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  1. Good luck! I did my first last year in Blackpool, 4:20. Last 6 miles were hardest.
  2. Of course I am in, wouldn't miss this. My third time this year, only thing is, I am not in 1:50 shape this year, mainly because of the fact that I have office job now and the Dominos, fish and chips and kebab here and there. I am 3/4 stone up. But I should be in 2:10 time with no problems
  3. EU EXIT app is rubbish. 2 newer phones, wont scan passport properly, getting settled status by pigeon post will be faster
  4. The Missing 43 Shocking true story about disappearance of 43 students in Mexico in 2014
  5. I know this is completely bad taste and inappropriate, but damn 🤣 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/cannibal-south-africa-police-station-nino-mbatha-lungisani-magubane-court-trial-verdict-a8681331.html?amp&fbclid=IwAR27tIxRTBLzbnpL2R1r1MgBNeJhyPbBIXVJ7H1Kx0tZvNf1lXvQZBMkEWY
  6. My wife has the really nice "girl crew" with girls of all ages, PM in you are interested, Il give you her number. They are mainly doing pub quiz, cinema, walking, gathering etc.
  7. No, I am just curious, because I found something, so I am wondering if it works http://www.uk-lotterysyndicate.com/
  8. Is anyone member of lottery syndicate? Any recommendations?
  9. I got 100£ on lucky dip Thunderball, this Saturday. But I am more for 5 £ accumulator betting with both to score once or two times a month. It's definitely more likely than the lottery.
  10. What an ignorant and clueless presumption. You don't have any clue what happened to me when I was a kid years old and where I grow up and in a what circumstances. Let just say that at ine point, I didn't know will me and my family survived next 24 hours. So who the hell are you to calling my problems that were direct consequences of those events "pretty much normal teenage thing"?
  11. Oh, you are so wrong about anxiety disorder! I had that when I was younger and it was hell. Its nothing like "normal" anxiety feeling. chocking, sweating, feels like suffocating, cant talk, rapid heartbeat, ..nothing like normal part of life. However, it can be solved and reduce to minimum, but it takes lots of work and time.
  12. I hated those "team buildings" back in the days. Especially those with "lets spread positive energy" and "we are all one big happy family" mantra. reminds me of the communist system and all that collectivization rubbish And I agree with you. I dont want to spend my free time in those social gatherings. I rather play xbox and watch Netflix.
  13. Doesn't make sense. In that song, they are using that word as a character reference. It's quite a common thing in a poetry. For example, "get out of the bed, you drunken, lazy *******", etc. Nothing to do with sexual orientation.
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