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  1. Are you related to Janet Tory? I knew her well, we used to travel home from the Locarno back in the 60's, she was a lovely girl I should have taken her more serious, wish I had now.
  2. I went to Westfield Comp 1956 to 1959, I remember all these teachers, our headmaster was a Mr Rollinson. They were happy years, the teachers were great and the kids were a lot more respectful to their teachers back then. And also dressed in school uniform.
  3. Yes I remember Weaver to Wearer on the Moor back in the 60,s, it was just about the cheapest place to get a suit, from about 9 pounds back then. I never went there myself, I was a regular at John Temples further up the Moor, opposite the Peace Gardens. They had great styles, Pierre Cardin etc, not cheap but a cut above Burtons, Peter Jackson etc. People who had more traditional tastes and more money went to Barney Goodmans.
  4. Hi Caroline, my what a small world we live in these days. So glad to hear from you, how are you and your family including your mum and dad and sister Samantha? I last heard from your dad a few years ago by email when we lived in Melbourne. Yes there are many happy memories of years gone by of Pipworth Lane, Dennis and Kath, Eland and of course many more. It would be nice to keep in touch with you if you wish, here is my email, sonder@live.com.au Look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Derek and Sonia.
  5. Anyone out there who attended Westfield Comprehensive in 1958 - 59? I left in 1959, I was in Class 4A. Does anyone have an old photograph of this class taken at this time? I had one, unfortunately its got lost over the years. Our class teacher was a Mr West, Head Master Mr Rollinson, Deputy Head Mr Gilbody. I would really appreciate any help on this. Derek Clayton.
  6. Hi Bryn, yes, I remember you well and your brother Michael when my twin and I ( Clayton twins, Derek & Terence ) were toddlers growing up in the pre fabs in Eckington. I remember you lived in the one facing the old recreation ground. It was a long time ago mate, I was back there on holiday in 2012 and the pre fabs were still there although I think they might have been knocked down recently. Cheers Derek Clayton.
  7. Hi Andy, yes, I do know, they were installed in the old attic in 1970 whilst my mum and dad lived there. Prior to this it was the old tin bath in the wash house. Cheers Derek. PS I have searched for the old photos for you, still no luck.
  8. Spoken like a true champion, I agree with what you say. As you know I live in Oz, it's a great place but not perfect no place is. I hate the Aussie stinking hot summers ( like now ) and those pesky flies, apart from this it's great. Sheffield isn't like it used to be but it's still a great place in lots of ways.
  9. I'm really amazed, there are so many very happy 40+ years happy marriages out there. I must be one of the few. My wife of 45 years is absolutely great most of the time, bur an absolute nightmare some of the time. People used to tell me when I was young and single, ' Son, a successful marriage is a compromise between both parties', the trouble is, one half usually compromises a lot more than the other. Anyhow we are still together, it's a long way off perfect, which is a shame really, I've tried my best and at the end of the day you can't do much more, Always look on the Brightside.
  10. After being married to the same person for over 45 years, can anyone honestly say if they had their time all over again, they would still marry the same person, be 100% honest now folks. Delboy.
  11. Locarno every Friday night, sometimes Saturday also ( depending on wether I'd managed to pull a bird on the Friday ). Great times, never got involved in any punch ups, ever. Sheffield was a great place to be in the 60.s, everyone seemed to have a good time and have money to spend enjoying themselves, that's how I remember the 60,s. Derek Clayton, Canberra Australia.
  12. :)Hi Andy, thanks for your message, I haven't forgot about the photos, I have spent a lot of time looking for them but no luck yet. I know I have them somewhere amongst the heaps of photos I have collected over the last 50 plus years. As soon as I find them I will send them to you. Cheers Derek.
  13. It would have been in the early 60,s, I had caught the bus ( No.30 I think ) in Pond Street, I was sitting on the side seats at the back of the bus, ( my favorite seat because there was always a good chance a pretty girl would sit opposite). Anyhow at the first stop after Pond Street, just after the railway station, this chap came running for the bus after the bus had set off. It was a wet evening, this chap had an old trench coat on with his haversack slung round his neck and decided to make a leap for the platform and grab the pole. He missed the platform completely, the haversack went spinning round his neck but he did manage to grab hold of the pole and hold on whilst the bus dragged him along. The conductor came to his help and managed to pull him on board whilst myself and the other people on the side seats almost wet ourselves with laughing so much. It just looked so funny at the time. The poor bloke was not hurt however, just very wet, with his trouser knees in tatters. Derek Clayton Canberra Australia.
  14. First of all belated birthday wishes on your 60th. Looking back on life I have found to be very addictive, I try hard not to be too obsessive about it, but I'm not having much luck. A great story about Marion and yourself, you can say. it's never too late to find true love and happiness, you certainly deserve it. I hope you both have many more years of happiness in front of you. Derek Clayton. Canberra Australia.
  15. Hi Andy, yes, I do have some old photos somewhere. I will look them out and take copies and send you them. Give me a week or so, I will put this on my 'to do list'. Cheers Derek.
  16. Hi Margaret, it was lovely to read your message etc. and the news of your children & grandchildren. It's just amazing after all these years that we have been able to contact each other. The memories of Pipworth Lane and you and Jim are very strong, they were indeed great times and I will never forget them. Yes the fireworks supplied by Doug Hancock were amazing, I remember he would come out of his house after we had started the bonfire with his attache case full of fireworks, we always looked forward to this. Terence breaking his arm jumping the wall, I remember being so scared when this happened, being his twin made his pain mine, it frightened the life out of me. Then of course there was Frank Alcock with his scrap yard full of stuff to look at with amazment. You may remember Frank only got bathed once a year, he always had the same clothes on and was always dirty, but what a character he was. When I was there in June of this year I had a stroll down the lane as far as the bridge over the Rother and the first railway bridge, we had some great times down there didn't we? The lane looks much narrower now and very overgrown, but the row of houses we lived in are much the same. My twin Terence is also in Australia, he came here in 1974, married in 1981 and has one daughter Kate who is 30 years old, no grandchildren yet. We are planning to visit England again in 2014 ( I will be 70 then ) and will definitely call in to say hello to you and Jim, it will be fantastic to see you both after all these long years, it must be over 50 years since I last saw you, just amazing. Please lets keep in touch. Happy Memories and Best Wishes. Derek.
  17. Hi Jenny, thanks so much for your message, HNY to you and Jim. Glad to hear Jim still remembers me after all those years. I married my wife Sonia back in 1966 ( Wow ) and left England in 1972 to go to South Africa. We then moved on to Australia in 1973, 40 years ago almost. We have 2 sons and one daughter and 9 grand children, 8 boys and one girl. I remember the good times we had with Jim and his sister Margaret down Pipworth all those years ago, sometimes it just seems like yesterday. How many children do you have? also how is Jims sister Margaret, (I must admit I had a bit of a childhood crush on Margaret ), they were both very good friends of my brother and I. As a matter of fact I was in Eckington in June of this year and walked through your farm yard, I remember seeing one of Jims trucks there. I regret not calling in on you and saying hello. Next time we are over there I definitely will call in on you. Anyhow its nice that we can keep in contact with each other on the Forum. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes Derek.
  18. Hi to all on the Forum, just like to wish you all a Very Merry & safe Christmas, stay tuned for more Eckington stories of the 50's and 60's after Christmas. Derek Clayton Canberra Australia.
  19. The name Levick rings a bell with me. I remember a Jean Levick that was in the same same school class as myself, Westfield Comprehensive 1957 - 1959. Is this any relation ?, Derek Clayton.
  20. Hi Lawrence, you mention Jim Buckley in your message, he was a a childhood friend of mine, he lived in the row of houses at the top of Pipworth Lane. We used to spend a lot of time together as kids, also his older sister used to tag along with us also, I think her name was Margaret. If you see him, mention my name to him, I,m sure he will remember the good times down Pipworth, playing near the river Moss / Rother and the train lines across the fields. We once found some old ammunition in the old Coach & Horses buildings when they were derelict, we lit a fire and started to throw the ammo in the fire. Fortunately for us they didn't explode, we were just young kids and didn't know any better. When we told our parents later on they went berserk as you can imagine. We had some great times that I will never forget, wonderful memories of Pipworth Lane & Eckington. Cheers Derek Clayton.
  21. There also was a Bernie steak house in Norton opposite Brocklehurst Motors I think. The steaks were excellent.
  22. Back in the early 60,s my cousin,s girlfriend, later to become his wife worked at Barneys as a seamstress, her name was Ivy Ketner,does anyone who worked there remember her? I could never aford to get my suits from Barneys, I used to get mine from John Temples on the Moor. He had all the latest styles and trends and the tailoring was very good. Going to him I could afford a new suit every 4 months or so, whereas if I went to Barneys it would have been one suit a year. Derek Clayton. Canberra Australia.
  23. Used to spend lots of time train spotting, down Pipworth Lane and across the fields, there were 3 main train lines then. We also used to put pennys on the train line and then retrieve them when the train had run over them, well and truly flattened. They were happy times. Delboy Australia.
  24. Spot on, very fond memories of the Blue Bell Inn, Lathkildale, the Hermitage at the bottom of the Moor. Sadly these places have long gone, I agree with you about the pubs of today and the louts, thugs etc causing fights etc. Australia is just the same in the cities, every week people get mugged, stabbed, you name it. The sixties were the best times by far. Delboy Canberra Australia.
  25. Hi Arthur, different Claytons, I am from Eckington, with 1 twin brother who is in the painting and decorating trade. I left England in 1972, my brother left in 1974. Cheers Derek.
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