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  1. thanks smithy I went back today and bought a Used Nikon AF-S 55-300mm F4.5-5.6 G ED VR Lens from the used section upstairs
  2. hi all, newbie here so iv just bought my first dslr camera. its a Nikon d3200 from Harrison cameras and it came with the 18-55mm kit lens but im also wanting a zoom lens for landscape/wildlife so could anyone please recommend a decent zoom lens but nothing to expensive or if anyone has a second hand lens that would be great as iv got cash waiting but only around £100ish
  3. think u have got wrong mate as that one was from 2016
  4. so has it been confirmed that the person died as the last I had heard they was unsure
  5. yeah just heard about it on the east midlands trains website. unsure if it was a fatality but I do know the air ambulance left empty
  6. does anyone know what happened. the air ambulance landed in fields along bowshaw road plus also loads of police and ambulance vehicles headed towards the train bridge at the bottom of wreakes lane
  7. that's exactly what me and my partner say every time we go in
  8. if it is true I wonder how it will affect the diy shop next door as poundstretcher sell all the same stuff and more
  9. hi iv just heard that the co op at the dronfield civic centre is closing down in march of this year and re opening as a poundstretcher. has anyone else heard if this is true or not
  10. iv just found the "too long a winter" video on youtube so im going to get comfy in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and watch it later. what an amazing woman she was
  11. not only do I feel sorry for all the public who was going to be attending, I also fell sorry for all the venders who will be losing a days trading as events like this are not cheap to attend. let hope the weather forcast is right after all this
  12. I like winter but I do miss the snow as we just don't really get it anymore. I remember when I was a kid in the 80s the snow was incredible, I remember we use to get icicles coming off of the edge of the house roof that would nearly touch the floor. and when it snowed bad you would open our back door and just see a white wall of snow due to the snow drifts. the snow was great in them days
  13. hi little miffy I know the shop very well as iv had some stuff off them in the past. but the only problem selling to someone who is buying them to resell for a profit is that they would be offering a vastly reduced price that's why im looking to sell direct to the buyer/collector myself. but I do like the shop and the owners
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