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  1. Thanks for your input everyone, as I was talking to a friend whilst on holiday last week about the place. He said there was never a late bar in a mexican / spanish restaurant near the Moor. I trawled the internet to find it, and I eventually found a photo of El Paso being next door to the Moorfoot Tavern, as I know that the pub was taken over by the restaurant. All I remember is sometimes going to the restaurant after Trippets wine bar, going around the back where the car park is, and going up some metal stairs to the first floor of the restaurant where music was played and drinks were served (no food). My mate thought I was in cloud cuckoo land lol ! I thought...'I know where I will find out if i was dreaming it or not.....I will try the Sheffield Forum' ! Cheers guys !
  2. Does anyone remember the restaurant that was upstairs near the moorfoot tavern that people used to go to after the pubs closed ? i remember that you could stay in there drinking until about 5am at the weekend. what was it called ? my friends cannot remember it and they think I was dreaming lol
  3. I think it is medically proven that anything from 200mA is the KILLER, anything less may kill you, which is why electrical companies produce RCD's set at 30mA which lets fault current flow to a maximum level of 30mA for a fraction of a second until it trips the system in 400 mS. Although any shock from an energy source whether including an RCD or not...isnt a good thing !!! I sure dont like em anyway !!
  4. I think anything over 200 milliamps will kill you if touching the live with your finger and the floor with feet. Although if you have an RCD on the circuit at your consumer unit, which protects the circuit, then this will trip out before that amount of current flows. RCD's (Residual current device) are rated at 30milliamps, so they will trip out before anything like 200mA flows.
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