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  1. spam emails can be done via randomly generated emails.. mixing and using common names/phrases/words/objects etc randomly, and emailing them all, any that don't exist will be bounced back, and any that do won't...


    from there, you can collect a database of 'working' email addresses...


    Also, if someone you know was compromised in any way, and you're in their address book....


    there's any number of ways you can get spam, without even doing anything - I once registered an email address to never use, never told anyone about it, didn't use it for any websites, and only logged in once every month, and on the first login, I had spam emails....


    Any idea on how to get rid or stop them please.

  2. I keep getting dodgy emails from Russian ladies who appear to be very fond of me for some reason.

    I have been advised to put the messages into spam but I do not have a button that says spam .

    What intrigues me is how have these emails started when I at all times make sure that I only email known sites .

    Where is the spam button on outlook on a mac.

  3. So how does the public not have a significant interest in the activities of the obviously biassed print media? They spread political messages, always have done, how is facebook different?


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    How did you get from "anti fascist should be normal" to "if you think communism is nice".

    Communism is not normal (at least in this country). Being anti fascist doesn't imply being communist in the slightest.


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    No, no it wouldn't.


    Christianity, Judaism, Islam, they all make little sense and their holy books are riddled with contradictions.


    Watch how I don't get arrested for that criticism.


    We could go on and criticise how they have harboured pedophiles and been the catalyst for a huge amount of human misery, all perfectly legal and legitimate criticism.


    Add to this all the wars and uprisings that are fought in the name of religion .

    The genocide that occurred in Europe and Armenia etc plus the leaders of these Countries who have all been propped up by their various gods .

  4. I wonder if Kim Jong Um is becoming a desperate man because of the imposed sanctions. Perhaps he feels there will be a rebellion in his country and the missiles could be a diversion and if that is the case he must be desperate, which can't be good for his mental state.

    Although I'm not sure if the sanctions have made a difference. Would be nice to know.

    He is just a puppet ,all those grinning old men in army uniforms dripping in medals are pulling his strings and it is the army that keeps the people in order .

  5. I've just checked the helpdesk and you had a response from us at 7 this morning on the email address you used for the ticket. I will not go into details here as to what we asked for but I suggest you check your spam folder if you haven't seen our reply.

    sorry just checked it and it was in spam. replied cheers.

  6. There's a facility in your control panel to change your email address.

    Yes but you must have access to your old address to change it. I don't have it !!and so my time using this computer to reply and ask for help will run out soon .


    ---------- Post added 24-08-2017 at 19:40 ----------


    Im confused as to why you cant access / reset password to the email adress associated with your SF account :S

    so am I !!!

  7. How did you make this post if you weren't logged in?


    Edit. Ah, get it.


    ---------- Post added 24-08-2017 at 14:43 ----------


    The lost email address is the main problem. You could reset your password but the link will be sent to an email address that you can't open. I think you'll have to open up a new account but try the help desk first.

    I have been trying for the last 24 hours( no reply so far) so it may be ta ra to the forum due to different computer after today :help:


    ---------- Post added 24-08-2017 at 16:10 ----------


    Umm... so do you still currently have access to your old computer (and that's how you are able to post this)?


    If so, then perhaps you can message the mods while using your own old computer... or!!! change your password before switching computer!

    You can't change password without old address which is lost.

    I have forwarded new email address to admin.

  8. Hello all,

    I'm a member of the Sheffield, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Group, we meet every first and third Monday in The Museum pub in Orchard Square.


    We're holding an event for this years Off The Shelf and we'd like to have a local author or two at it to be on a panel to answer questions of budding writers. If you're interested in coming along as an author or even as a writer wanting to join us on the new anthology that will come from the event, please get in touch with us.


    The event is listed in the Off The Shelf guide and we're hopeful we'll get another sell out like last year. Hope to hear from you all soon.

    Yours Jo

    What time please.

  9. Yes, and what about a married man meeting up with his girlfriend without telling his wife.? Would be like a sat nav. ! ::hihi:


    I have lived in villages in North East Derbyshire , Creswell, Hodthorpe, Whitwell areas ,where people who say they are not related are exact clones of others who say they are not related , peas in a pod comes to mind:hihi:.


    Now having a neck implant would cut out all doubt as to relationship if say the chip beeped when similar D.N.A popped up as and when in a clinch behind the bike sheds for instance .


    This would save much hand wringing in later life when an old relation pops up to put the cat among the pigeons wunt it.;)

  10. He's having you on. :hihi:

    Shut thi gob :hihi: having him on , I mean with a chip in the neck there will be no more muggings to steal ones credit cards , driving licence , bus pass etc .

    A simple "please lean over sir" (or madam) "while I scan your neck" will do .


    I suppose that a real determined mugger could cut ones head off and present it at the till but surely the shop assistant would realise some thing was amiss and call the manager;)

  11. Go back to the pub.

    Chipping could also help with financial problems . you know bank loans , over drafts , savings etc.

    Apply for a loan , mortgage , over draft, all the bank need do is check your chip , it will tell them if you are trust worthy or not.


    Apply for a job , all the employer need do is click your chip and get all your details , easy .

  12. I have recently acquired another pal , A six week old mongrel called tabs.

    And being six weeks old he has had to be injected against all things inc his very right to exist without identification .


    And so my pal will for ever be able to be identified as to where he belongs and as to who he is.

    This has got me thinking , why not chip all mankind at six weeks old , its easy , take the D.N.A, the birth date, the blood group , ethnicity etc and put it on a chip the size of a pinhead and inject it into ones neck just below the ear.


    No more messing about when one needs to be identified be it for law breaking , terrorism, medical purposes or if suitable to breed with some one who would not be compatible.


    It would a simple and straight forward way to plan ones journey through life , the pitfalls we may encounter on that journey and at the end a slight click of the chip gun can record our details so as to plan for future generations.

  13. to win the propaganda war against the extremists? making people who may be susceptible to it inclusive and willing to join in with society? instead of pushing them away? and into the arms of the murderous lunatics?

    without cannon fodder ISIS are nothing, those at the top wont die for their beliefs

    When in Rome do as the Romans do.

  14. I worked for a furnace repair company for seven years. It was everywhere. I've even carted loads of scrap sindanyo to the land-fill tips with the dust blowing back in my face :(


    The only person that I knew (personally) that succumbed to it, was a sparky at Sheffield Twist drill.



    Edit to add:

    I only found out about my friend's demise when I read about it online, some years after the event. Irwin Mitchell dealt with his case. They might be worth a a call.

    Same here buddy ,The shut down weeks were the worse the bloody stuff was every where.


    The building trade was a time bomb with asbestos lagging to boiler rooms as well the fire proofing inserted in floors etc.


    We all used it and cut it to fit with saws .


    I have lost friends in the last ten years to this disease who all worked in the building trade both inside the works and on out side sites .

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