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  1. I thought it would be easier to ask the diggers who owns their club (as it is they who are casting aspersions on our chairman and finance) . As to the grammar I would be happy for you to correct it for me as I am ambidextrous.
  2. Huddersfields main players last year where all loans from the Prem so the shoe string was being tied by others, As to sponsoring our own club perhaps your joint owners will do the same after all the richest people in the World are the Saudi royal family although one wonders if they or United actually own Bramall Lane or if that is owned by Scarborough holdings along with the hotel etc.
  3. So Rotherham as well as Barnsley should not get the full benefit that a station at Meadowhall would provide for all of South Yorkshire.
  4. The Moon had already been visited see alternative 3.
  5. Its the digging season again , keep it up jealousy is very a destructive trait:hihi:
  6. Do you really need to get to London 20 mins quicker than you can now, even at £500 return a price quoted on the radio this morning as being the sum for a train leaving Leeds at 9am.
  7. Pedantic will be here to say it happens every where
  8. Two months What are our local M.P.s doing about this , the N.H.S in this City is in crises and they do nothing it seems.
  9. Where is the walk in centre anyone, my Mrs is in agony and has still not seen a doctor .
  10. I wonder what our local M.Ps who were members of his cabinet think about him now or will they still think he is the bee's knee's.
  11. Who is responsible for thousands of people being killed and made homeless. ---------- Post added 16-07-2017 at 07:53 ---------- His Mrs can then represent all the failed asylum seekers making even more millions out of misery and mayhem as per usual.
  12. Well personally I do not swear in company especially if ladies are present unless they have tattoos and crew cutts of course.
  13. Lunch time today I decided to call in the Bear so as to have a pint or two with long standing friends who have used this pub for the last fifty odd years. When I entered I got the shock of my life !!!! the Tap room, a room that has always been over flowing on a Saturday lunch time was almost empty . I ordered a pint and asked a lone drinker at the bar what had happened and he told me that since the no swearing and no singing rule was applied then the old brigade had left for pastures new that still catered for proper Sheffielders in the way that has always been the way in Sheffields traditional pubs . What a shame that this bastion of Sheffield boozers has now been ruined by the rush for genteelness and yuppyisime .
  14. I have just turned off the women tennis semi final due to the bleddy screaming every time a ball is hit. Whats it all about , I mean what would happen in other sports if every time some one touched the ball they let out a scream that sounds as though its from a mucky movie or some one being run over by a blinkin steam roller .
  15. Never in a million years , There is and only ever has been one legend in gentleman's tailors in our City and that was Barney Goodman . ---------- Post added 17-07-2017 at 19:15 ---------- Does any one know if there is a tailor or seamstress that still makes made to measure trousers in Sheffield .
  16. The three weeks comments keep on being quoted it seems as though it is now normal in Sheffield .
  17. Did not some let of a 12 bore shotgun in a club in the Wicker a couple of years ago.
  18. Perhaps it is a case of, He who throws stones should not live in glass houses.
  19. Cyclone will be on to tell us that the area is as safe as houses any time now.
  20. And Jack Charlton managed us and you the best fun time ever at Hillsbro.
  21. Just load up the 4 lb lump hammer , aim the Tyszac chisel at the chosen spot and cut out a 9 x 6 inch hole and gobbo in an airgrate , that is how it has been done for a thousand years , no electric needed in middle of no where , no hundreds of pounds to spend on fancy equipment ,just elbow grease and Knuckle rash.
  22. If by chance you actually get in to see the Doctor then whatever you do do not attempt to discuss more than one illness that is worrying you , as the last time I tried that I was told that only the one can be discussed on each visit as 10 min is the maximum allowed and I must make another appointment for anything else. So the whole rigmarole starts all over again . What are our elected Members of Parliament doing to sort this out is it a Government problem or is it the medical practices who are at fault. Does the same thing happened in the more privileged circles of OUR society or do they get instant treatment as per often seen on TV..
  23. My Barney still fits perfectly and looks as good as it was when new forty years ago . wore it last week in Barnsley the lads in the Silkstone Inn thought I was royalty .
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