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  1. is it ever going to up and running again or do i just delete it off my saved menue thanx
  2. think theres a micro brewery on percy st neepsend well there used to be a couple of years ago if still there
  3. is the forum market place ever to be up and running again. the old system was more reliable now theres none .
  4. nice layout but what a boo boo dont work no more never been off this long before, go back to the old system.
  5. yes that would be far easier. thats why hardley any pics on ads no one no's how,
  6. the new forum most of it is ok but i dont know how to put pics on ads for sale and i guess im not on my own as 95% ads say will send pics by phone really bad move in my opinion who agrees thanx
  7. i know plenty of drivers what left city and say its the best move they made. better class of customers/ get paid for no pick ups/better money in peak time/ customers get rated by driver so need need i go on try it .
  8. theres alot you need licenced car yours is too old to plated/public liabilty ins/opperators licence/ private hires badge. hope this helps
  9. Stick to the speed limit then its not a problem
  10. Lots of parking just pay for your ticket and park as long as u like, ---------- Post added 11-11-2015 at 16:08 ---------- also look on google will tell you about parking
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