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  1. andy c has the answer for you there but even some of the 62 is unlit. out of the 2 roads the woodhead is the better way to come over the pennines but in bad weather forget it as they both block quickly. i drive from blackpool a good bit and tbh i find it as quick to go m62 m1 but thats the day time. you can come round holmfirth but this way is also unlit. my answer would be get a job in sheffield. its gonna cost you 20-30 quid a round trip and the snake and woodhead are crap roads. its not your driving that you have to watch for. some people think its a race track.
  2. Thanks, not keen on rats so might well give that particular stretch the wide berth lol. the paper mill sounds like it might be worth a visit. i keep reading how the don in and around sheffield is producing some great fish. i remember back in the late 70's where rats wouldnt even swim in it it was that dirty. great to hear the river is clean and producing nice fish. will post how we get on later in week as thinking of going thursday and friday
  3. saw this story in anglers mail. it said he was fishing an AC controlled stretch of river without a permit and he was on his own. there are 2 big dont do's here especially night fishing on your own. in this day and age i would never dream of night fishing on my own there are some twisted individuals out there im afraid. also i would never fish a water without a permit. maybe it might have been some over keen bailiff/members but i highly doubt it as his tackle wasnt smashed or taken. the quicker these goons are caught and locked up the better.
  4. i lived just over the back from loxley fisheries for most of my growing up and that holds some great barbel. always caught em on straight lead with a chunk of meat over a bed of hemp. If you're ever on holiday over this way (blackpool) get yourself up to highfields in hambleton for carp to 20+ on oak and a decent mixed bag on beech n ash. cubes of meat pole fished will score well as will pellet. fish corn for skimmers big roach and tench on ash. whitmore is pretty good with lakes that stock everything (near kirkham 10 minutes out of blackpool).
  5. Thinking of fishing the river don when im next through from deepest darkest lancashire not fished it for 10 years and have been told there is some great sport to be had. always loved the stretch at oughtibridge where the park is. is there still good fishing to be had there and do i need a day ticket or permit to fish this stretch? if so where do i purchase the ticket/permit? many thanks.
  6. Black spot is rife in my local lake at the end of the street. it is a parasitic worm that lives in the fishes gut and from what i can make out it doesn't seem to bother the fish as i have caught many to specimen size (2 1/2lb mark). it is quite unsightly and it only seems to be affecting the roach. the bream and perch are clean but i obviously haven't caught them all so that isn't to say it doesn't. i always dip my net and tackle b4 i fish anywhere else just to be on the safe side but this is the only place ive seen the spot in a good while. i remember hillsborough park pond had an out break back in the late 80's and it didnt seem to harm them either.
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