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  1. Hi Roger, I am sorry I cannot recall you but that’s not unusual for people in the lofty realms of 1 year higher :-) I am well No I hope you are too. Tempus fugit and now 73 for my sins. I have completely lost touch with every one from Greggs - even my long time best mate from Deepcar, Chris Wade. I will try harder to look at the postings more often.
  2. Sorry to learn of the passing of Ray Woodcraft. I was in the same form 1961 to 1963.
  3. Hi utopian, Thank you for the additional names. I rembember them now but couldn't bring them to mind for my original post. I am in good health (I hope). I am 69 now so nearing adolescence :-) You didn't say your name but if you wish not to say on here I quite understand.
  4. Hi Snowball72. No I don't live in Wharncliffe Side now. I left in 1969 when I moved to London. I am now live in Wakefield. Thank you a very informative thread. I will keep reading with interest.
  5. Hi Dr Rod. your name is familiar but 4 or 5 years age gap as a youngster makes a lot of difference. My Grandmother lived on Crag View Crescent and I used to spend a lot of time there. You may be a contemporary of Howard Guest who also went to Penistone GS and lived 3 doors below ( next to the old air raid shelter with the wavy concrete roof, remember?.) The name you mention is no relation, but it is good to hear about the old village. It's not the same -houses on the swamp between Langsett Road and Forge Lane, Houses on the Burying Fields opposite the park etc etc. I came across this site by accident but wil keep reading. Peter
  6. Hi. I was born in the cottages opposite the Coop on Langsett Rd South, Oughtibridge in 46. We then moved to Langsett Rd North, opposite the bottom of Cockshutts Lane (we knew it as Jossy Lane - no idea why) My grandfather with whom we lived worked a a grinder at the Phoenix Sheep Shear Company on Forge Lane. I spent many a happy hour sat on the opening in the wall at Blackwells Forge watching the 'Dom di Dom' as I called it. The sound made by the steam hammer when it struck the red hot billet. happy times when a 3 or 4 year old could come and go in the village without danger. '
  7. I came across this forum purely by chance. My name is Peter Vaughton. I went to Greggs, starting in the 3rd. Form in 1961 and leaving after taking O Levels in the 5th. The least said about the results, the better. The highlight was certainly when the 5th Formers (I was in the 3rd at the time) lifted Stuart Rankin's Mini round the corner. How did he get his shoes to shine like that? I was fascinated by the posts and the memories flooded back - I even trawled up the following names I remember from my form and others who regularly travelled together on the buses to school. Not in any particular order, but just as I remembered them. I may have a couple of first names wrong, as it was a very 'surname oriented time'. Here goes:- Chris Wade, Barbara Hitchen, Tony Ford, Barry Lawson, Viv George (male), Barry Tomms, Helen Powell, Julie Hutchins, Howard Dickens, John Jackson, John Hilton-Tapp, ? Varnes, Denise & Christine Hollins (twins), Kenneth Beresford, Val Cope (her mother was School Secretary), Bob Lenzini, Raymond Woodcraft. I am sure that more names will spring to mind, but. I hope some will remember these. Ron Shirt taught English. I believe he had a nervous breakdown. He was ragged something awful. On one occasion I remember he went out of the room (4th form downstairs) for a few seconds and when he came back Helen Powell's bra was on his desk. He freaked out. Did anyone go on the school trip trip to Middelkirk, Belgium? Hotel Victoria. Had my first taste of Stella Artois. I think i was in 4th form. Prefects were allowed to smoke in their Common Room - a little attic room at the top of the stairs. I didn't like the time at school, not because it was Greggs, but I was not in a learning frame of mind at that time. I went on to Ecclesfield. Grammar and topped up my O levels. University wasn't for me, I joined a bank and stuck it for 34 years.. I'm sorry it all a it disjointed but it's just as I have remembered it.
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