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  1. Haha no I'm certainly not. I'm an undecided voter who thinks sheffield has a chance to change things next year due to all the seats being in contention. I was interested in peoples views on whether they think it will be same old same old or whether things may chance. That's all. You don't have to reply if you don't want to join in the conversation. Not much point in your post really. :-)
  2. Hi, new member here! Joined with a view to understanding Sheffield people's voting thoughts and concerns. In May next year every Sheffield council seat is up for grabs which means there will be three seats to contest for in every ward. We get three votes and it will be a first past the post system. My concern with this (Not being a particular fan of what the Labour party have done for Sheffield) is that Sheffield is a relative strong hold for Labour and they will most likely be the only party that has three candidates in every seat - possibly the liberal democrats too. Will the labour voters tick all three boxes for Labour? Will the ones that have sympathy for UKIP or the Greens use a vote for them? The smaller parties in Sheffield - Tory, UKIP, Green ect won't be able to match the amount of candidates Labour put up. My question is what will supporters of the smaller parties do with the other two votes they can cast? Will they perhaps just use one vote? Would a UKIP voter tick the green party rather than waste their other votes? Thoughts anyone? Hope this makes sense!
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