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  1. Surely is shows weaker leadership to stick to your guns even when it’s clear the mood of the country is against you, than to admit you were wrong and go above and beyond what was asked for..?
  2. Yes, they can. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-7443091/HSBC-makes-easier-mortgage-zero-hours-contract-bank-relaxes-application-rules.html And you don't think crime, drugs, poor schools, or horrendous neighbours were problems in the 70s/80s!!?
  3. That’s a pretty grotesque comment.
  4. Um probably not no...there isn’t even any particularly compelling evidence that Jesus existed. There is even less evidence he was executed, or the reasons why..
  5. Recent news re efforts to tackle homelessness. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/funding-allocated-for-3-300-new-homes-for-rough-sleepers “More than 3,300 new long-term homes for rough sleepers and other vulnerable people have been approved, the Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick MP has announced today (29 October 2020). Backed by government investment of more than £150 million the new homes will be made available in every region of England. This will enable people who sleep rough, or at risk of sleeping rough, to be rehoused in secure, long-term accommodation, providing some of the most vulnerable in society with a permanent place to live and help to rebuild their lives.”
  6. Why are you still seemingly trying to justify the unnecessary removal of healthy trees? That argument has thankfully already been lost, and the council forced to admit they were wrong and apologise. Felling was never a ‘last resort’, but a mechanism through which Amey could increase their profits. To answer your question directly - it depends what you mean by ‘noticeable environmental impact’. If you mean the total of amount of Co2 sequestration, then even felling 100% of street trees would have a negligible impact. If you measure it by the reduction in airborne particulate matter on certain roads, or the cooling effect on hot days, then the loss of street trees would cause a much greater impact. If you’re talking about the loss of the habitat of the rare white lesser hairstreak, then the loss of a single tree would have a noticeable impact.
  7. Felling any tree has an environmental impact... Saying that felling non streets trees has the same environmental impact as felling street trees is clearly not the same as saying it doesn’t have any environment impact.
  8. And? Who has said street trees have a different environmental impact to trees a few yards from streets? The important difference is that healthy street trees were being unnecessary and systematically felled to increase the profit margins of Amey, whereas the other trees weren’t..
  9. I agree that trees need to be properly maintained.
  10. They’re in a grave yard. They’re not street trees. Edit: not technically street trees, in that they would be outside of the contract with Amey.
  11. If somebody purchased a house with a sapling outside not realising that if they were still in the house in 20 - 30 years time that the tree would be larger by then, then I don’t have much sympathy... Fortunately, as dave has pointed out, not liking having a tree on street by your house was never grounds for having it removed (for reasons that should be obvious..)
  12. Funny how trees can suddenly appear that weren't there when people purchased their homes...
  13. I don't think it's a strange question at all. If you haven't noticed, lots of places are closed at the moment when they would ordinarily be open..
  14. That's just demonstrably not true. SCC have improved lots of things, as has been pointed out in this thread. Also, Park Hill wasn't done by the council, it was Urban Splash.
  15. Isn't the Three Tuns an asset of community value? This should prevent it being converted into flats or something..
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