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  1. hi what gear are you wanting and how much do you want to spend cheers i have 2x pa systems
  2. hi em can you call on 01142316917 or resend your number thanx steve,ps if you send an email i can send some clips of our rehearsal,also whate ages are you and do any of you sing cheers
  3. hi dan how good on rhythm are you we are looking for a singer /rhythm player,also have female vocals,we are a mixed age line up call me on 01142316917 cheers steve
  4. hi ema we have a full st list wanting 2 guitarist to complete line up,what guitarists are you lead? rhythm, or both call me on 01142316917 cheers,i can send some clips from our rehearsals with other line up
  5. hi i may have a kit to sell cheap 125 full kit cheers
  6. looking for guitarist to play joint lead and take on some lead vocals,not playing every week,we are mature players but age not an issue cheers get back and leave a contact number thanks
  7. looking for keys or guitar and vocals for covers band,not playing too many gigs,playing for the enjoyment
  8. hi is your band still going cheers steve
  9. looking for lead rhythm guitar with vocals who can front a rock band,just want to gig occasionally, not for the money,other band members and full set in place cheers
  10. hi are you looking for any new bands to play cheers
  11. hi em fancy classic rock covers we may be looking you can call me on 01142316917 cheers steve or leave a contact number i can call you
  12. hi we are looking for a lead guitarist for a rock covers band,we are mature players but age is not an issue.backing vocals would be great but not that important, we will only be gigging a few times a year so this is more for the thrill of playing live music,not for the money.if its for you get back with a contact number and i can give more info cheers.
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