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  1. Do you know exactly what you want to do? It doesn't help that my ideas keep changing, whereas all my friends knew last year and have been getting relevant work experience since then. I thought I wanted to join the civil service, hence the placement, but now I'm not sure and because I'm in my final year I have hardly any time to get experience doing anything, even though I'd be willing to work for free.
  2. Does anyone else feel trapped in the vicious experience cycle? I'm looking for my first full-time job at the moment, and while I've found jobs I think I could do, they all require applicants to have a certain amount of experience, which you can only get if you can get the jobs. I have some experience of various types of work (secretary and social secretary of a working committee for nearly two years, six week placement in the civil service last summer and working in a sandwich shop for two months the summer before, saturday job in a kitchen for two years, as well as a few random bits and pieces), but while I've been at uni I've tried to concentrate on my degree, and as a result don't feel qualified for a lot of jobs. I'd be willing to put in as much time and effort as possible to learn how to do the job I was hired for, but that doesn't seem to be what employers want.
  3. I applied for a job recently and had to send a covering letter, so I used it to show I had all the skills and interests they asked for in the advert by giving an example of each, and to demonstrate how enthusiastic I was about the job. I think that's generally what they're looking for, but I'd be really interested to hear any employer's opinions on what makes the ideal covering letter.
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