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  1. What I said was that the Conservatives are giving more money to the NHS than proposed in the 2015 and 2017 Labour manifestos. If the lower increase in spending is not down to the recession (which I very much doubt) then why didn't Labour pledge more? That graph is out of date btw - even before the extra money Boris has announced, NHS spending is increasing about 3.4% a year. In terms of Corporation Tax and Capital Gains tax, that bought in extra revenue, so things like the NHS can be funded.
  2. I’m not talking about any funding that has gone to the NHS due to the epidemic. The Conservatives were already giving more money to the NHS than proposed in the 2015 and 2017 Labour manifestos back in 2018.
  3. With less money than they’ve been given by the Conservatives? How were they going to do that?
  4. You realise Boris has given billions to the NHS right? What should he be ashamed of? The Conservatives have given more money to the NHS than Labour were proposing in their 2015 and 2017 manifestos.
  5. What is Macron doing for the self employed in France?
  6. Contact tracing was the first step yes, just like it was on practically every other country that has been hit with the virus, and recommended by the WHO. Why do you think it was initiated by interns reading the Lancet?
  7. This is nonsense. Contact tracing was not done because hospital 'interns' heard about the new virus in the Lancet. It was undertaken by Public Health England.
  8. They did introduce measures in January. They were testing and doing contact tracing. This is the first of the stepped measures.
  9. It's not a magic money tree. It's borrowing. Massive amounts of borrowing, which will have long term economic consequences. But would you rather they didn't?
  10. I'm not sure what this means? Can you give an example?
  11. I don't think it's a strange question at all. If you haven't noticed, lots of places are closed at the moment when they would ordinarily be open..
  12. That's just demonstrably not true. SCC have improved lots of things, as has been pointed out in this thread. Also, Park Hill wasn't done by the council, it was Urban Splash.
  13. That’s not exactly correct. One particular climate heating gas (methane) has dropped over one particular area (New York) by 50%. The actual drop in climate heating gasses globally will remain to be seen, hopefully there will be a reduction, and hopefully it won’t rebound sharply upwards again like it did after 2008.
  14. Isn't the Three Tuns an asset of community value? This should prevent it being converted into flats or something..
  15. What drivel. Sheffield has more Academy of Urbanism awards than any other city in the UK.
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