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  1. I've thoroughly enjoyed previous 'Chorus' concerts and I will be there with my son on Sunday. Really looking forwards to it
  2. Whether you are an experienced singer or somebody who just fancies having a go, you may be interested in a new choir starting, in Sheffield, in April. It's an "Everyone's Choir" ... with no auditions and no restrictions. It should be fun ..... I've signed up. For more information, please have a look at Chorusuk.com
  3. Yeah, we had a letter yesterday informing us that it will be paid on Monday.
  4. Thank you for the welcome. I'm enjoying the forums so far
  5. I'm enjoying it. Speidi are awful people but it makes things interesting whilst they are there. Rylan to win
  6. I saw it last Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. A first class production
  7. Hello, I'm Hellen. I live in Chesterfield but I spend a lot of time in Sheffield where I enjoy shopping, eating and visiting your wonderful theatres.
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