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  1. I don't know, he comes across quite submissive here..
  2. Robin-H

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Out of interest, which news sources said she went to Bangladesh as a child or holds a Bangladeshi passport?
  3. Robin-H

    A new small political party

    Perhaps you missed the /s after my comment. I was (obviously) being sarcastic. I was highlighting the point that you can't extrapolate the vote share like that. The fact that Labour closed the gap until voting day does not mean that they would have continued to increase the vote share. They may have, or the vote could have levelled off, or the vote could have declined. It is impossible to say.
  4. Robin-H

    A new small political party

    Imagine if the election had been six months later. Labour would have had 100%! /s
  5. The only 'news source' you could find covering the defection of the Conservative MPs was Facebook?
  6. If accurate those paint a quite damning picture. Only 35% of Labour voters disagree with the statement that Corbyn is a threat to UK security, and 31% of Labour voters prefer the rebel group over Corbyn's Labour.
  7. I was talking about the news article about the 7 Labour MPs leaving the party to form their own group. That was the part of Anna's comment I responded to (and bolded) that she seemed to take umbrage at being reported on.
  8. As I've just explained the reason why the media kept the story going is because of the refusal from Corbyn to apologise and thus draw a line under it. I'm not going to reopen the argument about what Corbyn said. I think the video evidence speaks for itself, but I don't really care. As I said at the time, I don't see any problem at all with calling Theresa May a stupid woman. She is a woman, and Corbyn think she is stupid. He should have just said 'Yeah, I think she is a stupid woman. So what' and let the whole thing move on.
  9. It was in the media. Unlike Corbyn she admitted what she said and almost immediately apologised. If Corbyn had done that, it would have been a similar non story. Instead, Corbyn claimed he didn't say it, despite video evidence which strongly suggested he did.
  10. So you think newspapers shouldn't have reported such a momentous occasion.? That would be rather odd...
  11. Yes, how dare a newspaper report on one of the biggest political upheavals to the Labour Party in a generation.
  12. Oh look, surprise surprise.. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Henry_Makow "Henry Makow, PhD (b. 1949) is what you get when you cross a men's rights activist with paranoid conspiracy theorist and an Anti-Semite"
  13. I wonder for how many trees this was true of. Those of us who have been campaigning against the unnecessary removal of trees have been saying for years that is was the case the felling was clearly not a final resort, and trees were being felled unnecessarily. Good to see the truth finally coming out.
  14. The council would (thankfully) never allow that. The building is listed, and a CPO would be issued if it became clear that was happening (indeed I believe the motions for that were already happening until this new buyer turned up).
  15. Oh so you have evidence that none of the attacks against her were down to anti semitism!? Let’s see it then! I’ve read some of the messages she got. They seem pretty anti Semitic to me. Pretending there isn’t a problem and it’s all her fault because she dared to criticise the great leader is pretty shameful and perfectly illustrates the mess that Labour are in. It’s pretty simple. Criticising Corbyn isn’t a crime and someone shouldn’t be forced out for doing so.

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