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  1. Indeed. I often eat at catered events where it is very common now for the food to be on offer to be entirely vegetarian or vegan. Not only is it better environmentally, it's probably cheaper and easier for the caterer too. Not only that, but it's generally delicious. I don't complain that they are 'imposing their belief system on me'.
  2. I'm not taking issue with your post defining vegetarianism as a 'belief system' or life choice. I am taking issue with the claim that a company saying they aren't going to pay for your meat anymore, but that you are perfectly free to still eat what you want, is them imposing a belief system on you, just like them saying you can't drink alcohol on company expenses is not imposing a belief system on them. The company and employees voted. They voted for the change. What's the problem, no-one is forcing you to work for them.
  3. Minimum wage in this country (or National Living Wage, whatever it's called now) is £8.21/hr for over 25s (set to rise to £8.72 in April). Someone working full time on minimum wages has an annual salary of about £16,000 a year. Now, for some people, that might be an adequate salary to live on. For others, that might not be near enough (if they have children, live in a more expensive area etc etc). That is why the Government has things like child benefit, tax credits etc etc. Also, not everyone works full time. If you want employers to pay a salary high enough so that no-one has to claim benefits while working, you would have to make employers pay a salary high enough to cover all circumstances, even part-time work. That's why I asked if you had a figure in mind.
  4. That's not a figure. Which benefits? I'm presuming working tax credits?
  5. That's not really the point is it. Do you think the reason why businesses often don't allow for alcohol in expenses is because it doesn't have 'nutritional value'?
  6. So you'd be OK telling the client that you're meeting for lunch that they can't order any alcohol because it has no nutritional value?
  7. Two wrongs don't make a right. What do you class as a wage that is too low?
  8. It's quite common for employers to exclude alcohol from expenses.
  9. I wouldn't say they are forcing a belief system onto their employees. All they are doing as saying they won't pay expenses for meals that include meat. They're not saying you can't eat meat.
  10. I've never really understood why it's seen as morally acceptable to effectively import workers from other countries to do the jobs that 'we' think are above us to do, like we still had an empire. (Also, nowhere in the proposals does it say no more Polish plumbers. If they have a job in the UK, then they will be able to work in the EU).
  11. Genuine question. By resident Brits, do you mean Brits that are residents in the EU27 countries (rather than resident in the UK)? After 31/12/20, what mechanism will prevent them from breakfasting in Lux, shopping in Belgium, dinner in France etc, or is the convenience being able to do that without documentation? After 31/12/20, what documentation will be required, and where will it be checked, as there are no borders within the Schengen area?
  12. A 1% response to this kind of consultation is considered good (see post #16).
  13. They have to be evergreen or semi-green for that legislation to take effect. They would not be obliged to no, we don't have the right to a view.
  14. No wonder they're empty if they're trying to let them out at £100pcm over market value.
  15. Seems like Sheffield is head and shoulders above the rest too according to that article... Sheffield had a 12% rise in Londoners moving to buy or rent in 2018, followed by Newcastle and Leeds, which both recorded 5% increases.
  16. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of continuity Corbyn from the Jewish Labour movement.
  17. I would say Aesthete in Walkley is quite upmarket (£5.60 for some scrambled eggs, £6 for porridge). It seems to be doing very well.
  18. There is a big difference between tree maintenance (removing dead or dangerous branches) and the unnecessary removal of thousands of street trees.
  19. Only a third of the cost of which was funded by the government. It does seem things happen quite a bit quicker and cheaper when private companies have more to lose..
  20. Well yes, no government can just magic up a railway out of thin air immediately. Of course it's gonna take a while...
  21. I highly doubt that. Bidders for work have to submit tenders. The only reason to submit ludicrous quotes for work would be if you didn't want to get the job.
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