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  1. Did anybody knew a bricky called Harry Hart From the 50s and 60s
  2. I thought that 1 opposite Banners was Burgess I had a suit from there had some great suits from a chap called Burrows he came to your home to measure you up he made wedding suit and my dad's and farther in law I don't now how many I had of him you could pay weekly
  3. Wasn't there a pub called the Don at the corner of Don Rd and NewnallRd
  4. Skippy and Dors hope your both OK out there in Sydney oz
  5. Don't think so I lived on Cyclops st and I have never heard of it
  6. The Richards also had two sons one called Willie known as gong and one called John he had a disability in his back Nellie Richards and her mother used to go into town on the p... at night though used to catch the last bus from town nobody would sit with them when they get off the bus the sets would be wet and there be a river running down the bus this was in the 60s v
  7. There was a few pubs around grimesthorpe from the Alexander at the top of Newhall Road Carlisle Street Carlisle Street East Upwell Street round to the reform Chapel
  8. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me I'm to find my brother Derek Holiday I think he's living around sheffield lane top or Bellhouse lane near Concorde park thanks bygum
  9. Hi played for grimesthorpe bob hinchcliffe ran them in about 68to 73 I don’t know if it’s not the boy’s club some others that played were Brian Wilson Paul Allett Bob Innis John Copper a lot of them played for the cannon pub at Firvale
  10. Hi everyone hope you’re all doing well keep safe and sound stay home god bless the N H S
  11. I'm back can anyone remember the Snell family that had the top shop on Cyclops Street before the Sharps had it they had a son called David the next time I saw them was on Blackburn Road in Rotherham when I was working at union carbide in the 70s Bowls
  12. Sand brewer hello how’s your wife doing hope she’s getting better I was wondering if you found anything out about the Costello family please thank you Darrell
  13. Wasn’t Steve Claypole in that society in the 80s
  14. Hello skippy and does I hope you’re both ok and save from the fires that are around Sidney it looks bad from here you and yours take care
  15. Sheila I forgot to ask about your Mary she was also in the same class there was two classes in one Room I don't know why that was
  16. Rf2690 sheila what happened to Betty Broomhead and Susan Bullavant they were in my class at Owlerlane in Mr Wilson s class in 1958
  17. Didn’t Derrick get hit by a car on shircliffe and dyed that was before Vicky death
  18. Hi I don't know about two girls but I've just remembered the third lads name was Kevin Tony was a bricklayer
  19. Hi bothamlad I know the butlers house was the first on the left hand side of cyclops st Ann the first yard on the right hand side going down botham st there was one window on cyclops st and the first house was a mrs Callum wallshars was the third house 3boys Tony Derrick I don’t know the youngest one and I think one girl called Vicky
  20. Bothamlad did you live in the same yard as the Welshshaws I didn’t think Francis butler played football I played with Jonny and Roy on the fields were Whiteways school is now we had some great times playing on their
  21. Does anyone know the Baker family that lived on cyclops st on the right and side in the 60sand 70s
  22. What about mrs Thains and mr and mrs Enzer on the corner of Cyclops st known as the top and bottom shop and Gledhalls in the middle of the lump on Grimesthorpe rd
  23. My Wife’s grandparents also loved at 283St Philips Rd there name was Bothamley next door lived Beechall and the Botts that was in the 50s Also the Sawyers
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