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  1. Normal working hours and a few days off for starters would be nice.
  2. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/police-renew-appeal-trace-driver-after-sheffield-crash-cyclist-3058968 Appeal released again.
  3. Bike thieves are using battery operated grinders to take bikes with heavy duty chains and locks normally high value bikes.
  4. He is still in a serious but stable condition and still sedated. The cyclist is now awake but has a very long way to go before he leaves hospital. After a period in rehab the cyclist has been sent home to continue his recovery. This man has that fighting strength to recover.
  5. https://www.sja.org.uk/search-page/?query=Sheffield Info here
  6. Not camera enforced at the moment, police have run ops on it in the past but you would have been given ticket in hand.
  7. I have seen this happen, a woman bought him a meal deal all in a bag he walked round corner put it in the bin.
  8. Depends on time you drop off and how long you have. Then what you fancy to eat.
  9. No problem, rope team were due 7am they had to refix or remove loose section the inspect rest before all clear.
  10. Heads up, Arundel Gate closed due to loose cladding St Pauls Apartments, traffic will be chaos in morning and buses diverted and no pedestrian access from Charles St to Howard St.
  11. Supertram filling in potholes in Hillsborough
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