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  1. If you'd attached a link you might have got your facts right. Try this one; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-40713992


    The threatened fine is for homeless people leaving their possessions lying about. The council is trying to get them to take their possessions with them or put them in lockers.


    I accept that OCC is being heavyhanded but it's got nothing to do with trying to get homeless people to move on.

    My facts are my facts as reported in the Times.

    Where would you like homeless people to leave their possessions in the spare room perhaps .

  2. The sleepy towers that house Oxfords good and mighty Labour controlled Council have started pinning legal notices onto the possessions of rough sleepers in that City of learning (where students from wealthy and privileged classes live in nice little dens with all the mod cons).


    It seems as though the notices are being pinned to the poor peoples sleeping bags ,rucksacks, or cardboard boxes telling these unfortunate folk that their presence is having a detrimental effect on others in the locality and that they can be fined up to £2500 if they do not move on .

    On the spot fines of £100 have already been processed on to people who have precisely nowt!!!!


    A Labour Council my arssse.

  3. Nothing to do with religion and everything to do with you being ignorant .


    People have told you why it costs £11m.


    But for some reason youd rather they let York Minster fall into ruin and youd rather people werent allowed to make voluntary contributions to its upkeep.

    My dear trigger, I have no desire what so ever to see York Minster fall into ruin and disrepair as I admire the crafts men who built it (many in servitude) .

    However eleven million quid to protect the windows is taking the pith.

    I would like to point out that the sum mentioned would build approximately 70 social houses in York, a City that like Sheffield has people who are having to live with parents with no chance of ever having a place of their own or indeed some folk who are completely home less and bunking down in shop doorways.


    I think that gentle Jesus would have preached that the churches prerogative is to help the poor and underprivileged in the World rather than spending vast sums on places of worship where men smelling of frankincense and mer while dressed in ermine and gold pontificate to the masses that giving to the poor is the way to godliness.


    So endith the lesson .

  4. If you're that worried about the shortfall to charity samssong, you could always have a word with Mother Theresa and ask her to divert some cash to worthy causes, You know !! A bit like the tax breaks for the super rich.

    I have heard some strange stories about old Theresa and her cash. mind you I will bet Nuffields millions that she despised all that splendour in Rome ,,especially all those blokes trimmed up like Christmas trees while the poor people look on, hands clasped in prayer hoping for salvation .

  5. York Minster have spent alot more than 11 million quid refurbishing the stained glass windows.


    Luckily they've not let ignorant idiots like samssong stop their work.

    I can feel the godliness coming out on this thread .

    Gentle Jesus would have been right behind all the wealth and extravagance displayed by the disciples in York and Rome:hihi:

  6. Great point samssong but how do Working Men's Club's fit in there ?

    Well like youth clubs many have had to close due to lack of funds .

    It seems as though funds can be found for grand projects (see Royal palaces and stately homes ) but not for the nitty gritty buildings that are actually needed in more needy communities .


    ---------- Post added 25-07-2017 at 07:50 ----------


    They might give to a newsworthy charity, but will the poor drinkers give to the poor?


    From what I have observed the answer is yes.

  7. Well this takes the biscuit .

    The Church have announced that they are to spend eleven million pounds not on helping the poor and dispossessed but instead to protect the stained glass windows on York Minster.

    Day by day we see the homeless situation getting worse, people sleeping in shop door ways , we see schools, library's, working mens clubs, and hospitals closing due to lack of funds, mean while!!! the pillar of goodness that is religion ( whatever god one worships) decides that their temple is a more important than the very poor that they pretend to represent .


    Every day on T.V we see the obscene wealth and jewelled encrusted churches along with their similar trimmed up priests preaching the message that the humble will inherit the Earth while practising the exact opposite .


    There is more goodness in the local pub tap room where locals will often give their last penny to the latest local tragedy than there is in the ivory towers of religion.

  8. The majority (by far) of people I know and work with do not pay the BBC TV licence fee, nor do they wish to consume BBC content. Most of them say this is because the BBC represents only white, male, affluent metropolitan middle-class liberals who own property.


    The BBC does not recognise that many people are struggling to survive in the UK. Poverty only exists overseas, according to the Beeb.

    The property comment is very true.

    BBC programmes on property often involve couples who are down grading or moving to the country side , they are often quoted as only having a budget of five or six hundred grand to spend and must be frugal in their hunt for a house.


    This reminds me of the Times newspaper property pages that only seem to discuss million pound moves.


    Some thing wrong some where :(

  9. Still got a big game against Stoke coming up and even if he misses that it is no real issue in my eyes as full fitness has to be a priority.


    By the sounds of it Evans was given a staggered training regime at Chesterfield to get him back into shape gradually therefore it is no shock that he got injured. He then went on a paid for his own structured training programme out of his own pocket in order to get himself fit enough for the move to us and his now undergoing a strict fitness programme to get him 100% match fit again. He has had a couple of minor niggles and it has been a slow burner so far but he will get there.


    In the meantime Wilder is in the market for a striker with Will Grigg very heavily rumoured amongst others. We have Billy and a very lively looking Lavery and others in rotation.


    I'm not worried at all. Would rather Ched comes in to the fold fully fit that throw in in and lose him to a strain or tear for 6 to 8 weeks later on.

    Decipher that last bit ,grammar is not my strong point;)

  10. Once again Carlos has left young George out of pre season this time by refusing to take him on the trip to Portugal .

    It is not young Judds fault that Carlos has signed so many forwards and I can see some one coming in very soon to offer a fee that cannot be refused for the lad .

    Wake up Wednesday he is the finest prospect we have had for years .Include him he is old enough and good enough.

  11. Finished 1-2 to us for any blades who didn't know.


    Was a really good match and Rotherham played quite defensively which meant we had to play some very good football to cut them open. Some of the attacking, passing play was as I have seen from us in Wilder's management so far.


    A negative being that Moore was stretchered off early doors. Not too sure what happened there to be honest but hopefully just a precaution fingers crossed.


    What was interesting is that Wilder played his normal wing back thing and it is still working very well and the new players are adapting to it very well with some very nice, wide, passing play. It looks also however that Wilder is looking at that switch to 4-4-2 when he needs to and we look steady but still attacking never the less.


    Brooks looks great again and made the second goal which was scored by Stevens who also looks like he has settled very well and looks lively. Duffy is fit now as well and came on late so no doubt will play Stoke and a big mention for Lavery who is looking the best he has looked for us and caused Rotherham loads of hassle.


    ---------- Post added 21-07-2017 at 22:48 ----------


    He held back of his leg for a moment but then looked ok but then went down with it. Didn't look in agony or anything but obviously uncomfortable with something to go down. Don't really know Lien.


    ---------- Post added 21-07-2017 at 22:53 ----------


    Just seen Wilder's interview and he said that he felt something tight at back of knee and that as a precaution he came off and will have a scan this weekend. Hopefully more nothing than anything but never the less we are in the process of bringing in another keeper. Would be a shame though as Moore is really solid.

    Did Evans play.

  12. One would assume, infact expect that the Soviet Block and other countries with an interest in NOT losing the "Space Race" at the time would have been MUCH more vocal if the Moon landings didn't occur.


    Afterall, who else would be more interested?


    Nuff said.

    Alternative three

  13. It does run to Chesterfield though which is where it spurs off. There's also no change so you will remain on the newer trains.


    Chesterfields obviously not very far away so I doubt it will have a massive difference on the journey time and will also increase the capacity.


    The station should have been at Meadowhall benefiting all of South Yorkshire .

    Sheffield council's insistence that it be in the City centre has in fact ruined it for all .

    No wonder Barnsley and Rotherham look upon our council as intransigent.

  14. That does not really apply here since they are newish houses.

    The farming family that built their house with their own hands then brought their kids up on their land will not agree.


    ---------- Post added 18-07-2017 at 07:30 ----------


    With respect, I don't think you are understanding the issues very well at all. Even with a space age massive HS2 station 60 metres above Midland station on a futuristic viaduct, the train would not be travelling at 200 mph and then stopping at Sheffield. It would still be slowing down miles before the outskirts of Chesterfield so that a sudden braking was avoided which would cause injury and damage to contents and passengers.

    At ground level the slowing down has to happen much earlier as passing through a built up area you cannot push a train through at enormous velocity as it would cause noise, wind and disturbance to people and other vehicles in the vicinity. High speeds would only be possible, as they are today on the HS1 in the remote countryside on very straight flat sections of the route where the up and down lines have a wide gap between them..

    With all that in mind and the need for a transfer to a slow train to go from Meadowhall to Sheffield which would have been on a different grade, requiring an escalator, stairs or a lift to get to, the difference will probably be minimal between walking out onto the Midland Station Concourse with a HS2 station at Meadowhall and one via a Conventional section through chesterfield and the sheaf valley.


    So how much time out of our lives will all these billions of pounds spent save us.

    Mean while over at the N.H.S:help:

  15. It is a tangled web that McCabe has woven. It is however very true that Sheffield United Football Club Limited, co-owned by McCabe and The Prince, do not own the ground.


    That might explain why United are finding it a teeny bit difficult to get investment.

    So our magnificent historical rust bucket is in fact the only ground in Sheffield actually owned by the club that plays there .:hihi:


    ---------- Post added 18-07-2017 at 07:21 ----------


    Bramall Lane is owned by Sheffield United PLC along with all other fixed assets therefore very much remains the property of the football club as a whole and hasn't been transferred away from the football club in any way, shape or form. The only difference being that by introducing Sheffield United Leisure (Sheffield United Ltd) they have been able to separate the fixed assets from the footballing side of things.


    Contrary to your opinion, this actually makes us a more attractive proposition for potential investors as unless they are willing to buy the club outright, they will never become majority share holders anyway. Having no responsibility for the upkeep of the stadium and other assets means that any investment made will go straight into the footballing side of things.


    Money men don't want to be in the Championship because there is no money in it, hence why Mr Chasiri wants that promotion. It isn't about the love for the club in the slightest, it is about the mega bucks associated with being a top flight team.


    Any investors in United would be in it for the same reasons. They way McCabe has structured things means that potential investors can concentrate on football, getting promoted and bagging a profit.


    Mr Chansiri can be seen outside the directors entrance on any Saturday home game where he is happy to pass the time of day and shake hands with any supporter passing by .


    I have been going to Hillsbro for 60 odd years and apart from the lad who lived on Parsons Cross he is the only chairman that actually mixes with the fans .


    Megga bucks he has invested , no hotels , office blocks or apartments in his itinerary just the football club.

    Lick that;)

  16. Our accounts will be fine, thanks. They will show us to be comfortably within FFP.


    I'm fairly sure that they won't show that Wednesday are £100 million in debt. A list of assets will also show that we own our own ground.


    If only all Sheffield clubs were so lucky.

    That is what I have been asking charming person do Sheffield United actually own Bramall Lane or is it owned by an out side company


    Sheffield Wednesday Ltd own their own stadium making them solvent and in charge of their own destiny .


    Sorry about any grammatical errors :hihi:

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