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  1. If you ask Google for a route map it actually takes into account current traffic conditions.
  2. How would they know? All the flood warning say be prepared, not that flooding was a 100% yes it will happen warning. I live next to the river and the police officer who was patrolling it said it would breach the banks last night It didn't. Its an opinion. As to their being greedy. Like most shops Christmas is the time they make their money that keeps them in business the rest of the year. So what you might call being greedy, they might see as surviving. Its individuals who must make the best decisions for themselves, they know where they have to travel to and from, and if it could be an issue.
  3. hahaha can you imagine plod doing that? But meanwhile back on the SY Police twitter it says "TRAVEL: There is still congestion around Meadowhall. We have traffic officers working hard to ease the traffic. Please keep following us for updates."
  4. River Don opposite Irwin Mitchell / Home office.
  5. Yeah, you're taking it out of context. They said the gates open at 4pm for their Christmas event. I'm pretty sure they don't mean flood defense gates. Ive taken a picture of the Don at 2:35 and one at 3:50 of the same spot, and it definitely is slowly rising. Not sure how I can post it here though?
  6. Funny they used the word gates. Floodgates? Meadowhall has doors not gates. Can report the Don at Kelham is quite high and moving very fast.
  7. Income obviously. In other words the people who pay for government and the state be the ones who choose it. I would go further. For each £10K paid in tax = 1 vote. Upto a maximum of say 10 votes. And make us more likely to get a sensible answer. Not the eternal Labour in Sheffield that wastes our money on projects that makes things worse.
  8. So do I have this right? We judge 16, 17 years old not mature enough to decide whether they should buy alcohol or cigarettes. But they are smart enough to vote for a new government? What a cynical move from the socialists who know they can only appeal to naive children. Im my view we should we should raise the age to 21. Or perhaps no age, but a vote is a right someone earns once they have paid tax for a couple of years.
  9. Despite Sheffield voting in favour of leaving the EU in the referendum, every single Sheffield MP voted against the EU withdrawal Bill and against the three day timetable yesterday. Clive Betts (Labour - Sheffield South East) Paul Blomfield (Labour - Sheffield Central) Gill Furniss (Labour - Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough) Louise Haigh (Labour - Sheffield, Heeley) Jared O'Mara (Independent - Sheffield, Hallam) An election is coming soon in my opinion, and we must do all we can to remove such unrepresentative anti-democrats.
  10. Gmail is not one to recommend, they literally scan every e-mail - So they can build up a profile to show you adverts that are more relevant to you. Remember, if its free you are the product.
  11. Its not an accident. They totally do it on purpose. They hate cars, always have, always will. And every change they make, makes things worse.
  12. The French bistro has announced that its restaurant on Norfolk Street, St Paul’s Place, is now closed. “Unfortunately we will be closing permanently in Sheffield, there are no plans to open another site nearby - we hope we'll still be a favourite brand of yours and if you're ever travelling the country, you'll come to visit at a different site!” Au revoir!
  13. Is anyone taking photos so we can track these people down? Name and shame.
  14. 90% of crime unsolved. Imagine if you or I were 90% unsuccessful at our job, would we still be employed?
  15. How sad that Polly Edmondson marketing and PR assistant for SIV didn't think to update the places she had advertised it with the fact it had been cancelled! I turned up and was told that only one person booked a table! Couldn't even run a jumble sale! I suppose I should not be surprised for Sheffield.
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