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  1. Unless there is an automatically unfair reason for dismissal the OP doesn’t have the right to bring a claim for unfair dismissal as she hasn’t been employed for two years, as mentioned by other posters. Compensation for unfair dismissal claims isn’t calculated on the basis of “satisfaction and your notice period” either - I don’t know where you have got that from.
  2. An inquest has found that the lady in the vehicle, Rosemary Broomhead, died by suicide. The article below reports that Mrs Broomhead co-owned Broomhead’s Fish and Chips in Crookes. Condolences to her family and friends. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/beloved-sheffield-grandmother-and-fish-and-chip-shop-owner-died-in-rivelin-car-fire-3232194
  3. All library fines are waived until 31 May http://shefflibraries.blogspot.com/p/live-library-status-tracker.html
  4. Has anyone bought a home treadmill during lockdown? I am looking for a motorised one which ideally has an incline and can be folded. So far the brands that seem to get good reviews and aren’t super expensive (my budget is probably £750 max) are Branx and JTX. Does anyone have any experience with either of these brands or can recommend any others in this price range that have reasonable power and speed. Thanks.
  5. The Moor Market has two good cheese places, though I don’t know if they are open at the moment.
  6. Mayfield Valley this morning https://imgur.com/a/1yZGRQN
  7. Thanks Waldo, that is the one I am using at the moment but was looking for a newer model as that dates back to 2012. Ideally looking for something that is 16:10 ratio.
  8. Hello Does anyone have any recommendations for a credit card for an individual who hasn't ever had one before but is looking to build up their credit history? They have a good salary and will pay off the amount each month. Ideally it would be an account that is easy to set up and can be set up/accessed online. Thanks
  9. Thanks Andy. How do you think the Dell P2421 compares to the Dell U2419H here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-Ultrasharp-U2419H-Monitor-23-8/dp/B07JDGSPFM? They are roughly the same price but I noticed one is an LCD and the other is LED backlit - which would be better in these circumstances? Also I have read a few reviews that say the U series is higher quality than the P series.
  10. Thanks both. I will mainly be using it for general office work but also browsing the internet and occasionally viewing/editing photos. I won't be gaming. It would be a bonus if I could raise/lower the screen, but rotating it vertically probably won't be necessary. I'm not too sure about HDMI, display port, VGA etc as I don't really understand those terms. The monitor I'm using at the moment is a Dell U2412M which I like because it has a wider screen (top to bottom) with more of a square display rather than a long and narrow one
  11. Hello I'm looking for a new monitor to use in my home office. I’ve looked online but would be grateful for some recommendations for a 24 inch monitor. I understand the U series is the best but a friend has just bought a new S model (out of my budget at about £450) and is very pleased with it. My budget is around £200. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone, I can try them if I buy direct from Apple and return them if they aren’t suitable so I think I might do that.
  13. Does anyone have Apple AirPods Pro and if so, would you recommend them? I’m looking at getting some WiFi/Bluetooth earbuds and tried Cambridge Audio Melomania which are supposed to be very good for sound quality (though not for calls) but they stick out quite a long way and don’t feel very secure. I would primarily be using them for listening to music music but also to make some calls. Thanks
  14. You can post any donations free of charge to the British Heart Foundation at the moment. https://www.bhf.org.uk/shop/donating-goods/post-your-donations#how
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