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  1. When we lived on Gleadless Valley we witnessed the area deteriorate due to the policy of bringing in disruptive tenants , the old established residents held meetings with the council and social workers who just said that these people had problems and needed help !!!!!! completely ignoring the long time residents who were hard working and kept the place nice and pleasant to live in. The out come being that every one who loved the estate gradually moved out . As usual there will be no comment from the housing officers who let these properties on the point system instead of vetting people who may not fit in with the old established tenants.
  2. I watch the team week in week out and some of the football played last season was atrocious with us playing 75% in our own half . Many do not seem to see that the tac tics are abysmal and care only about results , I love the Owls just as much as any one who says they support them but I will not say that they are playing well when in my opinion they are not . We have five of the best attacking players in the championship and that strength should be the way forward ,what has happened to the so called wingers that should be feeding these players, on Saturday the latest signing was sat on his arrrsse on the bench while Winnell and Hooper had to go looking for the ball themselves . The tac tics are crap.
  3. We live on a smashing little council estate mostly older residents who keep their gardens in pristine condition . THEN!!! over the last eighteen months the council has decided that the bungalows that were built for pensioners in the forties are now suitable for toss pots who have drug and alcohol problems . The properties they move into quickly become a mess with over grown gardens and curtains that are falling down as well as litter every where . This is the second time we have experienced this council policy a policy that made us move to this nice area in the first place . I will bet Nuffields millions that Julie Dorrs, Motherstone , and the rest of the councillors would not let it happen in their areas. Why not put all the toss pots together where they can cause all the mayhem they like without spoiling other neighbour hoods.
  4. Tesco smart TV 42inch got all the same goodies as sets costing six times as much and more than some . £210
  5. Midhill club could lick Chesterfield:hihi:
  6. Winnall was the pick of the bunch on Saturday , always willing to have a pop at goal even though some of them off target he showed 100% commitment and that is what has been missing from certain players at times.
  7. Have you been watching the same team as me ? , we completely cocked up the play offs by the ultra defensive approach that has continued so far this season . Put me in with the idiots. Is Pearson still available?
  8. How amazing , that is the way to avoid the big bang ride the thermals, whatever next free falling perhaps
  9. He always heads away from the goal anyway:hihi: ---------- Post added 13-08-2017 at 13:31 ---------- He lost the plot in the play offs , A change is needed now!!!! To top it all he has brought all his mates in from Portugal there must be at least six of em in the dug out.
  10. She din't know the off side rule:hihi:
  11. And that is another problem . Many of the men are married.
  12. I replied but my reply seems to be missing:help:
  13. I would rather see us lose than see a match devoid of entertainment along with negative play in your own half football. Many times last season Wednesday spent most of the games camped in their own half. It is negative and crap to watch.
  14. Even Government ministers are now saying that the crimes commited by these men of mostly Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are racist as well as pedophile related . Continuing to argue against the FACTS do not do any one any favours inc the totally innocent and equally appalled members of those communities. Get real.
  15. The latest Pakistani group in Newcastle have one thing in common with the other multiple groups all over England ,their pedophile behaviour is also racist .
  16. He has one left today , £175 it is on Lion if that helps.
  17. Specifically speaking the lack of a roof over ones head is another cause of major social unrest in many countries . In our own Country for instance the irrelevant class along with many from other social circles are being left behind by the lack of affordable housing, be it to buy or rent . This is a disaster waiting to happen has it will lead to eventual social unrest as these millions realise that the divide between haves and have nots has widened beyond any past recognisable era.
  18. Apparently he is obsessed with choppers:hihi:
  19. I spent years after seeing that picture looking for a Brenda, (Rachel Roberts) when I found her the film came to life:hihi:. She is still here:love:
  20. Gleadless, Walkley, Woodseats, Thorne, Stainforth , York, Castleford, Stanley Ferry, Nottingham, Creswell, Hodthorpe , and back home to Sheffield .
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