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  1. Can we just stop with the silly comments It's not funny Even millwall fans are shocked looking at social media
  2. Truely disgusting offensive behavior This is not funny at all I hope the culprits are caught, this is not a joke and offends the decent minded inhabitants of this once great city
  3. They would need the suspect to provide a stool sample
  4. No Yorkshire derbys for you next season thanks to that win
  5. Win this one and united are as good as safe
  6. If united win this then they are as good as safe. One more win after this one? 38 points should be enough to stay up this season
  7. Man City were lucky on that occasion
  8. Good draw for Wednesday But concerned about the first leg being at home I'd have preferred to play Man City away as the Owls are giving some proper hidings on away grounds But as its a home tie, I think Man City will win
  9. Got to be Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield United Or vise versa
  10. Owls only need to field a few reserves for this one, a good opportunity to rest major players Easy win for the reserves and yts players
  11. Good win on a tricky tie
  12. They were 2 weak goals conceded against Liverpool and Man City, so 2 points dropped against the 2 league leaders Got to say going down and taking a proper beating, the blades need to look accross the city over at S6 on how to receive a real beating But shame about the 2 goals conceded against the 2 top teams
  13. My grandad said to me, when facing a much better stronger opponent that it was better to try your best, even if it meant taking a real beating Not sure I agreed with him on that point Will United try their best but take a proper beating this evening?
  14. Wednesday are a strange team, they get some outstanding results like Forest away and then follow it up with a few losses and a hammering But it could be worse, think Leeds. Race to the top of the league and then fall apart mid season The championship needs Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday Without those two, the championship is dead
  15. Blackburn are a bogey team, just like Huddersfield
  16. And so it BEGINS, Blackburn 1-0 up I hope to god this isn't going to be an embarrassing scoreline
  17. Former Premier league champions and dished out some real hidings to the owls over the years, 7-2 remember that one? Another hiding on the cards Owls 1 - 7 Blackburn
  18. Leeds Leeds are falling apart again Try not to gloat though at our Yorkshire neighbours
  19. Billy Sharpe to Sheffield Wednesday? He is without doubt proven at championship level as was shown at Sheffield United He is largely not being used at United right now Would the owls fans have a proven striker who could win them promotion? Or would owls prefer another 10 seasons in the championship rather than welcome a blades striker? If Leeds get promoted to the Premier league this season then the championship is finished, no crowd pulling teams any longer. Wycome wanderers are very unlikely to draw huge attebdances in the championship
  20. Leeds have the scariest away fans in the championship, they are nuts But I think Wednesday will win this one
  21. 0 points return out of a possible 9 points If Sheffield Wednesday want promotion this year then I would advise then to get a better points tally 0 from 9 is not the way to get into the premiership You have to win games, get points on the board and with more points means a better chance of promotion
  22. Hi all Rogets here, university educated and 30 years experience in football I'm predicting that Wednesday will bounce back and beat Hull 3-1
  23. United slipping worryingly down the league if they lose today Only 11 points above the relegation places
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