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  1. There's a thread about this at the moment. Sad that this fool sped off. We as cyclists are road users on a machine or carriage, so I don't think it's a totally mad idea to have some kind of recognition. Not to derail Obelix, and I truly hope you get sorted soon:)
  2. Sorry to hear this old chap. Speedy recovery.
  3. This does seem totally bizarre. We were regular contributors to these donation bins. Shame on Asda.
  4. I used to work in the car spares at crosspool, and they had quite a few shops on the parade. Are they all empty now? Sure there was a spar opposite??
  5. It does explain it when there's only three service areas on the m20. If they are full, the drivers need to stop somewhere.
  6. I think the service areas provided at the moment are appalling for lorry drivers. There should be more lorry patrks up and down the country for these drivers. They are doing a very important job, one that really keeps us all going. They deliver our milk and bread, clothes, medicines, beer, bikes, cars, furniture, shoes, tyres, roof slates, false teeth adhesive, petrol, in fact just about everything the country needs to function. I've read that they have restricted hours to which they can drive, and must take stops by the law. Seeing as these drivers are the backbone of everybody's everyday lives, why are they so heavily slated by the general public? Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending bad driving by these huge machines, but we should be giving them some slack, not flack. The queues on the motorways where it seems they are poarkjed up is the operation stack system, where there are delays at the docks. That's not drivers doing what they want, its all part of our export system, again keeping the country going. Not to pussy foot about but if anyone chooses to bad mouth our lorry drivers, then in personally think the bad mouthers are twonks who don't understand how a countries infrastructure works. They are doing a job that is essentiial to all of us ---------- Post added 17-02-2016 at 09:15 ---------- Maybe a lot of folk are just conditioned to the old system, and are incapable of accepting change? I think the new system is great, and only dangerous if some clown decides to not read the road ahead.
  7. Could you pop a link us for us because I can't find anything other than the PM's promise to do it back in 2014. Cheers.
  8. Don't confuse the unaware with facts. If he says its OK to drive in the middle, it must be.:suspect:
  9. Could the new smart motorways be quite safe, and the problem being bad driving? And who are the motoring Mafia? Is it a secret organisation?
  10. There's a HOV lane on the Stanningley bypass in Leeds. That is a 2+ lane, which is aimed at car sharing.
  11. Over 5000 logged as attending so far on the bikermatch website. Maybe it would be better if the council had a rethink. A two hours Max at a pound a chuck is a good revenue earner, but its gonna pee a lot of riders off. Doesn't seem a lot, but count the numbers. And the pay and display system is gonna be fun on a windy day!!
  12. Hi treeman. I too am the Proud owner of a Bonneville, which I haven't rode since my hip operation last year. My sons and grandson are all bikers, and as you will know the meets happen ad hoc throughout the year, ice permitting. Much to their mams disapproval, they wander off whenever they get a decent weekend. The way they are trying to implement the charges is by the hour, and not a fixed fee. That is what has ruffled the feathers, not the charge itself. Stay safe. Bill.
  13. Ha, that is amusing. A few times a year????? Mmmmmmmm, don't think so!!! A bike is for life, not just for summer!!!!
  14. 39 blissfully happy years...... Then I met her.
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