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  1. Fantastic ---------- Post added 01-07-2016 at 21:52 ---------- Only problem is the number of suspensions now
  2. For parliament to ignore the will of the people as sought by parliament would be 'courageous'. And not just in a Yes Minister sense of the word.
  3. To be fair Seamus Milne seems blinder to it than Corbyn who I suspect would have gone by now if it wasn't for that utter belter telling him to cling on.
  4. It's just a mad idea old chap but why not read the article where he lays out in detail why he joined? He's a freelancer and has written for pretty much everything paper (including the likes of the guardian) so wittering about the tory media is irrelevant. If you can't be bothered to read your own link the tldr is we need a credible opposition at a crucial time for the country and the bearded Marxist isn't providing one.
  5. C'mon what could go wrong? He's made a cracking job of bringing peace to the middle east after all!
  6. If that's who they vote for yes. Given how close it was you would expect a bigger turnout from the other parties voters to block him without resorting to postal voting fraud this time so we will have to wait and see.
  7. Not a direct consequence but may impact on negotiations. The Austrian election has been annulled due to postal voting fraud and will be rerun.
  8. The only verifiable stats we have are a 56% plummet in hate crimes in our county. The inference that those of us who refuse to get caught up in this hysteria are somehow condoning the actual attacks that have occurred is quite insulting. Some isolated criminal incidents have taken place and hopefully all the perps will be brought to book. There have also been some incidents involving graffiti which seem to have been recorded multiple times and according to at least one police force (Kent I think but could be wrong) they recorded multiple complaints about Nigel Farage as reported 'hate crimes'. Lets get a grip, condemn the real incidents but also condemn those whipping up hysteria for their own political ends.
  9. So that's national figures on unverified reports on a website vs the actual police figures for South Yorkshire which show a 56% fall. Ok.
  10. Those are not the police figures reported by the Star. Where are they from?
  11. The numbers given by the police don't just show a fall in reported hate crimes in South Yorkshire they show a 56% fall vs the same period last year. That's a huge drop. I fear we are getting whipped up in a media driven national hysteria and damning Yorkshire folk for crimes they are not committing.
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