobs that you mentioned as "sweatshops", just as a stepping stone for another, better job. I am not saying that you are not right, but there is a flip side of that coin.
  11. I wouldn't bother, all three Putin's supporters are exchanging and coming like flies on the ****. Check the post history of one of those, it's says that "his friend" FB has "been hacked" and "inappropriate" pictures have been put on, what does that tell you?
  12. I have a similar experience. In 2020, when my daughter was born, I applied for her passport. Now, I read horror stories about rejections and problems when it comes to kids of EU nationals due to the Brexit etc. However, it was surprisingly straight forward. We sent her birth certificate, our settled status confirmations, and, in 2 weeks time, there it was, her British passport with her 2 months old picture,
  13. Around 60 civilians died in bombing of the shelter inside the school building, Luhansk.
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