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  1. My pal has not accessed alternative treatment because she is 82 and at the end of her tether if you know what that means.
  2. My pal stood by phone then!! at 8pm on the dot phoned the reception as instructed yesterday . A recorded message told us that the phone system was down (even though the message was loud and clear) and to try again later, Six phone calls later the same message is being repeated as at 10 to 10. Its a bleddy disgrace .
  3. Hire as stil saw with a stone cutting blade and cut perhaps 4 or five 10 inch wide by 7inch deep square holes below dpc or floor level ,then insert 9×6 air grates into precut holes and cement them in with a sand and cement mix of say three shovels of sand to one of cement. You could also knock out the square holes with a hammer and bolster chisel but it could lead to a bigger hole needing patching up.
  4. We are not talking faults we are talking facts and the fact is that some cultures who emigrated to England in the fifty,s brought with them habits that were normal in their original abode but foreign to our carry on . People .who have emigrated from our shores have probably done a similar thing by introducing alcohol to different parts of the Commonwealth. You choose your own poison but the drug culture that has developed from those early days in the 50's through the sixty's has lead to the major crime that we have today. The toss pottts who are making every ones life a misery on Spital Hill and other parts of our City are part of that drug culture ,deny it at your peril. ---------- Post added 29-06-2017 at 19:34 ---------- We were all pretty skint but boy were we smart when we strutted our stuff;)
  5. My pals been back but its training day and has been told to ring in the morning if condition serous . I dont know if not being able to walk properly due to constant pain is urgent or not.
  6. Well us lot used all the Town centre rough pubs as well as Waingate through the Wicker and as far as the East house on Spital Hill and I can say without doubt that we never saw any drug takers until the first immigrants moved into Pitsmoor.
  7. Most of the old generation that I know( in Sheffield )have always voted labour and will until they die . All Governments feather their own nests inc ours and also our local M.Ps.
  8. After listening to radio Sheffield almost every day from when it was first broadcast it is sad the way the programme has gone down hill. We had some brilliant broadcasters in the past with Capstick , Jenny Day also the bloke who interviewed people through letter boxes and so on. Todays giggling morning mob follow class acts and just do not measure up, a shame really but not their fault if the BBC will not pay for professionals.
  9. Drug culture did not pre exist mass immigration , I do not know or did not hear of any one taking drugs in the 50's and early 60's. The first drugs we heard about was the West Indians smoking wacky backie and this was followed by the Beatles era when Granma's purple heart tablets were pinched and taken at the Lacarno , by some daft dogs that is;)
  10. Years ago the building inspector had to inspect at every stage of construction , footings, dpc, chamber joist, pan, roof ,drains , window areas and so on . When I watch construction now it amazes me that they finish one area of the job and carry straight on to the next immediately, often meaning that stuff has been covered without any inspection .
  11. Trotsky:| he ended up wi a brick hammer in his head and still couldn't get an appointment:hihi:
  12. So instant treatment for the privileged in OUR Country inc most M.P.s is O.K while we mere mortals are subject to third class service is the way you think eh!!. Good un:loopy: ---------- Post added 27-06-2017 at 16:58 ---------- Near as dammit is to swearing.
  13. My pal has just tried to book an appointment at our S35 doctors surgery , he has been told to come back on Thursday and apply again as the appointments are over three weeks away . So one wonders what our North Sheffield M.P. is doing about this situation now that the elections are over and she is back in Parliament , maybe she could ask if the grand old Duke of Edinburgh had to come back on Thursday to see if he could get seen to in three weeks or is it just us lot in cladded houses who have to suffer.
  14. Well mine seem to have everything , tablets , phones, holidays abroad and so on but I am glad that I was brought up having nowt , playing outside all day every day , paper rounds at eleven saving money to buy things etc, then starting work on 15th bithday. I do worry that they are missing so much in the cosseted World that most kids in the U.K. are used to now.
  15. Innocent civilians? so the IRA were innocent civilians:help: Read the convicted I.R.A.murderers book The Informer, by Sean O' Callaghan you will find out( from the man who lead a unit of the I.R.A )who killed innocent civilians .
  16. The facts are there for all to see . Castles in the air come to mind.
  17. Extra cash for one part of the UK at the expense of others who are in dire need . The Nationalists in Northern Ireland will soon be on the band wagon demanding open borders after brexit .
  18. Just got back in , a good day lots of folk around and found a family grave.
  19. Whenever I visit a new acquaintance for the first or second time I always find my self taking furtive glances at their bookshelf . If I see that they are stacked with classic Penguins for instance I immediately feel at home , to see D.H.Lawrence standing beside George Orwell or John Steinbeck in traditional orange cover leaf makes me relaxed and ready for great conversation . Some times I notice that some folk display (usually in a Ikea self assembly mock pine cabinet with glass doors) books with titles such as Thirty Shades of Grey or Sex in the City , these are usually dog eared having been passed around the relatives or read in the toilet . I know as soon as I spy these titillating fairy stories not to except a cup of Earl Grey or glass of Aldi plonk as you can bet Nuffields millions that the receptacle has not had a proper wash with Fairy liquid but will have just been left in a plastic sink bowl and rinsed under the cold tap . When watching T.V. my eyes are always diverted to the book shelves behind who ever is being interviewed in their own home and I switch over straight away if I see big volumes and titles by Richard Attenborough or Shakespeare as I know instantly that they are there for show and have never even been opened. Any one who has the Karma Sutra or Arthur Upfield on their book shelf always arises a special interest.
  20. It is the councils planning at fault ,they have killed the traditional trading area in the rush to appease out of town investors in the South of the City. They have also moved their offices into the same area convenient int it.
  21. Sorry Anna although I wish you could be right I am afraid that war and conflict is a natural phenomenon of the human race ,always has been and always will be .
  22. Open day with talks and tours around this important part of Sheffield history tomorrow at 2pm. Plenty of free parking , roll up its free.
  23. So a builder can design and construct such an important project without inspection times must have changed.
  24. The contractors will have used what the architects, planners, and council has specified. All this work will have been inspected by surveyors and building inspectors .one would hope so that is.
  25. There is a Sheffield gang wars film. presented by Martin Kemp.
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