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  1. Maybe the ones with the highest gouging from the council on rates too? Perhaps the profit is in takeaway and not sit down restaurant? I used to enjoy an occasional buffet lunch, but that's totally dead for the foreseeable future.
  2. Work from home, and we can drop the tax take and pollution down to nothing! I'm not green, but I want to see them bankrupt as punishment for their stupid ideas.
  3. Sheffield High Street and Penistone road both earmarked to close! https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/pizza-hut-unveils-the-29-restaurants-earmarked-to-close-070323690.html
  4. Well you replied to my post about no free parking, by listing parking that was not free. Perhaps pay more attention in future? No where in the centre. Have you not heard the High street is dying? That's actually what this topic is about. I think I've said enough on the topic and will link back to it when it shuts down. Might even be this year with this virus. Who wants to sit in a room with lots of people breathing in their germs for 2 hours?
  5. Where are these free (zero cost) car parks you speak of? Do you think perhaps they are virtually empty in the evening as no one wants to go there?
  6. Those car parks are free? This is what I said "Hows it contrast to free parking at the brilliant Meadowhall and Centretainments cinemas? Your reading comprehension skills aside. Its also laughable that you think people would park (and pay) in wet windy sheffield to walk 10 minutes to the cinema, when they could just pop to dry and warm Meadowhall with free parking. Or they might instead make an evening of it and go to one of the many nice restaurants at Centretainments and then a film. Where would they eat to do the same in Sheffield? Krispy Kreme? Its in the wrong location, and will not stay in business long. Mark my words.
  7. That area has a long and illustrious history of shops not making money and closing down. Remember Habitat? Red Gates? Woolworths? BHS? Didn't JD sports actually close down there not so long ago? Today its T J Hughes. Tomorrow it will be Debenhams and probably Boots. Where's the parking for the cinema? Hows it contrast to free parking at the brilliant Meadowhall and Centretainments cinemas? The moor is not an area for prestigious brands. Its for cheap tat.
  8. Its Sheffield, its been a dump forever, and the bottom of the Moor certainly isn't a nice part. What are the shops of note you speak of? All I can think of is the jumble sale shop aka Primark. Debenhams will most likely be gone this year, and I already predicted that new cinema will not last. Its in the wrong place. Where did Hotel Chocolat decide to open their store, arguably one of our few premium brands? Not down the Moor, but in the actual heart, or centre, the High Street.
  9. Its not governments job to hide the truth from its citizens. Heart breaking.
  10. I used to buy a lot from them when they were in the old House of Frazer building. Casual clothes, kitchenware, bedding. But then they decided to move into the new "heart" of the city which is far too far from the actual centre. So not surprised its gone, stupid decisions yet again.
  11. If you ask Google for a route map it actually takes into account current traffic conditions.
  12. How would they know? All the flood warning say be prepared, not that flooding was a 100% yes it will happen warning. I live next to the river and the police officer who was patrolling it said it would breach the banks last night It didn't. Its an opinion. As to their being greedy. Like most shops Christmas is the time they make their money that keeps them in business the rest of the year. So what you might call being greedy, they might see as surviving. Its individuals who must make the best decisions for themselves, they know where they have to travel to and from, and if it could be an issue.
  13. hahaha can you imagine plod doing that? But meanwhile back on the SY Police twitter it says "TRAVEL: There is still congestion around Meadowhall. We have traffic officers working hard to ease the traffic. Please keep following us for updates."
  14. River Don opposite Irwin Mitchell / Home office.
  15. Yeah, you're taking it out of context. They said the gates open at 4pm for their Christmas event. I'm pretty sure they don't mean flood defense gates. Ive taken a picture of the Don at 2:35 and one at 3:50 of the same spot, and it definitely is slowly rising. Not sure how I can post it here though?
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