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  1. It would seem that recently the Labour vote has suffered more at the hand of the Brexit Party than the Tories.. https://twitter.com/ian_a_jones/status/1120681588126289920/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1120681588126289920&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fpolitics%2Fblog%2Flive%2F2019%2Fapr%2F23%2Fbrexit-latest-news-developments-theresa-may-chairs-cabinet-as-mps-return-to-commons-and-brexit-deadlock-continues-live-news The rise in the Brexit Party vote share has mirrored a decline in the Labour Party vote share...
  2. Firstly, it's simply not true that Labour are 10 points ahead of the Tories. It's easily searchable online so it's not really worth pretending... Secondly, even if Labour were consistently polling at 10 points ahead of Labour, unless you think think Theresa will be leading the Conservatives by the time of the next election it's not really relevant.
  3. Robin-H


    Out of interest, what was the source for that one?
  4. That's not exactly true is it. If you read what he says, nowhere does he liken the ERG to the Nazis, unless you're also suggesting he thinks EU Bureaucrats are like Nazis.. He said.. “The extremes of the ’30s were born of economic stress. And the thing that is driving the extremes of today is the fact that we’ve had, since 2008, frozen living standards, and people are looking for alibis. If you put together the bureaucrats of Brussels, the immigrants and the foreigners and the elite, all that sort of stuff – it’s got a sort of basic, chilling appeal for people who are desperately looking for an alternative. If you have a stagnant economy, you have to work your way to improve that economy.”
  5. How many people have the ERG gassed to death?
  6. That's probably quite likely yes, and the Tories will be better for it.
  7. Parties change. If the younger vote is instrumental to electoral success, parties and policies will change. That's democracy in action.
  8. I wonder how much that would cost to buy the land and build?
  9. That’s because when someone brings it up here everyone agrees that any people spouting racist or islamophobic abuse should be kicked out the party and where possible prosecuted, so there isn’t really much to discuss. Blame isn’t put on the media, nor is it claimed it’s all just a big smear campaign. It’s the failure to admit to a problem that means it’s still a topic of discussion in the Labour thread.
  10. The difference is that it’s not been claimed that news of any racism or islamaphobia within the Tory party is a smear campaign, something pulled out on a slow news day, a way to insult Theresa May, or nonsense cooked up by the biased media. Instead of trying to deflect, excuse, or hide the truth, the solution is simple, and has been stated on here before. Throw them out of the party and prosecute. If that had been the answer and singular voice in the Labour thread the discussion would have ended months ago.
  11. Exactly. I doubt anyone with any sense would try and argue any different.
  12. It's shocking how poorly Labour are doing in the polls. They should be absolutely trouncing the Conservative Party considering the state of things at the moment. Labour were pretty much consistently between 10 and 13 points ahead of Conservatives for most of 2012 and 2013, and I'm not sure many people would think the Torys are better now than they were then..
  13. Robin-H

    LGBT issues and morality

    This is the guy who pretends that they believe that the earth is flat, vaccines are the work of the devil, and contrails are a government conspiracy to keep the population stupid (or something equally ridiculous). They are either trolling, or need to seek help.
  14. Robin-H

    Electoral reform

    Why do people believe this!? No, Corbyn does not have a deliverable Brexit plan. His promises are unattainable. https://www.peoples-vote.uk/5_questions_on_jeremy_corbyn_s_brexit_proposal He wants a permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union including a say in future trade deals, and close alignment with the Single Market. The Labour manifesto says that freedom of movement will end and that they will not turn the UK into an EU rule taker. How is that going to work when the EU have repeatedly said you cannot have that combination of things? It is their reddest of red lines.
  15. No it hasn’t. Corbyn says they want to a comprehensive customs union with the EU, but not like the customs union now because he wants the UK to be able to negotiate its own trade deals. The EU do not allow countries within the customs union to also be able to strike independent trade deals. Labour’s manifesto said “freedom of movement of people will end when we leave the European Union.. And Jeremy Corbyn has said “unlike the Norway-plus option now being canvassed among MPs, our plan would not leave Britain as an across-the-board rule-taker of EU regulations without a say. He has already negotiated and green lit a deal with the EU that covers all those bases has he? A comprehensive customs union with ‘exactly the same benefits’ (one of their tests for May’s deal) of being in the single market and customs union, but that allows us to make our own trade deals, end freedom of movement from the EU and stops us being a rule taker?

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