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  1. Ecclesall woods is excellent for flat walking . or even y the canal , if you are wanting to go further the cuckoo way at Chesterfield is wonderful .
  2. I don't think I look like my mastiff Dixie and maybe a bit like our sprocker.
  3. as far as I am aware that is true , we were trying to talk about dogs off lead in parks .
  4. Thanks for the info , the woods will be ok for off leading dogs . plenty of nice walks elsewhere too .
  5. ah ok , we were also discussing professional dog walkers who walk large packs of uncontrolled dogs , of which I am seeing more and more , vans packed full of dogs. ---------- Post added 18-10-2017 at 16:25 ---------- Most professional dog walkers will have terms and conditions . these have been taken from a dog walkers site . Our Terms of Service are as follows TERMS OF AGREEMENT 1 xxxxxx will walk the Dog described below for the time and on the days mentioned below from the Client’s address, unless some other address is shown below. xxxxx reserves the right to walk other dogs at the same time, but the total number of dogs walked with one person at one time will not exceed [4]. Our Dog numbers policy is a maximum of 4 however we retain the right to walk more in the event of a last minute call from one of our clients or an emergency.( no more than 5) 2 xxxxx will walk the Dog on other occasions by arrangement. 3 xxxxx will provide this service either personally by xxxx & xxx 4 The Client will either ensure that access is given to the xxxxxx to collect the Dog from the agreed address at the agreed times or provide xxxxxxx with a key to the place where the Dog is kept. xxxxx will use the key to collect and return the Dog and for no other purpose and will keep it safe, (only a reference to the address will be the dogs name with the key not the actual address) for security purposes we not let anyone else have it, not copy it and will return it to the Client on demand, at a reasonable time. 5 The Client will supply suitable collars or harnesses and leads [and when necessary muzzles] for the Dog and any coats or other accessories which the Client wishes to be used. xxxxx will be entitled to refuse to walk the Dog if a suitable collar or harness and lead [and muzzle] is not provided and to be paid in full as though that walk had taken place. 6 xxxxx charges are at the rates and are payable at the times set out below. 7 xxxxxx operate within a one hour window of the designated time for pick-up. 8 The Client will inform xxxxx fully of any characteristics of the Dog which needs to be known for handling and care of the Dog. 9 xxxxx holds insurance in respect of the death, loss or injury of dogs in xxxxx care and shall have no liability to the Client for any claim in respect of the Dog, except such claim if any as covered by the insurance and admitted by the insurer. 10 xxxxx will inform the Customer of any incident or anything which xxxxx notices about the Dog, which as Dog owners the Client ought to know. 11 xxxxx will keep the Dog on a lead whenever out of the house, will take care so far as is practicable both that the Dog is not a nuisance or danger to anyone, or any other animals and that no harm comes to it. Off lead permission for woodlands and parks are required xxxxx will supply a plastic bag and small shovel and use them on all walks to remove the Dog’s faeces and ensure that Dog does not foul any public or private place. 12 The Client will provide the xxxxx with details of the Dog’s inoculations and contact details of its vet. In case of need xxxxx are authorized to refer the Dog to the named (or in emergency any other) vet for advice or treatment at the Clients expense. The Client undertakes to reimburse to the Vetinary all expenses incurred under this clause. 13 xxxx is not required to feed or water the Dog. However we are happy make sure your dog is always left with water after a walk.. 14 Either party may terminate this notice by not less than one week’s notice to the other at the address given in this agreement.
  6. no of leads in parks and public places ---------- Post added 18-10-2017 at 15:43 ---------- I would never trust my dogs walking off lead next to a road, there only needs to be a cat or another dog and they being social would want to say hello ! howcome you wouldnt trust your dog with another dog ? dogs are pack animals
  7. I was actually discussing parks and being off lead . I would never walk my dog off lead next to any road . Yes it is an offence . However dogs need places to run and exercise considering most of us live in built up areas .
  8. Shaun Bell animal control officer says if there is a notice , it must be observed. Surely if they are talking that you cant have your dogs off lead , then you would be causing dogs not to be able to exercise , which goes against the dogs best care especially if you have a high energy dog. If this is the case then the council should invest in dog parks.
  9. I checked this with my insurer that if anything happens my insurance will cover . The dog walking insurance is for public liability for example if my dog were o break his lead while crossing a road etc .
  10. My dogs are insured no matter who is caring for them , its them thats insured not myself .
  11. my dog walker has fortis or Ageas is its new name , dog walking insurance , which doesn't say she can only walk 6 , it does not say anything about numbers etc Some pack walkers have expensive vans crammed full of dogs ! which isn't good walking practice . My dog walker is very good she only takes small groups , which she has made sure suits each dog in the group , she makes sure my dogs are happy with their pals , she ooo now uses private woodland which mean the general public are safe. However I know she also walks in graves park and meersbrook parks where this is plenty of room for dogs to run free .
  12. has the cat ben checked for a microchip ?
  13. Good , to hear this . I found a lovely lady who does all her walking without a vehicle. She doesn't have large groups , I also when its reasonable to do so join her small groups. It does however shock me as to how many dishonest professional dog walkers that claim to walk small groups , then appear with 8 or more dogs.
  14. My dog walker doesn't make 23 grand gross or anywhere near that.
  15. Are you absolutely sure that he only has a small group ? i meet professional dog walkers all over , I do walk in good weather and this summer i have noticed large groups of dogs at Wyming brook in particular, also at Longshaw . My dog walker walks locally, she is seen in the park with her small groups by other dog owner friends of mine. Many dog walkers say the insist on small groups but then you see them loading dogs into vans , more than said number. Many of these professional walkers I actually enquired with before choosing my present dog walker .
  16. Kidley what I am saying is that people take this dog fear thing to a new level , dogs have always been around , people make them out to be enemies of the people , which they arent. DNot all dogs are out of control , not all dogs are aggressive , If you portray a dog as these then you are giving unfair prestige to that animal . My dog is part of a small group of 4 with a professional dog walker , hes happy exercised , I would be less happy in a larger group admittedly , I did meet a dog walker i Bingham park with 16 dogs , that's what I find unacceptable . Also your dog walker who only walks a small number of dogs isnt making mega bucks , just a basic living, some one walking 16 dogs and charging 10 per hour is making mega bucks and clearly does not care about responsible practice or even give a hoot about safety , as they are monitory minded.
  17. Do you not think these new dog laws are warranted, I personally disagree for all my years alive on this earth , I have until recently walked my own dog , now at 74 I am becoming less able but still want a dog as my companion. Dogs in general are sociable friendly not frightening the world has gone mad , We really need to stop being fearful of dogs . Dogs are not the enemy ! Humans are !.
  18. As an employer of a professional dog walking service , I would want my dog exercised correctly off lead , My dog is very young , I am 74 , unless my dog has good exercise hes not tired , we cat cope with him ( hes a rescue sprocker high energy , ) Teeny stated in the thread she considers large groups not successful , she advocated small groups of 4/5 , which I have seen work with a number of dog walkers in the area . Teeny is confident in her skills she obviously has a proven track record with groups of dogs , which I suggest speaks for its self . Dogs which are just lead walked must suffer from acute boredom , lack of stimulation , dogs are pack animals , they don't waver easily from their leader. For many years dogs have been walked off lead , People now panic when they see a dog off lead or a small group of dogs , even when well controlled. Dog walkers should use their discretion to see if a dog is trustworthy enough to be off lead . Dogs arent prisoners but if they can't run and be free then whats the point? would you as a human want to be shackled to a lead because you cant behave or make mistakes ? Humans kill more people than dogs do , humans attack more humans than dogs do . Dogs aren't the resident evil of our country , Humans are.
  19. Can an ordinary gas cooker be converted to run on bottled gas , ( I have cottage with no mains gas ) .?
  20. If you are struggling ask Teeny on here , she doing boning for Barnsley animal rescue . Lovely lady too .
  21. The best place I kmow is waggytails teeny , I have visited her , she recuses pregnant sows from people , she spends many hours with them handling , caring , making sure they are healthy , she always has them vet checked before they leave , I know she has some 8 to 12 weeks , they are vey cute , cuddly little critters. Tina now has had guinea pigs for 50 years plus . Tina is a friendly lady , she will take time to make sure you have your questions answered .
  22. I had people from Nigeria in my church in Chelmsford , they told me about people who traffic for huge reward they pick out families who experienced this kind of issue , usually traffickers pick on families who have a couple of young adult children who are the breadwinners in the family , they lie to them about opportunities to which they are interested in , once they get here they are expected to pay back a fee for getting them into the UK , some are told they are OK to stay, which is a lie ! Some are made to sell their bodies under threats that their families will be harmed , they are forced to do anything to survive here. Many are open to abuse , lied to , pushed into doing actions they may not want to to survive or worse still a member of their family killed by these evil people who get them into their web of deceit . ---------- Post added 09-06-2016 at 21:53 ---------- I am not a member of the Ark as they didn't reply to my emails , asking for details of what they believe etc . I attend another local church in Woodseats . ---------- Post added 09-06-2016 at 21:55 ---------- From researching the said lady , finding the true story behind this story we are told . ---------- Post added 09-06-2016 at 21:58 ---------- I was in matter of fact in a church which had many Nigerian people , information , facts from personal experiences of these people , who explained how it works .
  23. Church is paying her rent so what? Why shouldn't the church pay her rent? She has three young children who need a secure home, this church was prepared to offer to become foster parents if she was sent to prison, this says a lot about the love for somebody who has committed fraud to come into the church where people love her for who she is ,regardless of her crimes , The problem is that families are often torn apart by prison so mercy is honourable . This woman's family in Nigeria has probably been subject to violence, threats, and other terrible things. We have not been told this , this woman came here 12 years ago lured by lies of these people who want to make money out of trafficking or bringing in illegal immigrants . This woman was told she was had enough qualifications to train as a doctor, when probably she didn't she was probably told She couldn't money to send to her family who obviously were in Bad circumstances. Many lurred by lies from despicable people , wanting to make money out of people's bad circumstances, we in Britain don't fully understands the situations in Africa in particular Nigeria . Nigeria has a high Muslim population along with Christians , socially and economically poor , it is probably a battle to survive when you have no income. I think the church has become involved because they can see the need of this person and her family they are behaving in a good Christian manner , they are helping her not to do this again they are teaching the children good ways and most importantly of all loving her and her family were they at , not many churches would pay rents be prepared to be foster parents or take any responsibility for that situation that this person has found themselves so well done Ben Hudd of the Ark church.
  24. The problem is good house sitters get booked up very quickly . I have had one when I was was living in Chelmsford, we had to book a year in advance , we paid £75 per day , I have to say you are getting a bespoke service , hence the high costs.
  25. Amlico at Wakefield do bales and deliver to Sheffield area for £5 . I am currently looking after several hay bale gannets for a friend.
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