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  1. Yet again more nonsense about the 'It's Our City' petition. The required number to trigger the referendum was 20,092. That number was comfortably achieved. Some names were disqualified where people used 'commonly known' names or shortened versions rather than the name that is on the electoral register. The above accusations of fraud are serious and unfounded.
  2. After a year of joint working the Council have released their findings. They have previously told the public, the council chamber, the media, and the High Court, that all tree felling was the "last resort". And yet over the last year simple, cheap, easy solutions have been found in almost every case. A Labour Council used an injunction, worked with the police to have people arrested under anti-union law, turned their back whilst Amey security assaulted old ladies on the street, and why? The answers were there all along. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/roads-and-pavements/managingtrees/Review of Tree Investigations Lessons Learned and Actions.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0K6jjepeobdO6MvSkowbcDo7qUyeGhJDFJLhj21BMUgykZLPZKxerxeE4
  3. I recently took this photo of the old subway. Also asked a similar question to the OP on https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/17615-heeley-station-now/
  4. If 'thousands' of people from other parts of the country have signed the petition or there are multiple signatures then the petition will not have reached the number required by law. Surely people here don't just think SCC will take the petitioners word for it? Every name is scrutinised.
  5. Hello All, I am the defendant in the injunction case who has been referred to through the last few pages. The four of us accused of breaching the injunction were all in different situations. It is a matter of fact that two of us were found in breach and two cleared. SCC employed a top level QC on excessive pay to try to imprison Councillor Teal. I landed those costs because he was prosecuting me at the same time (even though I didn't deny, indeed was proud of my actions). Councillor Teal did not break the injunction. In fact we disagreed over me doing so. Senior SCC and Amey people tried to mislead the court. The Judge dismissed the case without needing to hear ANYTHING from her defence. Not a thing. Councillors have lied ever since saying she was cleared on a 'technicality', which is totally untrue. As for me I considered the injunction to have been unfair and wrongfully obtained. I therefore took a decision to publicly and repeatedly break it (and was criticised by many in the tree campaign for it). I was prepared, indeed expected, to be imprisoned for this. At the time I made it clear that I was encouraging others to take a similar stand to defeat the injunction and the policy. Whether subsequent events have justified that position is up to folk to decide. My contempt of court is a civil matter, not criminal. It does not come with a criminal record. In the proceedings I wasn't asked to speak, nor plea. My actions were in the open and not disputed. The real crime was trying to imprison an opposition Councillor for something they didn't do. The sentence was up to the Judge but the application to the court in all four cases was "by SCC for the committal to prison of...". They were specifically asking for peaceful opponents to be locked up. It's clear now that the policy is to be changed. It's also clear that a senior Councillor told the High Court last July that '6,000 of Sheffield's 36,000 street trees are to be replaced (removed)' when he knew the true figure was 17,500. The injunction cost us all a six figure sum. It has failed. Hardly any trees have been felled since. We have been right all along and the truth is coming out.
  6. I was on Sheldon Rd today. Firstly the campaign does not think "that absolutely all trees are worth saving". On Sheldon Rd we have not opposed three fellings due to genuine issues. It's a pity that contributions so often seem to be prefaced with untruths. Unfortunately local residents were met with abuse from a lady today, including a threat of force to a young female neighbour. I appreciate there are differences of opinion but there has not been a single documented example of a tree campaigner being abusive or threatening in three years. ---------- Post added 14-09-2017 at 17:34 ---------- Having said that there are also things we agree over, including the Chelsea Rd elm.
  7. Decathlon display their tents on the grass verge outside the shop every day, this year as well as in previous years.
  8. As opposed to disappearing I decided to continue to involve myself in community campaigns and issues. Maybe I should have stayed online instead?! I announced my candidature in The Star in October by the way. I thank the people who voted for the only Independent candidate in the City on Thursday. It's easy to moan online, a little harder to be involved.
  9. Dangerous trees were not covered by the injunction. The campaign does not oppose the felling of dangerous trees. SCC says that all dangerous trees have already been felled.
  10. Sheffield History was a fantastic website, and it is great that a few have stuck by it by posting comments etc even though few others are joining in. There was a time last year when I thought the threads and photos might have been lost and was relieved when that wasn't the case. Really hope it recovers to it's former state. I was (still am) Calvin72!
  11. A link to what? It's a legal process and it stands to reason that people directly involved in the legal challenge will know things first. It'll all be out soon enough.
  12. For the first time in memory there will be Independent candidates standing in Council seats in Sheffield next May. Much of the reason is about local democracy with regard to the tree felling program (I don't want to go over the arguments about this issue!), the Devonshire Green shops, and the imposition of the Sheffield region Mayor. Tied in with these issues is a general dissatisfaction with political parties and the political process. When thousands of tree petition signatures are thrown out by Councillors and over 80,000 votes against a Mayor are overturned by a deal with George Osborne then people are frustrated. There are some decent Councillors, but votes are whipped through and the views of constituents ignored. I believe there are enough campaigners across the City to stand in selected seats and make an impact next May. I will be standing in Nether Edge and Sharrow and there will be others coming forward in other seats. Independent, campaigning, Councillors would have a strong mandate to put Council process under scrutiny and reflect the strength of feeling on issues from residents.
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