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  1. What I said was that the Conservatives are giving more money to the NHS than proposed in the 2015 and 2017 Labour manifestos. If the lower increase in spending is not down to the recession (which I very much doubt) then why didn't Labour pledge more? That graph is out of date btw - even before the extra money Boris has announced, NHS spending is increasing about 3.4% a year. In terms of Corporation Tax and Capital Gains tax, that bought in extra revenue, so things like the NHS can be funded.
  2. I’m not talking about any funding that has gone to the NHS due to the epidemic. The Conservatives were already giving more money to the NHS than proposed in the 2015 and 2017 Labour manifestos back in 2018.
  3. With less money than they’ve been given by the Conservatives? How were they going to do that?
  4. You realise Boris has given billions to the NHS right? What should he be ashamed of? The Conservatives have given more money to the NHS than Labour were proposing in their 2015 and 2017 manifestos.
  5. What is Macron doing for the self employed in France?
  6. Contact tracing was the first step yes, just like it was on practically every other country that has been hit with the virus, and recommended by the WHO. Why do you think it was initiated by interns reading the Lancet?
  7. This is nonsense. Contact tracing was not done because hospital 'interns' heard about the new virus in the Lancet. It was undertaken by Public Health England.
  8. They did introduce measures in January. They were testing and doing contact tracing. This is the first of the stepped measures.
  9. It's not a magic money tree. It's borrowing. Massive amounts of borrowing, which will have long term economic consequences. But would you rather they didn't?
  10. I'm not sure what this means? Can you give an example?
  11. I don't think it's a strange question at all. If you haven't noticed, lots of places are closed at the moment when they would ordinarily be open..
  12. That's just demonstrably not true. SCC have improved lots of things, as has been pointed out in this thread. Also, Park Hill wasn't done by the council, it was Urban Splash.
  13. That’s not exactly correct. One particular climate heating gas (methane) has dropped over one particular area (New York) by 50%. The actual drop in climate heating gasses globally will remain to be seen, hopefully there will be a reduction, and hopefully it won’t rebound sharply upwards again like it did after 2008.
  14. Isn't the Three Tuns an asset of community value? This should prevent it being converted into flats or something..
  15. What drivel. Sheffield has more Academy of Urbanism awards than any other city in the UK.
  16. Dear oh dear... Don't get medical advice from Facebook or WhatsApp. Jeez. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8108743/Scientists-dismiss-dangerous-list-coronavirus-tips-totally-bogus.html "Stanford University said in a statement emailed to The Verge: 'A widely distributed email about COVID-19 that is attributed to a "Stanford Hospital board member" contains inaccurate information. It did not come from Stanford Medicine.' A chain message forwarded via WhatsApp said the virus could be prevented by drinking 'plenty of water' - at least every 15 minutes. It claimed water and other liquids were needed to wash the virus down the throat to the stomach. Paul Hunter, a professor in medicine at University of East Anglia said: 'Absolutely b******s. There is no evidence for that whatsoever"
  17. Good news. That is the plan now. https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/block-h-cultural-heart/ "In contrast, the development for H3 (to be known as Cambridge Street Collective) will be aiming to retain as much of the quality, existing fabric and façades along Cambridge Street and Wellington Street as feasible – helping to attractively balance the old and new across the site." "The emerging proposals for this block now showcase the retention of far more original architecture than envisaged in the 2018 masterplan. Plans now include the preservation and sympathetic restoration of the quality fabric and façades along Cambridge Street and Wellington Street, including the listed Bethel Sunday School and Leah’s Yard, as well as the Bethel Chapel and the buildings that formerly housed Brewhouse and Henry’s. The historic buildings fronting these streets will be kept with internal adaptations and reconstruction carried out where necessary to bring them back into use." I don't say this often, but congratulations to SCC for this enlightened and sensible decision!
  18. I'm sure that the exact figures will vary slightly from site to site yes, but I think it's generally accepted that chicken has slightly more protein per kg than beef, tho it may be different for the raw meet (tho people don't tend to eat raw beef, and never eat raw chicken!). Like I said, it's why a body builder's go to for protein is chicken rather than beef (a quarter pound of ground beef has 20 grams of protein. A skinless chicken breast boasts 52 grams of protein). But no, that doesn't directly address the land use issue, but it makes it clear that if you were choosing an animal to rear in order to get the most protein out of a certain area of land (say per acre) you'd be massively better off to go for chicken rather than beef. Just think how many chickens you could fit on an acre of land compared to how many cows.... And, as the link I provided earlier showed, you'd be even better off in terms of protein per acre if instead of meat, you planted something like soybeans instead. https://www.truthordrought.com/soybean-myths "This might seem counter-intuitive, but were we to eat soya rather than meat, the clearance of natural vegetation required to supply us with the same amount of protein would decline by 94%. Producing protein from chickens requires three times as much land as protein from soybeans. Pork needs nine times, beef 32 times."
  19. I trust Publico, a national Portuguese newspaper, to know whether or not what they publish is fact checked or not. If they published an article about busy beaches and gardens when people should be avoiding contact with each other and it was all a lie, someone one have refuted it and provided the evidence that they are wrong. Funnily enough nobody has...
  20. Every image shared on social networks is fake news? Of course not. If the beaches of Carcavelos weren’t busy the other day (despite the lovely 25-27 degree temperatures) there would be ample evidence to prove it.... Photos showing the empty beach, corroborated first hand evidence from people who live and work there, etc If you have such proof that the image doesn’t show what it purports to then provide it, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a conspiracy theorist... www.publico.pt/2020/03/11/impar/opiniao/coronavirus-meninos-nao-sao-ferias-1907315/amp You should also contact publico.pt to let them know...
  21. Then provide the stock photo link. Good luck finding it.. (It's actually from here... ) https://observador.pt/2020/03/11/praias-cheias-de-gente-em-tempo-de-quarentena-assim-nao-vamos-a-lado-nenhum-dizem-especialistas/
  22. Portugal closed some schools/universities the other day. The beaches were rammed...
  23. It's because of the timing. You can of course react too late, but it's also possible to react too early. This was explained in the press conference. We are about four weeks behind Italy in terms of the spread of the infection. If, for example, we shut schools now, we would have to shut them for about 16-18 weeks to in order for them to be closed when the virus peaks and when resources are most stretched. This would increase the risk of children having to be cared for by their grandparents due to the length of time parents would have to be away from work, which would in all likelihood actually make the problem worse. It's also not credible to suggest that children would go 16-18 weeks without meeting up and spreading the virus anyway, so it would all be for nothing. Shutting schools for a few weeks when it would be most effective makes more sense.
  24. No we aren't. Timing matters. Just watch the press conference before spouting off rubbish.
  25. Rubbish. I presume you watched the press conference, where the Chief Medical Officer & Chief Scientific Advisor explained why taking some of the measures other countries are taking now whilst we are still in the phase we are in would be counterproductive and not effective. Why do you disagree with them?
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