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  1. No, I don't come up with excuses for parasites. Enlighten me.
  2. Which never happened and nightingale wards were never used. So what is the excuse this time around?
  3. It is neither fair nor unfair. But a statement of fact. 99.5% of people who get this disease survive. So what are the lockdowns for exactly? Who are they to protect? The 0.5% who are old and have serious illnesses. These are irrefutable facts. Meanwhile those with quite treatable conditions, various cancers, heart attacks, are dying because the NHS is closed for business. Still paying for it of course. So incredibly happy to read this morning that NHS workers will be first in line to get the barely tested vaccine.
  4. Have you considered that if we continue locking down to protect people like you, it will result in massive unemployment, destroyed economy, no one paying tax to pay your comfie pension? Its probably already too late to change course. I know there is a tendency in Sheffield to think benefits and public sector wages magically appear in bank accounts, but no, someone went without part of their earnings to pay them. The sums didn't add up pro-covid with the government having to borrow billions, and they sure dont now. Serious and unexpected change is coming, do not rely on things to continue as they always have done. I bet some will think that by increasing taxes on far fewer people working, we can somehow continue, no chance of that at all. Magic money tree? Well in that case, pensions will stay the same but a loaf of bread will end up a tenner.
  5. Exciting. I would strongly support everyone responsible in our government facing a trial. Students bring very few positives to Sheffield and an awful lot of negatives. Send them home.
  6. Dave there is no need to consult a doctor or get any approval to become exempt. Simply deciding you are exempt is sufficient. Here is the link to the goverments website. There's even a nice card you can download and print off / show on your phone. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own Exemption cards Those who have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering should not be routinely asked to give any written evidence of this, this includes exemption cards. No person needs to seek advice or request a letter from a medical professional about their reason for not wearing a face covering. Some people may feel more comfortable showing something that says they do not have to wear a face covering. This could be in the form of an exemption card, badge or even a home-made sign. This is a personal choice and is not necessary in law. Access exemption card templates
  7. Not all old people die from covid, but most of those that do die are old. But in your account, did he actually have Covid? Otherwise I'm not really sure of the point of your story.
  8. That's not what i meant at all. What i meant, is young people who studied years for exams and than at the end weren't allowed to take them. I mean people who built up a business, that was forced to close. I mean people who had planned a year abroad teaching that was cancelled. I mean those that were in line for routine, but essential health procedures that were cancelled. I mean those that needed a simple filling but ended up losing a tooth or having a root canal due to inability to get help. I mean those who lost love ones who were denied the chance to say goodbye. I mean those denied contact with grandchildren and family. The list goes on and on. Are you really so blind to what is going on that the only thing you think people have sacrificed is a week of drinking? Seriously? Hopefully you were joking..... Many of those above are real examples from my friends and family.
  9. Correct. Also what was quite predictable, was that the students would end up paying eye watering fees and accommodation costs just to end up doing online learning! Though I do not agree that young people should sacrifice their life and future to keep those who have already lived their lives alive for a few months longer. I find it quite obscene frankly. I read this quote elsewhere "Never have so many sacrificed so much for so few"
  10. No one wants to pay to use masks correctly, IE use for 15 minutes then throw them away, for a disease with a 99.5% survival rate. Same as no one wants Boris to spend 100 billion of public funds on constantly testing us for that same disease. Perhaps if it was serious and millions were dying, then yes. But not for something that overwhelmingly kills those who are well past average life span and with comorbidities.. Its a criminal overreaction, that has led to numerous avoidable deaths due to denying tax payers access to the NHS that they are heavily taxed for - and still does this to this day. Better make sure you don't get ill in the foreseeable future as you will be on your own! What has surprised me, is how pathetic, and weak minded our people are. How easily they accepted illogical tyranny with barely a complaint. A tribute to our dumbed-down education system I guess.
  11. Or perhaps they simply feel that wearing them is pointless and uncomfortable for a disease that 99.5% of people survive, and that the government stupid edicts should be resisted not complied with? The same government who told is in March that masks don't work, months later to mandate them for shoppers but not shop staff, to then later say shop staff must also wear them. The same government that paid people to go out and have a meal on them to "help out", and then told people off for going out and spreading the disease. If you were to ask any medical professionals who routinely use face masks, they would tell you they are used and then instantly dis-guarded. The way we use them, repeatedly, touching them all the time, adjusting, makes them utterly worthless. Its pure theatre that we are wearing them. Others who know more about diseases and our immune system tell us that what we are doing is actually weakening our immune system! When I think of this government I think bring them to justice for what they have done and the lives ruined and lost.
  12. if you were to read the government's website on who is exempt from wearing a mask. You would see that simply deciding that you feel unable to wear one as it would cause you severe distress is enough. No evidence needed, just your opinion. This is a direct quote. Notice the last sentence which I have highlighted. So its very easy to 100% follow the rules, while not wearing the masks! Just wake up and decide that being a sheep is not for you.
  13. Maybe the ones with the highest gouging from the council on rates too? Perhaps the profit is in takeaway and not sit down restaurant? I used to enjoy an occasional buffet lunch, but that's totally dead for the foreseeable future.
  14. Work from home, and we can drop the tax take and pollution down to nothing! I'm not green, but I want to see them bankrupt as punishment for their stupid ideas.
  15. Sheffield High Street and Penistone road both earmarked to close! https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/pizza-hut-unveils-the-29-restaurants-earmarked-to-close-070323690.html
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