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  1. 3 bedroom houses crookesmoor new doors and windows and kitchen as drive walking shower back garden all fenced off 5 minutes walk to school's shops doctors pharmacy swimming baths and pubs 1 minute walk to small park and playing fields 10 minutes walk to four main hospital. Please ask if you want to know any more. Want to bedroom house in upperthorpe area only.
  2. If you want to stay in your house you can I am in a 3 bedroom house and I am waiting to move the housing filled me a form out now I don't have to pay bedroom tax.
  3. My bus 31 turns up when it likes or it don't turn up at all worst buses in Sheffield.
  4. I bet it was me as I am small 5.09 and add long dark hair i add it in a pony tail.
  5. No ths infants school at the top I live near it.
  6. Dreamstar disco & karaoke I add him for my grandaughters party he is a right laugh. Vincent 07789261270 tell him mary recommend him.
  7. I saw that car it jump the lights and it at to stop there as I was on the tram goin up.
  8. I bet I will have served you and your pal it was cheap and always packed.
  9. Ours on pinstone street use to get the calendar people in and there guess Bobby nut, and many more.
  10. The infants school at the top is st Vincent boxing club its not been open long. ---------- Post added 21-12-2015 at 21:46 ---------- The infants school at the top is st Vincent boxing club its not been open long.
  11. Wimpy bar was on pinstone street I used to work there.
  12. Hi we lived down cliff the Dexter's 123, Chippingham street we all went 2 huntsmans garden school it woz at the end of our road we knocked about with the Riley's my brother tony knock about with a kid called peter fanon we used 2 go 2 sand reck park we all use 2 get on the zip line and see who use 2 fall off first. WOT GREAT DAYS THEY WOZ.
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