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  1. It is not one loss, take the play offs , against Hudders away one attempt on goal in fact we did not even try to get out of our own half . Then at home a similar situation instead of concentrating on winning the match we were more interested in not losing it. The out come we actually scored both goals one for them and one for us. Hudders got promoted without scoring in open play. This trend continued in the friendly against Rangers and according to those who went to Preston on Saturday exactly the same negativity . Spoilt brats count me in:help:
  2. Bang on sorry for the omission.
  3. "All i'me out for is a good time al;t rest is propaganda" . Good film , top author, brilliant actor .
  4. Gratton the masochistic, goose stepping , I spy beating pith artist . A day spoilt by memories of a badge ripping , stick whacking,swimmer drowning bar steward .
  5. Many people have no voice , they are not computer friendly , do not have access to forums , face book, twitter etc. They are the ones ignored by the media, Government and the upwardly mobiles . This situation has happened before in Europe and South America and has often lead to the break down of society in those Countries. It only takes a Leader who the underclasses see as speaking for them for the balloon to go up ,when this happens people who should have seen it coming wonder why it all went wrong. Brexit and the election of Trump (no working class hero he but talks the talk ) should be the warning that to ignore sections of our population is a disaster waiting to happen. ---------- Post added 07-08-2017 at 15:14 ---------- Just tried:)^^^
  6. Thanks for giving proper response to a subject that is now found in many conversations on the streets but ignored by the media.
  7. Perhaps the 60 hour per week nurses , or the ex steel, building and mining workers fighting for compensation after contacting asbestosis and other diseases. Maybe the local home help who goes beyond the allotted time allowed to make sure that her( his0 client is cared for , You know the ordinary Joe soap who does not seek the headlines but gets on with it without shouting to the World "look at me (us) we have an agenda.
  8. This is not a racist or homophobic or in any way anti any one thread, it is a genuine attempt to see if people think that the media is obsessed with minorities . Every time we turn on T.V or read the daily papers it seems as though there is a new minority cause to be filmed ,photographed and championed . The list is endless , Black pride, Gay Pride,The Royals, Sloan rangers,inner City Yuppi livers,sushi eaters and wine sippers. While all this media frenzy is ongoing it seems as though the silent, unheard unseen majority in our Country are ignored and that is the White working class . It seems as though the media has no interest what so ever in the ordinary working man and woman in our Country and the only headlines worth their salt are the ones that portray the latest minority in whatever the latest cause may be . Are the ordinary Joe and Janet's among us invisible or are they just not interesting .
  9. Carlos has stated on radio Sheffield that he has no idea what is going on . And that is the truest words he has ever spoken
  10. We were shocking against Rangers and shocking against Preston today . No shots on goal in two matches , no passion, no plan B. The full backs are a disgrace especially Hunt . We need a change at the top now .
  11. I have attended court this year and to say I was depressed is to put it mildly . ---------- Post added 05-08-2017 at 08:25 ---------- Loosen up sweat heart , buy a new frock , cook your other half a dinner , eat it by candle light ,romance is a wonderful stress breaker.
  12. But the poor unwashed ,uneducated , unloved ,downtrodden , hungry and angry among us may have an excuse for stealing the odd designer hand bag or a crust to fead the kids . But you intellectual well bred citizens still find the need to support ( for instance the judge) folk of a similar upbringing and family wealth who steel just for the thrill of it and when they get caught the poor dears get a little rap on on the knuckle and told to be good girls and boys and please do not get caught in future:hihi:
  13. That was the point of the whole Markets area , It was a traditional meeting place for the working class, The Castle Market was more than just a shopping place it was needed and loved by many who in this City have no voice.
  14. History repeats its self this week. Natalia Sikorska a business management student has escaped punishment for shoplifting goods valued at £960 . The judge told her that she was a student with a place at University and a woman of considerable talents . Sikorski who also works as a business development manager was given a conditional discharge as the judge told her that she had a potentially bright future . Mean while on the Manor!!!!!.
  15. Hats off to the chairman he is up front and approachable .
  16. So it was you who sat in our seats at Smithywood club New Years eve 1985:hihi:
  17. No they will be in full uniform inc bobby's hemet with flashing light on top
  18. Derrick Skinners Mrs once marched the full length of the Arundel club at 2pm on a Sunday lunch and plonked his dinner down on the table . Brought the house down that did.
  19. You do not need to be a member of a union just a member of the club. The closing of working mens clubs is just another nail in the demise of traditional Sheffield and proper Sheffielders.
  20. It is similar to the one that the Owls played in when they were playing at Bramall Lane in the 1860's.
  21. That was the Markets area , the rag and tag , Norfolk Market, Sheaf Market and Castle Market . The Moor was a street that had two department stores , two or three tailors , butchers shops , drapers and pubs as well as trams and buses it was a continuation of London Road until some silly sods decided that it was a good idea to block it of with the monstrosity that now houses the Planners . Planners my ase.
  22. A typical comment throughout this thread that proves that poor people are indeed happier
  23. So what about the policy of the Moor upgrade brought on by selling the whole shibang to Scottish Widows. This has lead to the death of one part of Town in High Street and Castlegate so as to appease the investment company.
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