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  1. The guy who runs the stall in Barnsley Market has a degree in computer technology , he teaches computer skills at college and guarantees all his used sales . The Mac I am using as of now came from him three years ago and has never let me down once I would recommend him without a second thought .
  2. The computer stall in Barnsley market had a couple of Macbooks on display today £175 .
  3. The rush to the Moor so as to appease property investors is leading to the down grade of the traditional shopping areas in OUR City . Sheffield Town planners and there cohorts at the Council could not run a pith up in a brewery
  4. Retep tha't having a laugh , The Queen 1950:hihi:
  5. It was bigger attraction than the out of town one at Moor foot
  6. Its smashing sending ones children to the nearest state school ,no fees to pay .no travelling by polluting four by four four, just shanks pony. Mind you some of those grand dads knees and backs and wrists are knackered as well as lungs and hearts through working in the hell holes of grinding shops or furnaces or down the pit some times working a three foot high seems making it hard to stand straight now that old age has crept up on them. Some of the grand ma's have bent and arthritic fingers and knees due to doing twi light shifts after a days washing and cleaning (without all the mod cons taken for granted now) , they have got these bent fingers working in scruffy cutlery works with leaking roofs and stone damp floors while buffing shiny silver trinkets worn by the richer people who through inheritance have passed their wealth down to the more privileged ( who come on these forums) and condemn these unfortunate people as being reckless and fickle for wanting a little help in their later years . Shame on you.
  7. If I said that Sheffield was built on seven hills you would come up with an extra one ,and that is demonstrably true:suspect:
  8. I think that Rangers were just the best team on the day .
  9. You are a proper Sheffielder , no doubt:roll:
  10. Post of the week Anna ,spot on ---------- Post added 31-07-2017 at 21:38 ---------- The point is some people can eke out a fiver for a week and not mind sharing it with others . If the hat fits wear it
  11. The problem arises when the bubble bursts as indicated by all the experts who all say that the Western Worlds debt which is in Trillions cannot be sustained . When the inevitable finally happens and all the credit is called in then the poor will be laughing all the way to the then de funk banks , I think;)
  12. William Moss and sons dug down thirty foot in 1960 while building the Castle Market. They found a dead dogs skeleton and a rusty chastity belt.
  13. By gum lad, tha's got me of to a T. ---------- Post added 31-07-2017 at 10:55 ---------- Cheers to my favourite forumer who as usual brings his expertness to all things that happen on Earth day by day ,hour by hour and!! on this forum even sometimes by the minute. Any comment on the thread title would be appreciated:help: ---------- Post added 31-07-2017 at 10:56 ---------- Come to think of it
  14. A leader writer in the Irish Times has been sacked or suspended for stating that Clauda Winkerman (spelling?) has got her job and big salary because she is Jewish. Along with the recent Labour party's spate of comments anti semitism seems to be spreading in all corners of public life . Let us hope that history has taught us a lesson and that steps are taken to take the perpetrators to court and jail.
  15. Agreed matey that Duke of Kent is a real sponger.
  16. To quote Mr Frank Sinatra I my self have been up and down , in and out , right at the top then down again at the bottom. But!!! the one thing that I have have noticed in all these changes is that the ones with least seem to have the most fun . I mean , just last week I visited a mate who lives in a nice little corner of South Sheffield we sat in his front room and he showed me photo's of his place in the Algarve telling me that he was worried about the increasing maintenance that was going up year after year as well as the travelling costs and the problem he was having trying to sell it. We visited his local on Abbey Lane and the discussion in the early bar soon turned to how much was being paid to people on benefits and how they all seemed to have a Sky dish on the outside wall as well as mobile phones and in some cases actually run a car . I was getting quite agitated by the conversation and so I asked if any of the assembled had ever lived on benefits to which they all looked aghast saying how they had built up their wealth through hard work and investing in good pensions and property. In all that afternoon early evening I never heard any one who actually thought that they were privileged and had a good carry on in fact the opposite was the case they all seemed to be worried about property price stagnation and how Brexit would effect investment and pensions . Saturday afternoon I some how found my self on the opposite side of the City in a pub near the old Market area. A guy I know nodded to me as I ordered a half and told the Landlady that he would get that , I thanked him and pretended not to notice as he coppered up the one pound twenty or so and handed it over for my drink. The pub soon filled up with various locals and casual shoppers who lets say are not well healed but before long every one was having a good laugh usually at every ones misfortune , inc the latest lost bet on a dog at Owlerton (that was the hottest tip from the trainer) or the broken washing machine no longer under guarantee as well as a bloke who had been thrown of invalidity because he had been deemed to be fit to work even though he had a false leg, (advise given to chop the other ------ of:hihi:). I had by this time reciprocated my pal by buying him a pint but as the afternoon wore on I realised that he was sat with just a little bit of beer in his glass and I realised that the half he had bought me early on was perhaps the straw that broke the camels back so I filled his glass , he protested and I knew that even if I had supped up and gone after that first drink it would have made no difference to him . The thing is in two Worlds apart last week I mixed with people who I know and love. But out of those two Worlds the ones having all the fun were the ones who have just enough to get them through the week , they were having a laugh ,helping each other out and not worrying about what tomorrow might bring . I contrast my pals mob on Abbey Lane seemed to have all the worries of the World on their backs . Funny old World int it.
  17. I saw plenty of pride and passion in todays pre season .
  18. We were crap , Rangers are supposed to be also runs in Scotland ,on that showing they are at least top six Championship quality .
  19. We have six centre forwards four of em played today and not one shot on goal . The defence is a bleddy disgrace all Rangers had to do was play the long up and unders and our defenders just watched the ball go over their heads. If Preston have had some one watching that then they must be confident of getting a result next week. Apart from that the atmosphere created by the Rangers was amazing and they fully deserved their teams victory.
  20. That woman that cost the Country millions by insisting that Parliament had to have further debates on Brexit . Gina Miller .
  21. The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver . It is the story of one family when the Worlds top currencies finally go bust . Very scary and also very funny at the same time.
  22. Ultimately the people that suffer due to the rush to get older cars of the roads are those who run these cars due to financial restrictions . Some have looked after and maintained those cars for years hoping that they will remain on the road due to that care. Will the extra power stations needed to serve all the increased electricity for charging these vehicles be pollution free , will the massive lead batteries be pollution free in manufacture and end of life disposal . Should folk who have bought and maintained the same car for its life time doing their bit by not causing even more pollution due to changing every two or three years be penalised .
  23. Good luck with your search love , I know what it is to want to find your roots and people who have not experienced that can be very insensitive.
  24. It is about time the loan system was more regulated , Huddersfield gained promotion last season due to a large influx of loans from the Premiership not fair on clubs who pay their own way and so are at an unfair disadvantage. A lot of the loans come down to who you know helping mates out etc. Reserves should be just that ready to step in when a regular first team player is injured.
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