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  1. We're Get Physical, based at Hunters Bar - just up Junction Road in fact. We're a completely private gym for personal training, with a wealth of experience in all aspects of training especially weight training and boxing! You can find more details on our website www.getphysical.co.uk or you can email us at info@getphysical.co.uk
  2. I'll second Dozer's recommendation - Victoria at I bake a bit. Amazing and delicious cakes!
  3. Was at the gig on Saturday and re-lived it on the Sunday as we could hear it in our back garden at Norton Lees! Amazing never to be forgotten😊
  4. Walking is great. You can start off at a stroll and as you get fitter increase the speed to a powerwalk! It's certainly good for body and soul. Invest in some good waterproofs and don't let the weather stop you. To quote Billy Connolly " there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!"☺️
  5. I work just across from Endcliffe Park and know the area very well. You're quite right - Ecclesall Road is vibrant and has a good selection of shops and amenities. In estate agents speak it's a" popular and much sought after area". The "studenty" bit tends to be further down Ecclesall Road toward the Hallam University campus. The area around Greystones is far more residential, with lots more families and fewer student lets, but check just in case! Just be aware that due to the popularity the demand for rentals in this area is very high which often comes with a premium price. Good luck with your search.
  6. I had both my basements converted in July. This was done by a company called LABS, who are based at Crookes. I now have a dry, clean basement for storage and the other is a utility room. My costs were much lower than £20K but I suppose the jobs vary as to what needs doing. I had several quotes, but Brendan and his team were very knowledgeable and professional and did exactly what was required.
  7. Slightly more affordable but just down the road(literally) is Millhouses and Beauchief. Many areas around S7, S8 have easy access to the peak District.
  8. Hi Patricia, what you're doing is fine. You're not going to do any damage just the opposite in fact. My partner has a similar problem with his back and he does the same stretch but off a bench in the gym.😊 He was shown this stretch by a physio many moons ago.
  9. You want to be looking at Ecclesall, Bents Green,Fulwood, Whirlow, Beauchief, Millhouses, Totley, Dore. These are excellent residential areas with the type of property you're looking for and only around 15/20 minutes drive from the Peak District. The post codes vary from S8 to S17 but any good estate agent should help you. If you pull up a map of Sheffield you should be able to see the areas in relation to the Peaks. The areas also have access to good schools - state as well as private - and a whole host of amenities. Hope this helps.
  10. Whatever your goals we can help you get there, with our one to one personal training and nutritional services. You can train with us at our gym , at home or even online. We offer FREE consultations and FREE taster sessions. For further info either send a PM through the forum or visit www.getphysical.co.uk
  11. Your solicitor should sort this out. We had the same problem when selling our parents home.. We ended up paying a small indemnity insurance and the sale went through no problem.
  12. A brilliant, thought provoking bit of TV. I'm not a Gervais fan, but this was superb.
  13. Oh Wow - what an episode! We actually had a Gogglebox moment and yelled at the television😅!!!!!!!
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