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  1. got a p.m from synth she (I think synth is a she)is 90% sure she found her dad all the bits of the puzzle fit but why she would call him Father beats me ,very easy to get a girl pregnant but what you do after tells the wheat from the chaff:suspect:
  2. Yes use to play with laura around 38/9 lived in one of the a.B.C streets and when i left fullwood homes in 46 after 6 years i was still in shock Laura help me start getting back to some sort of normal life for short time went to Burtonst school together
  3. still getting in the odd post but only when ,the one who must be obeyed is asleep on couch hard to type only got another 6-9 injections to go so be right come Chrisrmas:D:D
  4. If anyone else say my love Laura Bergoyne 1939 I;ll be over there in a flash to sort them out
  5. know the feeling but since got my 65th coming up dont tell the wife was hoping for a quicky 80th birthday on tues so still in my prime:hihi:
  6. Have now found my Grand's a Herbert and Annie Bellerby Clarke died 45/46 in Rotterham seems out of 8 kids 4 died leaving my dad Frederick and 3sisters now i can fill in the tree:thumbsup:
  7. Now I'll vouch for that because seen the reruns of both "Shameless" and Coronation st for real TRUE life:hihi::hihi:
  8. my 15 min computer time per month . Those Greyhound was quite a eye opener(NO PUN) went down the east coast in 70 with a story at every stop seem to remember I being the only white man for 95%of thr trip with only the white rough giving any problems lol one for my book
  9. due to eyesight recovey can only be allowed 15/30min per week on computer however think a number of CLARKES including ME hanging around the "any One from Grimsthorpe thread suggest you ask them Sorry ive not heard the name
  10. Just an addict calling an addict Dur go and have another couple of pints
  11. now that's what i say we have some that all they post is pint after pint and dont think that's addictionin fact at leat one i know can'i even post untill a few pints on a sunday morning:rolleyes: ---------- Post added 02-01-2014 at 11:11 ---------- This is indeed quite a shock that you have kids never heard a mention of them in 8yrs of posting up till now its all about you .Do you have a wife as well u must tell us more so we can better understand your problem with the ale:D:D
  12. always a wealth of info and a gent to boot, but we must stop we're making him blush LOL
  13. Still trying to trace, would you know of any houses that may have been on Penistone across from Burton to Chaple now thinking my 5yr legs to far for Upper Slack??
  14. 10 am in Canada must be 3 in U.k you've done a fine job u may have the rest of the year off:D:D:D
  15. O.K just did it I bumped MY post to the top of Anyone one from Grimsthorpe This only is on this thread (I think)long been accused (not by me)of having very special status with S.F:|:|
  16. In case i come where is Sheffield Arms,And dont say in Sheffield:hihi::hihi:
  17. The question of the day is why when trying to spark more interest in a not so old post regardless of the reply to post it will always be added to some old post of mine to be lost for ever,but very noticable on other Threads they bumped to the top ,are all threads not equal or are some more equal than others:suspect::suspect:
  18. This problem now resolved My avatar was misused with malice and to confuse other members:|
  19. tried once again to log on to photobucket no luck have to wait untill my daughter comes down ,she the computer expert ---------- Post added 30-12-2013 at 18:34 ---------- Haven't the fainest idea where because we just may have been on the move from Doncaster to Sheffield but think Penistone rd ,in the days pre 40s when a lot of kids was put in temp' care while mum was having the next baby think i was about 3 must have pooped the bed because remember being gathered up with sheets and all and dumped into a bath of ice cold water my head being pushed under until i almost drown ,That'll teach the little not to poop the bed
  20. yes and maybe the problem as been resolved only time will tell, thanks
  21. I know its tough but most of us have had to work in such placers, just trying to make the best living we can, in 1965 with 3jobs on the go one of which was top tool&die pay I still couldn;t put a decent meal on the table and only went on holidays on the cheap,now the Unons have gone stark raving mad and the cause of many a shut down:|
  22. Perhaps I posted on the wrong thread re the stealing of another forum members Avatar to confuse who is sending the more vile posts ,now I am happy to share Avatar with any ,but such posts as "PIGEON" state all drug addicts would be better of dead (DROP DEAD LEPER as been removed thanks to the mods) with a enlarge My Avatar, members may take a look at my long time and think it is from me ,I do believe this is his intent Time for a warning from the admin team
  23. Cant answer for any Sheffield works because all my experience was in Leicester But in working for the giant British United Shoe Machine I know there was casting stored in the yards that just sat there waiting for someone to invent a machine that would do the work of 3 of ours ,and the Italians came out with such a machine(late 50s) we was in full production within weeks ,we had the blueprints ,the design and the casting been ready for yrs I did not go there until 55 but was told the casting had been sitting there all through the war
  24. agree but should only be have to be reported for admin to act, up till now this as not been the case but early days yet:|
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