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  1. Thanks am going tonwrite tomthem to inform them that i do not wish to renew.
  2. Yes but do i need to tell them that i have s rapped the car?
  3. Hi my insurance is due to be renewed on 8th april but car needs to be scrapped should i hold off scrapping till insurance runs out as i have to pay cancellation fee and not sure if i will qualify for no claims. Its my first car so not sure how it all works.
  4. Hi all after messing about with it today we have realised its a faulty connectipon to tghe battery as soon as wires are wiggled around a bit it starts no problem
  5. Hi yeh just been to get battery and alternator check and they have said its fine and that its an electrical fault so no need to finbd an electrician lol Thanx for your suggestions!
  6. Can anyone recommend a really cheap mechanic that can replace my alternator in my ford focus 1.4i 1998 please in desperate need for it to be fixed but skint till 22nd. Thanx for reading
  7. Thanx thats great but by the looks of the weather its going to chuck in down in a min.so might just go next week.
  8. Cant find a number to get through on the one it shows on web page just keeps cutting off for millhouses.
  9. Hi does anyone know if the water play arras are open ilat both these places the lad time we went they were both turned off but am guessing that hopefully as the weather is so nice that the water will be on.
  10. Have looked on trip advisor and the reviews are really mixed so just thought I would ask people on here.
  11. Hi just wondered I anyone has been to any of the following hotels in Spain ND if they were any good. Htop grand casino or htop palm beach or Alexis.
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