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  1. Sheffield87

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    Just to clarify, it’s not actually illegal - it’s just banned by TFL policy.
  2. A couple of questions.... According to the Sheffield City Council website, my ward currently has three councillors however it states that only one candidate is to be elected at the forthcoming election - why is this and if this candidate were to be elected, what would happen to the other two? Secondly, we have had no campaigning materials through the door yet and when I search online for the candidates standing for election, at least one does not seem to appear anywhere online and the others just list their contact details - where can I find out more about their policies etc. Even looking on the party's website does not seem to elicit any further information. Appreciate there are far bigger politicial issues going on at the minute but there just seems to be a lack of information about the local elections.
  3. Sheffield87

    Any charities that take old PCs ?

    Have you tried Aspire? http://www.aspire-sheffield.co.uk/computer-recycling/
  4. Sheffield87

    Butchers shop recommendations

    I’m looking for any opinions on Simmonite butchers on Division Street, I understand they used to have a stall in Castle Market. I’m particularly interested in the quality of the meat slices, pies and pasties.
  5. Does anyone know why the pavement is being dug up (again) at the top of Flat Street? I know work is being done in Fitzalan Square but the bus stops at the top of Flat Street were re-positioned only a matter of months ago and now they have been dug up again. It is causing issues for people wanting to catch the 120 and other buses which previously stopped at the top of the hill as they are now having to stop further down which is causing congestion and confusion amongst passengers, particularly as there are no signs indicating where these buses are now stopping.
  6. Sheffield87

    24 hours in police custody.

    Or apply for an extension of the initial 24 hour period - which disappointingly the programme doesn’t make any mention of.
  7. Can anyone recommend a study compact umbrella that doesn’t cost the earth or break at the first sight of wind?
  8. Can anyone recommend a car hire company in Sheffield? I’m looking to rent a small/medium sized car for one day (most likely a Saturday) and have held a licence for over 10 years.
  9. Because some prefer not to take up the offer of such accommodation.
  10. Sheffield87

    Work experience for school pupils

    What type of work is he interested in?
  11. Sheffield87

    Advice regarding redundancy

    Redundancy pay and your notice period (or being paid in lieu of notice) are separate so you would still be entitled to redundancy pay irrespective.
  12. Sheffield87

    Level of proof?

    Hearsay evidence can be admitted in certain circumstances.
  13. Sheffield87

    NI contributions

    Thanks very much
  14. Sheffield87

    NI contributions

    I understand that NI contributions are normally calculated as a percentage of an employee’s salary. I have recently discovered that it is possible to make voluntary class 3 contributions (up until a certain date) where an individual has been out of work or not met the threshold for paying contributions in order to increase their number of qualifying years which count towards your state pension. Does anyone how these contributions are calculated where an individual hasn’t worked for a period and so therefore cannot be based on salary?
  15. It would have been helpful if the bus companies had published this beforehand - no one that got on the 120 this morning knew about the increases and there were no posters or leaflets on the bus, nor can I see anything on the First website about fare increases. It just contributes to further delays with people not having the right money and annoyed passengers.

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