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  1. You want to be looking at Ecclesall, Bents Green,Fulwood, Whirlow, Beauchief, Millhouses, Totley, Dore. These are excellent residential areas with the type of property you're looking for and only around 15/20 minutes drive from the Peak District. The post codes vary from S8 to S17 but any good estate agent should help you. If you pull up a map of Sheffield you should be able to see the areas in relation to the Peaks. The areas also have access to good schools - state as well as private - and a whole host of amenities. Hope this helps.
  2. Whatever your goals we can help you get there, with our one to one personal training and nutritional services. You can train with us at our gym , at home or even online. We offer FREE consultations and FREE taster sessions. For further info either send a PM through the forum or visit www.getphysical.co.uk
  3. Your solicitor should sort this out. We had the same problem when selling our parents home.. We ended up paying a small indemnity insurance and the sale went through no problem.
  4. A brilliant, thought provoking bit of TV. I'm not a Gervais fan, but this was superb.
  5. Oh Wow - what an episode! We actually had a Gogglebox moment and yelled at the television😅!!!!!!!
  6. You should contact Victoria who owns "I bake a bit". Gorgeous cakes, amazingly decorated. Have a look on her Facebook page www.facebook.com/ibakeabit her contact details are on there.
  7. I've a few old, but not tatty towels I want rid of and thought they might be useful for anyone with dogs. They'd be ideal for wiping off muddy paws or have a rub down after a rainy walk. If anyone is interested please pm me. Thanks Ann
  8. Very sad to see another old Sheffield shop has now closed - the Wicker herbalist on Surrey St. Totally shocked and saddened. I remember it being a tiny shop at the corner of St Paul's Parade when I was a youngster. It was a great shop to call into for advice. They had their own branded vitamins and minerals which were always good quality along side old fashioned remedies that worked!! I suspect they have been beaten into submission by the online products available.😟
  9. If you log into Sheffield Interest Groups - Healthy living, there's a section which lists group exercise classes etc.
  10. There is an amazing, little known charity based at Abbeydale Industrial hamlet. They teach and help children with special needs. They are always grateful for donations of fishing tackle. We're going there today to donate Dad's fishing tackle. He only passed away earlier this month but we know he'd be delighted that his rods etc will be put to good use. I will post contact details and more info after the visit.
  11. Contact Christian Di Paolo , retired Muay Thai champion. He has his own gym on Ecclesall Road http://www.ni-yai-muaythai-sheffield.com
  12. Really good drama - bit of a slow burn at first but well worth sticking with. The Welsh bits are quite easy to follow, most of the plot is spoken in English. Much easier then the Scandi dramas - they are all subtitled and we found them hard to follow as you were too busy reading to actually see or follow what was happening in the background. Hope there's a second series - we'll definitely be watching!
  13. You could try St. Vincent's furniture store. I've donated quite a few items over the years, including bedding. I don't have their number to hand but they're easy to find on a web search. They have a shop on Abbeydale Rd and their storage is at Queens Rd.
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