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  1. Time Left: 15 hours and 25 minutes

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    Require someone to build two steps up to front door.


  2. I went there from nursery through to senior school. Left in 1964. I remember most of the names mentioned on here. Lived on Honeysuckle Road.
  3. Hi Anna Is your property still available? I would be interested in renting the property for myself(retired female) and my grandaughter who is in full time employment. Please pm me if you are interested. Kind regards Carol
  4. We can hear it on Crowder Avenue, it's crowing at all times of day not just early morning. I thought it was coming from the back of one of the houses on Southey Green Road, near the Co-op
  5. My Great Great grandmother and grandfather, Sarah & Henry May, both born in 1840, lived in Pye Bank, Pitsmoor. They had two daughters Caroline and Lily. I don't know if this is any help to you
  6. I have just had a roof repair done by Craig of PS Builders(off the forum). I would highly recommend him. Turned up when he said he would, friendly and helpful, did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. Craig's number is 07941090814
  7. My grandfather's name was Harry, married to Florence, they lived in the Duke St, Sheffield Park area. He was born about 1896 and his brother and sisters named were, George,Arthur,Ann,Albert,Herbert and Walter. I know there was a Tom Siddall in the family but don't know what relation he would be.
  8. A friend of mine was bidding on a house which was a repossession and being sold by W H Brown. He was told his offer had been rejected. Anyhow, when the public notice went in the Property Guide, informing anyone who wanted to increase on the offer which they had accepted, to contact them. He phoned W H Brown and offered another £2000 over the price they had accepted, but they did not even bother to contact him and to let him know if or why his offer of another £2000 had been rejected.
  9. Does anyone know what has happened to Le Creme hairdressers? I've forgot the name of the road that the shop was on, but it was a road off The Moor. Have they relocated or have they closed the business? If they have closed down, does anyone know where any of the hairdressers are working now?
  10. Can anyone tell me where we can dispose of 12 volt car batteries?, scrap man won't take them now.
  11. Any joiners give me a quote for fitting new exterior door frame, please
  12. We had problems on Southey Hill last year with gang of 30-40 teenagers. Made numerous phone calls to the police, Sheffield Homes, they made loads of promises, but nothing done. With the dark nights almost upon us, it looks like it is going to be the same this year.
  13. I think every smoker should stop, then when all these people moaning about smokers have to pay tax to make up for lost revenue, then they would have somethink to grumble about.
  14. I agree with Plain Talker, mandotory sterilsation for anyone who could do this to children. If it had been an animal they had treated in that way then they would have been ban from keeping another animal.
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