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  1. Has anyone got the above car and the wheel nut key. Can someone crack me a wheel nut. I can come to you. Just a bit skint at the moment and cant afford to buy a replacement. Would give someone a fiver to borrow it for two minutes to crack one nut.
  2. When i fitted mine i found the live wire powering the reversing light. I connected the red live wire from the rear view camera to that. When my reverse light comes on the display then switches to the rear camera.
  3. Getting a new BMX bike for Christmas. Bright yellow mag wheels.
  4. I have to agree with you. I go on a Saturday for some i only live around the corner, Still hot and very nice.
  5. Just read a thread on Losing Interest, People should read this thread. A simple forum thread turns into a slagging match. I imaging the OP wasn't expecting this.
  6. A woman at work calls me duck. Does it bother me no. I call women love have done for years.
  7. Make no wonder our kids are soft. Did me no harm playing rugby in the snow at school. If they cold they not running fast enough.
  8. Where i work we have a few different people from various countries subcontracted as car valeters. They are grafters, they spend 8 hours a day grafting detailing cars. Good and bad in all different cultures. The ones who work with us are excellent guys and do interact with us. We all sit together to eat dinner. There is no separate groups of people. We all one big family at work.
  9. As you say its down to the service you get. Good service i will tip if its rubbish i wont.
  10. Fireworks are quiet these days to what they used to be. Supersonic bangers and all that.
  11. Not really. Its how i feel about the minor Royals. A drain on the public purse they are. Look at cost to the tax payers for just two Weddings. Millions of pounds.
  12. Most of us knew this was coming. Time to get rid of minor Royals they cost too much.
  13. I have seen them all. On my second time watching them. Waiting on the new series of Arrow and Hawaii Five-0. The cross overs are quite good. The Arrow and Flash do it.
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