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  1. I too am getting annoyed at the tents, I see them everywhere. Well that's an exaggeration, but I see them mist days. They need to be cleaned up. I was walking past one in crookes valley park last week, just left there near a bush. I picked it up and put it in the bin, along with its contents.
  2. The old nature/nurture debate is one of my faves. The answer will be a mix of both. I have never said that women are less capable than men.
  3. I am not a biologist so I wouldn't know why women's brains are different. I just know that they are. I can tell you that it isn't their breaststroke because the brain develops before the breasts. Women are different to men, pretending they are the same is stupidm
  4. You are wonderful my friend If you think that the only difference between men and women is boobies, you should probably get out more. The difference in pay between men and women who do the same job at the same level is less than 1%. The boring stats you here about the pay gap averages mens and women's pay and compares them. Stupid statistic. The womb has nothing to do with why men and women's brains are wired differently. You have taken a stupid bold step, just like most social justice warriors. You have humiliated yourself.
  5. Most people consider women differently to men, mostly because they are, you know, different. The question was raised about women in top jobs, I said they are sometimes good at them. Sometimes they are bad at them and sometimes they are average. The problem with social justice warriors like you is you see offence in everything and have very little to support your faux outrage.
  6. Is it your position then that women are always good in important jobs?
  7. Why would you be so rude Mr M? I am fairly sure I am more successful than you.
  8. I am saying they are as good sometimes. Sometimes they are worse and sometimes they are better. What is sexist about what I wrote, if you draw sexist implications from innocent text, it speaks volumes of your thought patterns. ---------- Post added 01-08-2016 at 16:07 ---------- Undergrad degrees are fairly easy to obtain.
  9. You don't need to judge people, God judges plenty of people, homosexual included. If any adherent of Abrhamic religion isn't homophobic, they are doing it wrong.
  10. Bringing two child abusers into the discussion is in poor taste. You are being insensitive to the victims in order to form a poor argument against a politician. You shame yourself
  11. He has used facts to prove you wrong and you flippantly reply "you're entitled to an opinion", great debating!
  12. Thatcher was brilliant for the nation and the world. Only a handful of aggressive miners led by a militaristic charlatan and the uneducated would think otherwise. I think that woman can sometimes be good in important jobs.
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