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  1. Thanks for all the posts. Someone mentioned service charges on park hill. If I remember correctly they are £1.71 per sq foot on a 2 bed, so approx £107 per month. Plus renting a parking space is another £60 per month. Saying that we were told once a sufficient sinking fund had built up the service charges would be reduced. Car parking spaces will be sold in the future but no prices set as yet.
  2. Thanks we have had a look a few terraces in Walkley, they all wanted quite a bit doing to them and were very small. Will keep looking though.
  3. Thanks for the comments. She works at the University of Sheffield so anywhere that's easy to travel from. She currently walks, but would need to use bus, tram etc if not within walking distance. We have already viewed the apartments at park view, they are really nice, however, I am concerned about the area from a safety aspect. She currently house shares in Broomhill and loves the area, however, budget will exclude it I think. I mentioned "contraversial" in my original post as my husband read that no one from Sheffield would buy at Park View because of its past association with crime. Also given there are going to be 800 flats eventually, reselling could be a problem and not all lenders will give mortgages on them apparently! There are only about 4 who will, so we have been told. ---------- Post added 27-10-2015 at 19:08 ---------- Sorry I must have brain freeze I keep getting the name wrong. Will look at woodseats thanks for the info!
  4. Can anyone give me any info about what it's like living at the Urban splash Park view development. My daughter is looking to buy a flat in Sheffield . I believe this development is quite controversial. Her preferred area is Broomhill but lack of supply and price seems to be the stumbling block. Ideally she wants to be near some shops/cafes as she is fairly new to Sheffield and doesn't know many people yet. Any comments/suggestions?
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