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  1. knotted neck rather have a knitted hat in this weather.
  2. R.I.P Ziggy, thanks for the music.
  3. I know there is council house exchanges but are there any private house exchange sites around, we have a three bed semi in Sheffield and are looking at the potential for relocating to the surrounding areas of Sheffield or the east coast.
  4. here we go again after a long lay off. Rochdale 1-3 Chessy. Barnsley 2-1 Fleetwood. Doncaster 1-1 Stoke. Leeds 1-2 Millers. Owls 2-1 Fulham. Man Utd 3-2 Blades
  5. Thanks JackKo tried that, dead end i'm afraid, feel sure one child was called John.
  6. Anyone remember the Friday night youth club in the early 70's
  7. Millers 1 - 3 Hull. Barnsley 2 - 1 Wigan. Burton 1 - 2 Donny. Chessy 2 - 2 Bradford. Scunny 1 - 3 Blades. Owls 2 - 1 Wolves.
  8. Anyone live on Cobnar road in Woodseats in the Sixties early seventies, trying to trace an old neighbour called Cooper, lost touch years ago.
  9. Did he have any connection with the fish and chip van that used to park at the bottom of southey hill opposite the old Magnet pub?
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