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  1. I'm not sure it would work out cheaper going by train. According to National Rail, a return ticket from Sheffield to Dumfries and back for the first week of next month would be £88.20 (for standard class). The OP is suggesting he could drive 5 people, including him and his wife. According to journeyprice.co.uk the total cost of petrol for the return trip would be £76.41. If split equally that's only £15.28 per person. It's also not quicker. Both train and car take about 4 hours (Sheffield to Dumfries), but with train that doesn't include the time is takes getting to the station, so that would actually be slower..
  2. Doesn't happen to belong to someone called Henry does it (not me, just I saw a message on a Facebook Group that someone had lost their passport, although I believe in a different part of Sheffield so unlikely to be his). Worth checking tho.
  3. I'm less concerned about whether somebody gets donations from an interest group (as that is perfectly normal for MPs - Corbyn's leadership campaign got £10,000 from the Palestinian Group Friends of Al-Aqsa, it doesn't mean that he's now a puppet of Al-Aqsa) - I'm more concerned about whether you believe that Friends of Israel are paying MPs to lie and discredit the Labour Party. Ellman's statement was unambiguous. Her evidence is what she has witnessed with her own eyes and ears. They were not the words of someone who thinks something might be true but isn't really sure, so she either has to be lying about what she has witnessed within the Labour Party, or there has to be truth behind her statement.
  4. So that is your opinion? I don't think you applaud or support the horrors of the holocaust no. I think Ellman left the party for the reasons she stated. I answered your questions. Now please answer mine.
  5. So just that I'm clear in your opinion. You believe that Louise Ellman has been paid by Friends of Israel to lie about what's going on in the Labour Party and claim that Labour members are being bullied and abused when they aren't.
  6. I believe only dormer windows to the back come under permitted development - you'd still need permission for a dormer on the principle elevation.
  7. A combination of local listing and an Article 4 Direction to require planning permission for the demolition of non-designated heritage asset by removing the demolition rights under part 11 of the GDPO.
  8. There is absolutely no guarantee that either of those options would break the log jam at all. The only guaranteed way of breaking the log jam and moving forward is either no leave with a deal or leave on the 31st without a deal.
  9. Again, that's not true. Boris did not promise to take the UK out the EU without a deal during the Tory leadership campaign. He said he wanted a deal, but that a no deal option must be on the table.
  10. No that's not what he is saying. He was asked what would happen if the deal didn't pass. He said 'I hope it will. I am convinced it will. If it doesn't there will be no prolongation'. He certainly did not say if the deal did not pass they would start to negotiate a new deal. It is worth remembering however it is not within Juncker's power to refuse or grant an extension if requested. It is up to the EU 27.
  11. I've just answered my own question. The proposal does indeed necessitate the entire demolition of the Queens Head pub. Sheffield Council say that because the building is not listed, and it is not within a conservation area, there is nothing that can be done to prevent its demolition. In reality, I'm sure the council could prevent its demolition if they wanted to.
  12. Anyone know anything more about the proposals for this building/site. I note this recent application for whether an EIA was needed. 19/03538/EIA | EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) screening request for a decision as to whether the proposal is considered EIA Development (as defined in the EIA Regulations) Redevelopment of site, including demolition, erection of 230 residential apartments upto 11 storeys in height, ground floor retail/commercial units, basement car parking, cycle parking and ancillary facilities | Site Of Former Queens Hotel 85 Scotland Street Sheffield S3 7BX It would be such a shame to see the building demolished. It would appear that it isn't listed.
  13. I'm not hiding behind innuendoes - indeed I spelled it out quite clearly in my post. Do you believe that the Friends of Israel group are paying people to disrupt and discredit the Labour Party? Do you believe that they are paying MPs to lie about the what they are seeing happen within the Labour Party? If you do believe that, what do you believe their motives are and what evidence do you have. Without evidence, it sounds a lot like the conspiracy theories that Ellman mentioned. I'm sure I don't need to spell out the long history of conspiracy theories that people have made up about jewish people.
  14. Predictable, and disappointing. Louise Ellman comes from a Jewish family, and is (I believe) jewish herself. Of course she is going to be active in the jewish labour movement. To suggest (again) that there is some jewish conspiracy where Friends of Israel are paying people to disrupt and discredit the Labour Party for their own gain is shameful. I think you should consider how your comments are coming across on this forum, as you appear to be echoing the reprehensible sentiments and attitudes of the that led to the horrors of WWII. I hope that I'm mistaken.
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