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  1. Sheffield council asked police for names of anti-felling campaigners: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/dec/22/sheffield-council-asked-police-for-names-of-anti-felling-campaigners
  2. The terrible dearth of lavatories in the city centre is greatly discouraging to, particularly older Sheffielders, from travelling in to the Centre to shop or otherwise spend their money. Closing lavatories is a deeply ignorant policy and will cost more in the long run in lost revenue and the poor health that develops with isolation. What mean spirited people would deny the old and ill the right to use a lavatory? Absolutely disgraceful.
  3. Sad to see a few dead squirrels on Whitley Wood Road - squashed, no doubt, by the enormous 'Sports' Utility Vehicles that are so popular on our narrow lanes. The intrepid drivers having perhaps driven many miles cross country in the snow.
  4. It is very hard to advise you without an idea of your budget and what sort of home you are looking for. Property prices vary massively between different areas but generally the safer the area the more expensive the property.
  5. What is respectful about your post? You are accusing the OP of lying. This problem with pharmacies has been documented before, educate yourself.
  6. This is spot on - if you want to live among other professionals and have good schools close by you need to look at the postcodes quoted above, plus some parts of S7 (Netheredge) and S8 (Meersbrook). Check out the ofsted reports, most of the secondary schools in the North of Sheffield don't have their own Sixth Form.
  7. My sister was a heroin addict for many years and funded her habit with criminality. She got clean with Narcotics Anonymous: http://ukna.org/ She is now a respectable member of society.
  8. When I was a teenager, late 1960's, my sister and I boarded a flight to France (to hitchhike around Europe) with both of us having daggers on our belts. We got a finger wag but no one was really bothered - however, on the road, we did have to use them - only as a threat - never killed anyone, never got raped.
  9. It is a long held custom to tip taxi-drivers. It is only a quid or so. Unless you are genuinely hard up you should always tip. You don't want to be stingy.
  10. Young people (and others) may well get 'carried away' and then realise that they don't want the situation to go any further. Only a rapist would carry on without consent.
  11. Glad this bloke has been convicted. The pain he caused his victims could be lifelong. It seems he has been a serial sexual predator throughout his life and has only gotten away with it because of his fame.
  12. Sheffield feels very safe to me. New I live in the posh bit but I spent many years living in Burngreave and never had any bother. The only place I have lived where I felt a bit unsafe was in Brixton before it got gentrified.
  13. I am fortunate enough to have a pensioners bus pass. I use it 3 or 4 times a week, mainly going into the city centre as I run a number of social groups for the retired. We meet in cafes so pay for a coffee at around 2.50. (sorry no pound sign on my key board) If my group members paid the full bus fare of 4.00 return the outing would cost 6.50. Not an enormous amount but multiply by three for my group members and those get togethers in Sheffield cafes get closer to 20.00 per week. Some could afford it, some couldn't. However friendship and social contact are indispensable to mental health and the staving off of dementia. The cost of the bus fare is not the only thing to consider here. The cost to the NHS might be greater if older people could not get out so much to make friends and socialise. With regard to the issue of means testing the bus pass - I would argue that the bus pass means tests itself. A couple of years ago I was out with some wealthy mates who fell about laughing when I told them how excited I was to get my bus pass. None of them had been on a bus for several decades and could not envisage going on one. Well off people tend to stick to their cars. My last thought on this issue is about the women who had expected to retire in their very early sixties, only to be told with very little notice that they would retire at 66. Many of this group, through not fault of their own had not planned for this situation and have found themselves in great financial difficulty in their sixties. These very badly off women, along with not getting their pension when expected, are denied the bus pass that could make a real difference in decreasing isolation. I am greatly in favour of a non-means tested bus pass for the over 60's. In the long term it will cost the tax payer less.
  14. I picked up the remains of a party at Whirlow Farm earlier this week. It is poor behaviour to leave litter, but as it seems to be a constant problem, perhaps we should all just volunteer help to pick up the litter in our neighbourhoods.
  15. When I was a young thing many years ago, I seem to remember that in working class society it was deemed acceptable/natural for women to put on weight with each pregnancy. Mothers were not expected to be very slim, but if they dressed themselves up, they were seen as still attractive, often as very attractive.
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